Honesty and Trust: A Glue that Holds Marriage Together

Honesty and trust are key variables to a successful marriage. Nobody wants to live wth a liar. Neither does anybody want to be around an untrust worthy fellow. Everybody will feel save to stay around someone who can be held by his/her word. Not the person who will say one thing here and found doing another thing there altogether. 

Honesty and trust play a vital role in the life of any relationship. In marriage, it is required that couples be open to each other let your spouse know your in and out as well as your whereabouts. Being open to your spouse would make you gain his/her trust. But if otherwise, suspicions would be the other of the day. 

Couples have been found to be dishonest in their dealings in recent times. A man who lies to his wife in every occassions losses her trust thus, putting the marriage at risk. Same is applicable with a woman. In other for there to be trust in marriage, honesty must have to be there. Trust on the other hand saves unnecessary suspicions. 

Couples must cultivate the habit of trusting each other. Unnecessary suspicions puts marriage in danger of seperation. It is common of people who hires spies on their partner. Though it is not outrightly wrong, it could lead to a breakdown in marriage. 

Once it is established that your spouse is an honest fellow, the need to trust him/her arises. This is because when your notices your lack of trust, a doubt on whether to continue to please you will definitely spring up. 

Inasmuch as there is need to trust your partner, there is also need to keep a close eye on him/her so as not to be taken advantage of.


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