How Sex Can Help Sustain Intimacy in Marriage

Sex is a wonderful experience, it is an experience that most people lack words to express. It takes you to another world altogether - a world of fun, excitement, and pleasure. Sex can make you forget your worries and be launched into relaxed mood. Apart from the three basic needs of man (food, clothing and shelter), sex is another basic need of man that cannot be neglected. But worth of note is that sex is approved by the Creator of the universe for only married people. Any sex outside marriage will be disobedience to our God. Singles beware! 

Marriage as a union between man and woman depends on a number of factors to work. Part of that factors is sexual intercourse. Sex can determine how intimate marriage would be. It can help to sustain intimacy in marriage. This is because boyh partners crave for and cherish it. Any marriage that does not take time to satisfy each partners' sexual life would not thrive. But some couples still don't know this secret. 

 Couples get closer to each other when they are enjoying each other in bed. This is because sex is like a soul tie. It is a kind of joining your souls together. I have come to discovet that more intimacy exist among couples who have slept together than those who have not. Even conflicts can be resolved during sex. That is why talking during sex is encouraged. Raise issues burging your marriage before or during sexual intercourse. It works like magic. 

Couples should not get too busy to satisfy their sexual urge. I have seen couples who allow their work to rob their sexual life. Many couples feel very tired after work to make love. You find out that marriage begin to suffer when one partner is in dare need for sex and the other feels adamant. The truth is that, if you fail to satisfy your partner, he/she would sought for an alternative means to get it. The consequences of that i need not to tell you. 

Under no circumstances should couples starve each other of sex. If the need be, it must have to be a cogent one. So, we suggest that couples make their partners feel sexy to attract their attention to bed, thereby strengthening the chances of their intimacy. So after reading this article, go and seduce that your partner to make love to you tonight. Maybe, that will have an effect on your present soured relationship.



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