Shocking Reason Why Women Prefer Tall men In Relationships

When it comes to marriage, women usually have ideal qualities they look for in men. These qualities range from height, complexion, attitude, religious affiliations, family background, social status etc. while some women prefer fair men; others may feel more comfortable with darn ones. Religion is another factor that women consider when planning to settle with a man. The dominant considerations in religion are between Muslin and Christianity. When it comes to Christianity, denominations play its own role. Family background and social status such as how rich the man is can also influence a woman’s choice of a man.

This article from henceforth, will be giving special attention to height. Height can be broadly categorized into three – short, average, and tall. Of these three, women seem to prefer being with tall men when it comes to relationships and marriage. The reason for that is not farfetched, but can also be peculiar to different women. While some women feel more comfortable with tall men for the sake of protection and security, others prefer them for procreation purposes. It is a common believe that gene make-up of parents plays a significant role in their offspring personality traits. More common is the fact that tall and huge men are more physically fit to defend their women.

However, the above two reasons don’t seem to be the main reason why women prefer marrying tall men. My vast experience with women gave me a conviction that there are more to protection and procreation reasons. This led me to run a survey on few women who were married to tall men. Shocking and unbelievable was my findings. Do you want to hear what that was? I am going to tell you in a second.

Okay, let’s go there! Their reasons were all centering on the same thing. It is simply for sexual satisfaction. One of the interviewees told me that she prefers tall men because they usually have big and longer penis. Hmm I muttered! She further said that such men are more satisfying in bed than others. And my question is, could that be true, and how proven is this claim? 

I will like to hear from you my reader. Tell me what you think about this, whether it is true or not. I expect comments more especially from women folks whom I believe are in better position to know better.


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