The 3Ps of Marriage

Just as in marketing where we have 4Ps, so it is also in marriage. There are 3Ps of marriage which if well observed will enhance peace and harmony in the relationship between couples. Marriage as an institution brings two different individuals together. The togetherness of these individuals can only be possible if effective communication skills are built. That is where 3Ps of marriage comes into play. 

The 3Ps of marriage is like a model that should be keenly acknowledged to foster quality relationship and understanding among couples. It will always bridge the communication gap that might be occasioned by its absence. Communication remains an effective tool to grow intimacy. Now, what are those 3Ps of marriage all about? They are all centered on activities that can help understanding and intimacy. They are: plan together, play together, and pray together. Now, let us take time to elaborate on each of them.

Plan together: Planning is one activity that often comes up in the life of everybody. People often have needs to plan their career, retirement, vacation, meetings, and so on. The same thing is applicable in marriage. Couples also do have such needs. Since marriage makes two separate entities to become one, there is need for them to always recognize themselves as one and plan together. Husbands must have to carry their wives along when undertaking any planning, wives should respond as well. Any family that plans together enjoys the feeling of sense of belonging. But when husbands and wives plan separately, one of them feels shortchanged or sidelined. For perfect peace and harmony to reign at home, couples must see themselves as inseparable entities and plan together.

Play together: All works and no play make Jack a dull boy says a popular adage. Couples should pinpoint their areas of common interest in social activities so as to convert them to veritable ground for their stronger relationship. Watching TV together can spice up a relationship. Exercise can also be a good option. It is ideal that husbands and wives should carve out time from their busy schedules to have fun with each other. They should identify those things they have in common and spend time together on such activities. Most of couples prefer playing with their friends, inasmuch as it is not bad, they should also try spending quality time with their partners during their leisure time.

Pray together: there is this popular saying that a family that prays together stays together. I have really thought on this and discovered that it is a true talk. Prayer is a medium through which we communicate the desires of our heart to God. When families pray together, they communicate their desires to God in unity. Pray builds a spiritual bond between couples. And since it is true that the spiritual controls the physical, the bond holds together their physical relationship. Also, a family that develops the culture of praying together on daily basis will always resolve any minor problem that arises among them before it metamorphoses to more serious one. This is true because it will become impossible for them to pray together when there are grudges between them. The resultant effect will be to immediately resolve their differences. We therefore encourage husbands and wives, and families in general to develop the culture of praying together on daily basis.


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