Coping With a Snoring Spouse

Coping With a Snoring Spouse
Snoring as simple as it sounds can pose a serious problem to the health of a relationship. Nobody would be happy to be waked up in the middle of the night by his/her spouse especially after a busy day.

For sure, sleep is sweet when it is done in a serene environment - quiet place. In the incidence of noise of any form, one cannot enjoy his or her sleep. Sleeping with a snoring spouse can be a disgusting experience. This is because the noise of the snoring spouse can wake the non-snoring spouse up in the night and he/she might find it hard to sleep again.

Snoring is one of the major problem in achieving intimacy between couples, because sleeping together can go a long way in achieving intimacy. But when one of the couples snores, the other finds it irritating to sleep in the same bed, or bedroom. Snoring isn't just a nuisance, says Dr. Adam Moscovitch, Medical Director of the Canadian Sleep Institute, which has offices in Calgary and Toronto.

Unfortunately, snoring is a common problem among humans. Two third of Canadian adults says they have a partner who snores, according to a national survey by Leger Marketing. In the survey, the non-snoring spouse reportd loosing 1-3 hours of sleep a night due to restless sleep.

A dominant tactics people adopts to reduce the impact of partner's snoring include poking, elbowing or kicking the snorer. But if that works at all, it is because the snorer momentarily wakes up. But does that solve the problem? Absolutely no! What then can a non-snoring couple do so as to maintain the same bedroom with his or her spouse?

Though there are many methods of handling this problem, this article will provide only four.
  1. Exercise: Notably, snoring is more common among fat people. To help the snoring spouse loose weight, encourage such a person to do exercise on regular basis. 
  2. Music: The non-snoring couple can adopt sleeping under the sound of music so as to douse the irritating noise from the snore.
  3. Medical Advice: The non-snoring couple can as well encourage his or her spouse to seek medical solution to the problem. Expertise advice can help the snoring couple avoid unconscious practices that encourages snoring.
  4. Separate rooms: This action should be applied after exhausting every other avenues of handling this issue. 
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Traditional vs Christian Marriage synonymous to Ceasar vs God

Traditional vs Christian Marriage synonymous to Ceasar vs God
It is a common practice especially in Africa to celebrate two marriages. traditional marriage which is usually the first, is organized to fulfill the requirements of the brides' kinsmen. Thereafter, a Christian marriage is witnessed in order to satisfy the demand of the church.

I have pondered on this two categories of marriage, to ascertain why it is necessary to observe both while considering the fact that economic situations of many societies are very unfriendly.

And the question that come to mind includes;can't one be abolished while the other upheld to save the cost of marriage? Proffering solution to the question, I asked myself this question. Which people (Tradition or Church) will allow theirs to be abolished? It then occurred to me that abolishing either can seem impossible, knowing too well that neither of the parties involve will allow their belief to be tampered with no matter the intention.

Looking at it from the Biblical view point, Jesus said: "give to Caesar what belong to Caesar and to God what belong to God. In that case, I thought it wise to allow both to stay. But the questions now are; 
  1. how many people can afford the cost of marriage nowadays?
  2. how many people are still single today as a result of those demands?
These are questions that deserve fair answer. The earlier we answer such questions, the better we save many bachelors who are already overdue for marriage but could not afford the cost. Moreso, the earlier we address those questions the better we save many uncelebrated couples from the shame of illegimate marriage. Marriage to me is honorable and should be encouraged.

NB: This article is just a personal opinion and is not meant to offend anyone. Comments and further opinions are welcomed. Perhaps, a change can be effected on the issue through such views.

Love you!
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