Reasons Why Girls Are Not Expected To Be 100% Faithful in a Pre-marital Relationship

Reasons Why Girls Are Not Expected To Be 100% Faithful in a Pre-marital Relationship
Before any marriage, there must be a relationship. In fact, most marriages are products of relationships. Relationships are necessary because it is through it that the parties involve understand each other thereby, deciding whether to tolerate their individual weaknesses.  To some people or groups, relationship is known by the name ‘courtship’. To demonstrate the importance of relationship or courtship, even Churches give intending couples room to go through a period of courtship.

I have pondered on this issue of relationship especially as it relates to our contemporary world where people go in and out of relationships on daily basis. Faithfulness in my opinion is the greatest ingredient required in any relationship. It is expected that the two parties involved in a relationship be faithful to each other. To be faithful in a relationship means to make your partner the only person in your private life at that particular point in time.

In relationship, the ideal thing is for partners to be 100% faithful to each other. But, it’s very unfortunate that many relationships nowadays lack this. Both boys and girls who are in pre-marital relationships today are found to be unfaithful. That your girlfriend/boyfriend who swears to you with both heaven and earth that you were the only one in his/her life is only lying to you. It is extremely difficult for two persons who are yet to be married to be 100 percent faithful. What we witness today in relationships is gambling. It’s on that basis that I seriously pondered on why most of relationships are so and, conclusively arrived at some findings. I discovered from my research that most girls who where faithful in their relationships came out regretting. Some of the factors for their regrets formed the subject of this article. Read them below.


I come to understand that most girls are not faithful with their partners because they are afraid of disappointment. It has been noticed that many guys dump their girlfriends when it comes to marriage. Guys seem to go for other girls whom they suddenly think has better qualities than their present girlfriend thereby, leaving the girls disappointed after waiting patiently for many years. It is a fact that most girls have marriage in mind when dating a guy, but when that expectation is battered the girl faces a possible heartbreak. As a result of that, girls who are usually the victims of relationship breakups deem it fit to have other guys around them who they can fall on incase of a collapse in one of their relationships.

Better Chances

It is normal to believe that one who has her eggs in different baskets has a better plan for risk than one who puts everything in one basket. Girls believe that they stand a better chance of getting married when they date more than one guy. Though girls can be in multiple relationships, they pay more attention to one than the others. It’s believed that they do this to protect themselves and also to enhance their chances of quickly settling down.

Time Factor

If girls were to focus on one partner without having anything to do with other guys, they may run out of time as one unserious guy can deceptively keep them in relationship without finally taking them as wives. Some guys can be wicked, in their heart they knew that they won’t marry you but won’t still let you go. In such circumstance, some girls who hopefully wait for the day he would propose only for the guy to abruptly end the relationship have all the time spent in the relationship wasted. If she were to be 100% faithful, a lot of time would have been wasted without good result.

It is my wish that all the parties involved in a relationship be faithful. There is nothing as good as faithfulness in relationship. Faithfulness can save you a lot of trouble; it can spear you the risk of viral diseases and other things. Therefore, I candidly recommend this pill for all the people in relationships.

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Lets Talk About Love

Lets Talk About Love
To different people, love has different meanings. People define the word love based on their understanding of the topic. Love is a word that is often used in a relationship. In the absence of it, a relationship suffers. The statement, “I love you” is common among humans.

But what exactly is love? Is it just a mere expression of affection, feeling, or sexual lust? We understand that any relationship that is not built on love is like a house whose foundation is built on sand. It suffers loss even at slightest storm.

Many people make the mistake of interpreting their feelings , attractions, affections as love. While those things can fade away, true love cannot. Any relationship built on on all those behaviours is bound to fail at the disappearance of those traits.

What then is true love? For us to understand what a true love is all about, permit me to make a reference to the bible. In John 3:16, the bible says, "For God so love the world that He gave Hid only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  Suffice it to say that for there to be a true love, there must be a giving (sacrifice). even in a relationship, you must have to give away some of your highly esteemed passions in order to grow love between you and your partner. Nobody eats his cake and still have it. There must be a giving away for love to thrive.

Couples should learn how to give up some of their attitudes that does not augur well with their partner. Until that happens, true love can never be manifested. Couples should also learn to tolerate those traits that are impossible to change. That is what true love stands for - sacrifice and tolerance.

Love they say covers multitudes of sins. In order words, love covers multitudes of faults. Humans are full of faults and errors, only love can cover such errors and faults. Lets give love a chance!

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Court Marriage and The Alarming Increase in Divorce Rate

Court Marriage and The Alarming Increase in Divorce Rate
So alarming is the rate of divorce in our society nowadays. The number of single parents increases on daily basis. Even so is the rate at which people remarry. Divorce has crept into our society and spreads like a cancerous cell. Marriages have been torn apart by this new development.

At first, divorce was a Western phenomenon. But nowadays, it has affects virtually all race. It is a big societal problem though the proponents see it as a way out. Before now, few were the cases of divorce. But at present, it has become rampant that it now gains social recognition. Divorce has become rampant that one or two cases are reported daily. Like I said earlier, it is a big social problem.

When I ponder on this issue of divorce, it occurs to me that many factors are even encouraging divorce in our society the more. The increasing acceptance of “Court Marriage” seems to be the number one cause. Different countries have their own legislation on divorce. Such legislations seem to be the reason why many intending couples especially the female folks insist on court marriage. For instance, in the United States, women inherit a reasonable portion of men’s property in the event of divorce. The same law applies to many other countries.

On the strength of the above scenario, the beneficiaries of divorce always look for slightest ways of pushing for it. Our world is full of selfish people. People that always like to take advantage of others without any remorse. Divorce and the laws backing it becomes the strength of these categories of people.

In my opinion, church marriage remains the best way to control the menace of divorce. Though it is not all that fear God, but the rate of divorce in our society today will definitely reduce when marriages are done before God. The adoption of court marriages over church promotes the incidence of divorce in our world. This is because a defaulter of a marriage done by the court offends the law while a defaulter of that done by the church offends God.

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