Court Marriage and The Alarming Increase in Divorce Rate

So alarming is the rate of divorce in our society nowadays. The number of single parents increases on daily basis. Even so is the rate at which people remarry. Divorce has crept into our society and spreads like a cancerous cell. Marriages have been torn apart by this new development.

At first, divorce was a Western phenomenon. But nowadays, it has affects virtually all race. It is a big societal problem though the proponents see it as a way out. Before now, few were the cases of divorce. But at present, it has become rampant that it now gains social recognition. Divorce has become rampant that one or two cases are reported daily. Like I said earlier, it is a big social problem.

When I ponder on this issue of divorce, it occurs to me that many factors are even encouraging divorce in our society the more. The increasing acceptance of “Court Marriage” seems to be the number one cause. Different countries have their own legislation on divorce. Such legislations seem to be the reason why many intending couples especially the female folks insist on court marriage. For instance, in the United States, women inherit a reasonable portion of men’s property in the event of divorce. The same law applies to many other countries.

On the strength of the above scenario, the beneficiaries of divorce always look for slightest ways of pushing for it. Our world is full of selfish people. People that always like to take advantage of others without any remorse. Divorce and the laws backing it becomes the strength of these categories of people.

In my opinion, church marriage remains the best way to control the menace of divorce. Though it is not all that fear God, but the rate of divorce in our society today will definitely reduce when marriages are done before God. The adoption of court marriages over church promotes the incidence of divorce in our world. This is because a defaulter of a marriage done by the court offends the law while a defaulter of that done by the church offends God.

This article is just a personal opinion and stands to be debated. You can let us know your own opinion by leaving a comment here. Thanks for your time on this blog….


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