How to Identify a Prospective Good Partner on First Date

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It is just natural that people cannot live in isolation. We need one another to co-exist happily. On daily basis, people go in search of who they can spend their time with to make their life worthwhile.  As men were looking for women, women as well look for men. Most people you meet daily on the way are looking for possible partners. You meet a good number of people daily. But the truth of the matter remains that it is not everybody out there that can suit your heart’s image of partner thus, good partners are relatively scarce.

This puzzle brings us to the rationale behind this article, ‘how to identify a prospective good partner on first date or contact’. We strongly believe that some traits can help one to identify a good partner. So when you have the opportunity to go out with someone, you can easily identify if the person can make a good partner for you by simply observing him or her carefully.

We have identified some key areas that people need to pay attention to while on date with your possible partner. But to explore this, you will need to be a good listener. You will need to read every single word that proceeds from his or her mouth. You will also learn how to ask open ended questions, as this will provide avenue for you to read him or her by his or her words.

You can start by inquiring about his or her upbringing. If your possible partner had a rough and abusive upbringing, it might affect his view to issues. But if the upbringing was a happy and memorable one, such person is bound to have good outlook towards life.

Knowledge of his or her past relationships can also provide a clue as to whether he or she would make a good partner. What kind of relationships had he or she been involved; failed or successful relationships, and why?

The persons moral values can as well offer some helps. Is he or she morally inclined? What is his or her attitudes are towards people; rude or nice? Is he or she easily angered? Understanding these traits will help you to know what he or she can be capable of in future. Is he supportive or nonchalant?

Finally, try to know what kind of friends he or she keeps. Is it workaholic people, drunkards, womanizers or flirters? The saying that birds of the same feathers flocks together is not a mere saying. The type of friends you move with defines your ways. This is because friends have great influence on people.

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