How to Easily Achieve Your Dreams in 2016

How to Easily Achieve Your Dreams in 2016
One of the common attributes of man is the ability to dream dreams. Every human at one point or the other aspire for set dreams. Dreams on its own can be realised or not. When it is realised, the dreamer is said to be very fulfilled. But when dreams shatter, the dreamer feels unfulfilled and frustrated. 

Every year, millions of people give themselves targets of where they want to see themselves. While some people dreams to be gainfully employed, some others dream to be employers of labour. In other cases, some people dream to get married, buy a car, build house(s) etc. As the year 2015 is fast becoming a history, many people who set  dreams for themselves seem not to have still realised those dreams. 

To avoid a repeat of such a state in the year 2016, we have come up with a model that will help people fulfill their dreams for the year. Just as it is said that faith without work is dead, dreams without strategy is dead on arrival. We need to back up our dreams with a measurable effort to have it come true.

Therefore, in order for you to actualize your dreams for the year 2016, you will need to work with a GOAL. A goal can be defined as a desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve. Many people endeavour to reach a goal within a finite time by setting deadline. 

In setting a goal, it is advised that we follow SMART Model. SMART Model involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bounded objectives. The process of setting goals allows individuals to specify and then work towards their own objectives such as financial or career goals. 

Goal setting entails a major component of personal development and management. You can set a long-term, immediate, and/or short-term goals. The major difference lies on the time frame.
For somebody who wants to achieve great things in the upcoming year, setting a goal of what you desire in the year is a very clear way to get there. Goals will help you to monitored your progress and development at each time frame. When you set your goal for the year 2016, split it into short-term goals. You can decide to measure your goals in every three months, to ensure that you achieve your desired results. This for sure is a good way to achieve your dreams without too much stress. 

I wish that everyone I know will make it big this coming year. As a result, I take out time to write this article to help us. Without a goal, we have no expectations. And when we have do expectation, we don't stand a chance to work hard. We must set SMART goals this coming year 2016 in order to remain in charge.

Best regards...
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Avoid These Common Condom Mistakes That People Do

Avoid These Common Condom Mistakes That People Do
One common feature of today's sex affairs is the use of condom. Condom has been proven to be very effective in preventing STIs and pregnancy. In a bid to avoid contracting disease and the incidence of pregnancy, sex partners has resorted to the use of condom.

To effectively use condom to prevent the risk of infections and pregnancy, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge of how to play safe. We call it a duty to provide such useful information to enable people espace the risks associated with unprotected sex adventure. I urge  you to lend me your ears as I discuss with you common condom mistakes that has jeopardized the health of many ignorant folks.

1. Not checking expiry date

Condom just like every other products has expiry day. It is important to check the expiry date of your condoms before use.

2. Forgetting to check for damages

Some people are too inquisitive to action that they care to check the soundness of condoms before sex. According to Indiana University review of studies, about 83 percent of women and 75 percent of men failed to check condoms before use.  Instead of assuming that the rubber is ready for action, take a bit to make sure the wrapper doesn’t look worn out and the condom isn’t sticky, brittle, discolored, or damaged.

3. Doubling up

Some people usually make the mistake of thinking that if one condom is great at preventing pregnancy and STDs, then two condoms should be even better. This belief is very wrong. Layering two condoms can dramatically increase the chance of Breakage and slipping off, especially if you are using a lubricated type, says Dr. Streicher. Doubling condom creates friction which can cause tire.

4. Using the wrong lube

Come to think of it, lube can be a great addition to your condom experience. It does not only make sex more enjoyable, but it also helps prevent the latex from tearing or ripping. However, choosing the wrong lubricant could spell disaster. “Not all lubricants are condom-compatible,” says Dr. Streicher. Any oil-based product may cause break-down of condoms. You may want to stick with water-based or silicone-based, or a mixture of both.

5. Not storing it properly

Some people form the habit of storing condom in their wallets. This they do to have it readily available any time the need arise. It is important to know that the bending and friction can weaken the condom and cause tiny holes thereby rendering the rubber totally useless. Again, if you keep your wallet in your pocket, your body heat can also degrade the sheath. Instead, make sure you keep condoms in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or heat.

6. Not leaving room at the tip of the condom

The tip of the condom is called the reservoir, which holds the cum after you ejaculate in it. Ensure to squeeze the tip when you put the condom on in order to make room for the ejaculate, otherwise it might spill out the sides, opined Kerner.

7. Not putting it on properly

If you mistakenly put the condom on upside-down (where the rim is facing down instead of up), it probably will not unroll all the way. You just need to take it off and start afresh with a new condom, as that one could have some pre-ejaculate on it, says Herbenick. The condom ought to roll down easily and reach the base if the penis.

8. Not wearing the right size

It is very important to try out different condoms to find the one that is best for you. If you notice the condom doesn’t roll all the way down to the base of the penis or it seems too tight, it probably is not your size. Condoms actually rarely break, so if it has happened to you a few times, you probably need a larger size or more lube, stated Herbenick. But if the condom seems too roomy or it slips or slides when you are having sex, look for a smaller size. Always bear in mind that you might be one size in one brand and another size in another brand; just like jeans.

9. Not pulling of immediately after sex

Though some men still sustain erection after ejaculation, it is important to immediately remove condom after you ejaculate. Continuing to fire with the same condom after ejaculation could amount to risk. It can lead to tire or possible slip. The sperm can cause more room thereby causing the condom to slip into the Virgina. Always change condom after ejaculating on the first one
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The Problems With The Use of Condoms

The Problems With The Use of Condoms
As day goes by, new developments grace human endeavours. The use of condoms is one of such developments. Sexual affairs has demand that parties protect themselves against unpleasant eventualities. Days are gone when men and women have unprotected sex. Those that still engage in unprotected sexual behaviours does it at their own risk which include dreadly infections and pregnancy. 

Infections and pregnancy are the man reason why condom was developed in the first place. When dangerous infections began to threaten human race, medical experts came up with the idea of condom. This is to protect people from contracting diseases during sex and to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

 Condom so far has been helpful to this regard, but it is worthy to note that condom is not 100 percent safe. A number of setbacks has been associated with condoms. These setbacks forms the idea of this article. It becomes necessary to write so as to educate people on how to play safe. This is because life has no duplicate. HIV today still don't have any known cure. Unwanted pregnancy has also destroyed the future of many young people. Left to me, abstinence remains the only safe option. 

But because it is only insignificant population that chose the path of abstinence, information on the dangers inherent becomes necessary. Let's now look at the problems.

1. Pregnancy 

Condom is extremely effective in preventing conception, but there has been reported few cases where couples using condom regularly witness pregnancy. Planned Parenthood states that two of every 100 women whose partners used condoms became pregnant even when they were used properly. Among those who did not use condoms properly, 15 of every 100 women became pregnant. You see, condom can't be 100 percent trusted to prevent conception.

2. Latex Allergy

Most condoms are made from rubber latex, that come from the fluid in rubber trees. According to American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, some people experience an allergic response to the protein in the rubber. Symptoms of such allergy can vary in presentation and severity, including sneezing, runny nose, hives, itching or flushing to more severe signs and symptoms, such as wheezing, swelling, dizziness, and light headedness. In some cases, latex allergies can invoke anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition. Planned Parenthood states that only one or two people out of every 100 has latex allergy.

3. STIs

Condom has been proven to be very effective in the prevention of HIV and other STIs. However, infections such as skin infections cannot be prevented by the use if condom. The American Social Health Association notes that although condoms can reduce the risk of genital herpes, they don't protect every part of the skin in which the herpes virus can asymptomatically shed and be transmitted to an infected sexual partner.

4. Possible Breakage

Another problem associated with condom is that it can possibly break during sex action. Condoms when precautions are not taken by the users can break during sex. To avoid break, ensure that you properly put it on. There should be space for sperm at the tip. Also, ensure that you don't trap air within. When proper precautions are taken, condom break is reduced to the bearest minimum. 

So when next you want to use condom for sex, bear all these in mind.
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15 Interesting Fact About Sex That You Need to Know

15 Interesting Fact About Sex That You Need to Know
To some people, sex is a very interesting topic of discuss, while to others it is a sacred and/or forbidden area. This explains why some parents shy away from giving their children proper sex education. It is a statement of fact that many people that engage in regular sex know little about the subject. Knowledge they say is power. The amount of information at your disposal places you in charge of things. The more you know about sex the more you appreciate the subject. 

Today we will be dealing on the topic head-on. We will be looking at some vital facts about sex that should never be neglected. This is owed to the abuse the subject faces in our society nowadays. This article even though can be read by all, primarily targets adults. Let's try to digest the information therein to enable us improve our individual lives.

Now, below are the facts:

1. Sex is sweet. Sex seems to be sweeter than any experience we can think of. Some people will tell you that it is the sweetest thing the world. The feeling is in-explainable at times. You just lack the word to express the pleasurable experience.

2. Before God, sex is only approved for married couples. Any sex done outside marriage is either referred to as adultery or fornication.

3. The Bible did not condemn sex but  is only against premarital and extramarital sex.

4. A good sex can serve as a wonderful exercise. Exercise as we know is very good for our health. A regular sex can serve as such.

5. The more couples have sex, the less their chances of cutting up into infidelity.

6. Both men and women are aroused to sex equally, research shows that no particular party is more prone to sex than the other.

7. While some people feel very satisfied after sex, others seem to be regretting their actions.

8. Their is no age limit to sexual arousal, both the young and old engage in sexual activities.

9. Most people who lose their virginity between ages of fifteen and nineteen actually wish they had waited a bit longer. Moreover, most teenagers lose their virginity by age 17, but those who have not lost their virginity by 24 tend to stay a virgin.

10. Unprotected sex is a gateway to deadly infections and pregnancy.

11. In as much as the size of the penis relates to sexual satisfaction, the man's skill has much to do.

12. Sustaining erection is a psychological game, your ability to control your emotions determines how long you can last during sex.

13. It is not everybody that talks during sexual intercourse.

14. Your sex life is a function of your health, the healthier the more active in bed.

15. If not for God and disease, every man will love to taste every beautiful woman that comes his way. 

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How to Make Progress With God.

How to Make Progress With God.
I want to start this piece by telling you that God is faithful. If there is anything that God desires of you, it is that you can make progress in your walk with Him. No man who diligently seek God that is put to shame. 

There is a little secret that people ought to know about making progress with the King of kings. Many are worshipers of God, but not many who know how to get the best from Him. You must understand the brain behind the reason why some people get answers to their prayers whereas others don't. Of course there must be a reason for that.

Faith remains the key to accessing God's promises. Everybody claim to have FAITH, but only few know how to put their faith to work. When it comes to making progress with God, you need to be watchful of your mind. In essence, to make progress with God, you need to constantly guard the doors of your mind. Shocking? This is just the truth.

I don't think many people knew that our minds have doors. But am here to tell you that it does. You will agree with me that your mind is constantly bugged with many ideas and suggestions. At every decision moment, we are faced with many suggestions in our minds. Your mind is a door through which information flow into our hearts. This door entertains both negative and positive thoughts. It takes maturity to eliminate the negatives and settle for the positives. 

Now listen, faith is the act of believing God. Hebrew chapter 11 defined it as the object of things hoped for and substance of things not seen. If we must make progress with God, we need to have FAITH. And for us to get faith work for us, we need to guard the doors of our mind. Your mind can become you best enemy if we fail to manage the thoughts going on there very well. 

Have you ever noticed that every time we pray that our faith is put into test. Take for example, you asked God for a car this year and your mind begin to suggest to you that it might not be possible considering your present state. I tell you the truth, if you give heed to such thought you will definitely not have the answer for your prayer. Every war of faith are won in the mind. Any war you cannot win in your mind cannot be won physically. 

You see! Faith is the key to the world of all possibilities. But your mind is the checkmator of your faith. Your mind has a lot to do with the level of breakthrough that your faith enjoys. Try it out today and see your life ascend upwards.
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The 3 Simple Steps to Greatness

The 3 Simple Steps to Greatness
Great things they say start small. Greatness is the destiny of every man. God has given us the potential to be great. Everybody that can pay the prize of greatness will definitely be great. I don't think there is any right thinking man that will choose not to be great if given the choice to make. 

It's important to understand the mystery of greatness. This is because it is not everyone that wished to be great that ended up great. In as much as we believe with Ecclesiastes 9:11 which says, "The race is not for the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favour to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all". What exactly am I pointing out here? Here is it, we acknowledge the place of opportunity in the making of greatness. Opportunity has much to do with greatness. People who by circumstances became more opportuned than others has better chances of attaining greatness.

But outside that, people can work themselves to greatness. Taking a number of actions towards the attainment of greatness can facilitate its reality. I have come to reveal to you what I call three steps to greatness. I consider these steps able to launch someone into the life of greatness. And what are the steps? I go ahead to discuss them with you.

1. Desire It: The first step towards achieving greatness is to desire it. It is the desire that births the zeal. You will have to desire greatness to be great. You don't get what you don't ask for. Desire is the mother of hard word. When you desire something you work hard to have it. That is why you will need to desire greatness.

2. Imagine It: Another step that need to be taken in order to attain greatness is to imagine it. Imagination is the act of creating imagery of our expectations. When you create the image of greatness, it draws you near to greatness. Therefore, you need to constantly imagine to be great. You can never receive anything that your mind cannot picture. It is called the power of attraction. That is, attracting the desires of your heart through imagination. See yourself a great man already. Visualise how you gonna look in your great status. Imagination helps you to live in your future, thereby propelling action from within to step into it. 

3. Pursue It: Finally, you need to match up the above two actions with work. If you desire and imagine, you then need to pursue greatness to bring it to reality. This calls for hard work. You work yourself into greatness. You cannot sit back and expect miracle to happen. You must make a conscious effect to be great. Whatever you desire to achieve has been achieved by people in the past. You need to learn how they did it and apply the same in your case. Do you wanna be a Teacher? Follow the approved way of becoming a Teacher in your society. Do you want to be a banker, do the same as a Teacher. Is it a preacher, learn from outstanding preachers. Pursue your dreams to attain greatness. 

Note: Everybody is given the potential to be great, but not everyone can be great. Only the few that apply extra skills end up great.
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Behold the 2 Attitudinal Conditions for Success

Behold the 2 Attitudinal Conditions for Success
For some time now, our articles has dwelled on success. This is to our acknowledgement of how important this word means to every human being. Success has been one of the most craving need of man. I do all I do in life with a view of achieving my goals.

In this article, I will be revealing two vital attitudinal behaviours necessary for success to take place. Honestly, some of our actions can propel or deter us from success. Success is not a chance event, it is a careful effort. To be successful, you need to prepare yourself. You will need to work on some of your attitudes to life.

Two key areas to watch are your THINKING and WORD. The way we think has a lot to do with our extent of accomplishments. Your thought can affect how far you go in life. Positive thinking breeds positive results while negative thinking breeds negative results as well.

No wonder the Bible said that "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he". The thoughts of your heart will definitely manifest in your physical state. If your thought is dominated by failure, there is likelihood that you will fail in life. When you give failure a room in your heart, it will constantly manifest in your life. Whatever your mind cannot imagine will never come to you.

On the other hand, if your thoughts are dominated by success, success must surely identify with you. A thought of possibilities will see you to possibilities. But a thought of challenges will blind your eyes from the possible opportunities.

To remain above our challenges, we must maintain positive mindset. Our mindset towards life matters a lot. People need to train their mind to become their friend. This is because our minds can become our enemies. Your mind becomes your enemies when it is negatively construed to work against your success.

Getting your mind trained is not easy. But if you can achieve it, you will forever sweem in the river of success. One of the easy ways to train your mind is to constantly rebuff negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

Having addressed the issue of mindset, we now move on to another important attitude that guarantees success. And that is WORD. Spoken words greatly affects our way of life. Positive talks attracts positive results, while negative words attracts negative results. There is power in the tongue. Even the Bible acknowledged this when it said that "life and death are in the power of the tongue".

According a story on a research on the power of spoken words, two plants were planted. While one receives praises and encouragements, the other were constantly cursed. Words such as "you must be great, bear fruits" etc were used on one of the plants, and such words as" it shall not be well with you, die" etc were used on the other plant. Meanwhile, the plants were placed on the same condition in terms of soil, nutrients, etc. The research revealed that the plant that received praises blossomed while the one that were constantly cursed withered off.

The illustrarion above is a clear example of what our words can do. Positive confessions will in no doubt lead to positive living whereas negative confessions leads to the opposite. Our words greatly affect our lives. We must learn how to chat our ways to success through positive confessions.

In conclusion, I want to state that our thoughts and words if well managed can accelerate our success in life.

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The Place of Training in Journey of Success.

The Place of Training in Journey of Success.
Success is a passionate desire of everybody. Everyone wants to be successful in his or her field of endeavour. I have never seen any man who favours failure more than success. Success doesn't just happen. Therefore, it is worthy to note that success is not a product of chance. Over 75% of successes are induced. It did not come by chance but rather, was necessitated by a number of factors.

In our last article, we x-rayed the place of mentorship in the journey of success. This time around, we will be looking at the place of training in the same journey of success. This is because, we regard success as a journey. It is not a destination but a journey.

Now, what is training and how can it help someone to emerge successful in his or her pursuit? Training is the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behaviour through sustained practice and instruction. Training is teaching or developing in oneself or others, any knowledge or skill that relate to specific competencies.

The essence of training is to improve one's capability, capacity, productivity, and performance. Training has a lot to offer when it comes to a successful career. According to a quote by Ann Voskamp, "practice is the hardest part of learning, training is the essence of transformation". Transformation means to get better than the present. Training makes you better than you were yesterday.

A good example can be illustrated with football. Footballers keep training themselves until they become professionals. Nobody was born a professional, it is consistent training and practice that births professionalism. Without training, we tend to remain in our weaknesses, thereby continue to fail in our careers. We must consider training very pertinent to career excellence.

Aristotle puts it this way, "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act tightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.

If we can devote like 15% of our time acquiring training, success will forever be our companion. Training deals with our weaknesses. It help us overcome our weaknesses. It also puts us on the track of productivity. We must keep on training to achieve a sustainable level of success.

To cap up this article, I want to borrow a quote by Tomorrow Hopkins which says that, "You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort, and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset".

Best regards
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The Place of Mentorship in the Journey of Success

The Place of Mentorship in the Journey of Success
Mentorship according to Wikipedia, is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide the less experienced or less knowledgeable person. A good mentor is wise and willing to share his or her experience and knowledge in order to help you succeed. 

When it comes to success, a number of combined factors make it possible. So far, we have talked on a number of those factors. Today, we will examine the importance of having a mentor for counsel and inspiration. Inspiration is  actually a fundamental secret of every successful venture. You need inspiration to breakthrough some difficult endeavours. Mentor-ship can actually produce as much inspiration as possible any man can ever require for success.

When you have a good mentor in your area of endeavour, success becomes inevitable. A good mentor can save you needless and costly mistakes. It can actually speed up your breakthrough. This is because, your mentor will always reveal every secret to you, even shortcuts. Some things which ordinarily would have taken you years to discover can be made easy for you through your mentor's revelations.

Like I said earlier, a mentor is a more experienced (usually older) professional in your field who offers you career guidance, advice and assistance from a real world point of view. A mentor is like having a wonderful trusted ally to go to whenever you are not sure or in need of support. They can help you set and achieve career goals, make smart business decisions, overcome workplace challenges, learn new skills or simply offer an outside perspective when you are facing frustrations at work.

Have you been wondering how you can becomes successful in that you field of endeavour? Maybe you should try mentor-ship. This can actually be one pertinent resource you have been missing all these long. You can take advantage of this resource to fast track your journey of success.

Best regards

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How to Create an Atmosphere for Success

How to Create an Atmosphere for Success
Success as far as life is concerned is not by chance. It is a calculated plans and efforts. For you to succeed, you will need to create a conducive atmosphere for that success. You need to work on a number of things for there to be a breeding ground for that success.

Any man that relies on chance and luck for success will definitely get frustrated sooner or later. There is a secret for success. And part of that secret is to create an atmosphere for it to thrive. 

I am very sure that by now you must be wondering what that atmosphere could be. I will tell you in a moment. That is the reason behind this article. I believe that success in any pursuit starts with the understanding of the secrets of that pursuit. When you understand how things work, you will be able to exploit the best out of it.

Now, let us go into the main topic of discussion. The truth is that success starts somewhere, it starts in the mind. To become successful, you need to first of all condition your mind. You need to set up the atmosphere. The atmosphere starts within you. It is a decision that needs to be made. You need to first believe that you can succeed. When you have done that, live it out. There is this motivation that prompts up from inside anytime you make up your mind to succeed. That inner motivation alone can propel anybody to succeed.

The mind is the key when it comes to success. The understanding you give to it about success will determine how far you go. If you strongly believe that you can success despite all odds, I tell you that you can. But if your mind tells you that success is a very hard and difficult task, I doubt if you can ever succeed. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You can never grow above you imaginations. You can never outgrow your mind. Your mind can either be your friend or your enemy. You choose what you want it to be for for you because you are totally in control of your mind.

I noticed that some people already made up their mind that success is only achievable by some people whom they deem to have better opportunities. Success is for all, whether you were born with a golden spoon or not. Anybody that makes his or her mind to succeed will surely do. 

With a determined mind and a bit of hard work, success is inevitable.

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Consistency and Perseverance:The Key to Every Success Story

Consistency and Perseverance:The Key to Every Success Story
Show me a man who is successful in what he does and I will show you a man who have consistently persevered many oppositions, discouragements and challenges of his goal. 

You know, sometimes I hear people talking about how tired they got at a dream; thereby leading to abandoning the dream. Note that every good thing comes not easy. No matter how small it might look, it will never come easy as long as it is good. A lot of oppositions accompany every good thing. So, whoever tells you that that your dream will come at a platter of gold is either deceiving you or ignorant.

But one good thing about those oppositions is that it will help you to come out better than imagined. Oppositions demarcate the line between success and failure. While many people will allow oppositions to abort their dreams, others struggle to breakthrough. 

So, what is that your greatest dream? Suffice me to tell you that it is achievable. Yes it is 100 percent achievable. All you need is to make your challenges, oppositions, and discouragements your supposed strength. Until you see them as a challenge that you must surmount, you are not close to success. Success breeds up when you acknowledge them as a must win battle. Nothing is impossible in this life. The only question you need to ask yourself is whether you are ready for the contest. 

This contest calls for perseverance and consistency. If you can pay the price of consistency and perseverance, you can win every challenge. 

Take for example. Blogging is a very rewarding business. But it takes a very long time to become a successful blogger. It might take years depending on your consistency in publishing original contents. I have seen people who are successful in blogging business, their stories are never a bed of roses one. They consistently publish articles and perseveres until they begin to draw traffic. Getting people to visit your site is not an easy one. You must know the quality of your articles and how consistent you are in posting those articles. To be ranked high on search engine is yet another tedious task. Only consistency and perseverance can earn you this milestone.

You see, it is not easy. But some people who are always in connection with their dreams will endure to achieve it. No shortcut to success. Shortcuts are always short-lived. You must put on the garment of consistency and perseverance in whatever you want to see accomplishments. 

Another good example is marketing job. Most marketing jobs starts small but offers you the sky as your limit. Most of them pay a very small salary. But in the long run, the other benefits will become enormous. This cannot come if the marketer succumbs to discouragements and give up. Some people became very successful today through network marketing. And I tell you the truth, success does not come easy in network marketing. It takes perseverance to be successful there. Many contract bankers earn based on their hustles. But it is worthy to note that many people quit after their first month. But the few who persevere for a while end up making an living out of it.

Therefore, we must take those two words serious in our quest for success. 
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Looking For a Job? Make Good Income Bridging Demand and Supply Gap

Looking For a Job? Make Good Income Bridging Demand and Supply Gap
has shown that over 50 percent of the population is looking for a job. Almost all the youths that I know are looking for something doing. Even people that has jobs looks for a better one. Job is an essential part of life. It is needed to make ends meet. To put food on the table, your either need a paid job or self-employed job. 

As a matter of fact, over 90 percent of graduates went to school with the aim of getting good jobs. It is only few people that went to school specifically for knowledge sake. Such few most at times are from well to do homes and just need knowledge to manage the wealth of their family. Therefore, most people went to school with the intention of securing a job with their qualifications. 

Unfortunately, this motive seems to be shattered presently among many graduates because securing a job has become a herculean task nowadays. People graduate from different Institutions every year only to end up with no job for long. Sometimes such people remain unemployed even all the days of their lives. It is such a pitiable condition! 

Every day I here graduates complaining of no job. Many even regret going to school in the first place. I have seen several of such cases. Many graduates now wished they had learn trade or work rather than going to school to waste their precious time. What a pity state the world especially developing countries have found themselves. The government can no longer provide for their citizens.

To me, when the government fail. The people will have to help themselves. That there is no job does not meet that able bodied persons would have to perish in idleness. Man will have to do something economically with his life. If we can not be gainfully employed, we then hustle to make ends meet. This is because there is no excuse for failure. Your stomach hears no excuse from you why it will not be nourished with delicious meal. The society also does not care how hard the economy is, it places demands on you. And such demands we must meet if we feel we must continue to be relevance.

Therefore, there are many things one can do so as to meet the demands of the society. One of such things is acting as a middleman between buyers and sellers. It might interest you to know that there are uncountable demands and supplies of products going on daily. Many people are in need of one item or the other. The same way manufacturers have product they want to sell to users. This gap of exchanging manufacturers' goods with the money of buyers becomes a job on its own. 

You can get busy identifying what people need and where to get them at an affordable rate. Freelance marketing is a term that is used to define a service of short-term and no commitment to employers. It also refers to a job that requires no permanent commitment from employees. In fact, many people are making there living out of this arrangement. They simply arrange with companies and sells their goods to those that need them for a commission. Such commission can be lucrative at times.

Do you know that many companies actually prefer this kind of arrangement because it is cheaper for them. They don't have to be saddled with the responsibility of paying monthly salary. They only pay commission based on the freelance marketer's effort. You see, you just need to go out there to negotiate with companies. Maybe you will start making ends meet through this arrangement.

It is important we get busy with our lives. Idleness is a risky venture. Money is everywhere only if we can take the challenge and earn it. We must endeavour to make life beautiful through hard work.

Best regards.

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Is Capital a Problem for Your Business? Learn How to Obtain Almost Interest Free Loans

Is Capital a Problem for Your Business? Learn How to Obtain Almost Interest Free Loans
Experience has shown that many people are willing to start one business or the other but are hindered by lack of capital. Start-up capital has been the major setback for many intending business men and women. In fact, it is the reason why poverty is still having a hold on many able bodied individuals in our society today. Almost every unemployed youth I see nowadays complain of money to start a business. They will always tell you that they can start something of their own if they can raise reasonable capital. 

Yes I agree with them. Capital actually is needed for any business idea no matter how wonderful to thrive. Capital makes the difference between idea and reality. You can have a wonderful business idea but may not have money to implement it. Without capital to back up your idea, what you are just doing is day dreaming. So I share the pains of many youths who lack capital to actualize their dreams of owning a business. 

Now, how can someone who has a viable business idea be encouraged to actualize it even if the person lacks capital? 

To answer this question, we look at the various sources of capital for businesses. One of the easiest and cheapest source of capital for businesses is grants from family. Another good source is grants from friends. Government can also help in financing business. Suppliers are another good source of financing a business. But when all the above fail, banks become the next and/or last resort. 

Look, I listed the sources of business financing above based on their cost. Grants from family, and friends are usually at no cost. Government grants may cost but very cheap. But when it comes to bank loans, it costs much more. But most times, banks are the only option for raising capital for business as they are always willing and available to give, unlike friends and family who may give one excuse or the other and government grants which is very rare and extremely difficult to access. 

So, this article will focus more on cheap and low costs loans from the banks. Our major concern will be on how and where people can access this package. Now, how can individuals easily obtain loans from banks? It is as simple as ABCD. Smart business persons started with little of their equity and depended majorly on bank loans. How they did it, and how you too can do the same is now the big question?

I know by now many of you will be asking whether the loans can be obtained without collateral. The answer is yes. Soft loans can be obtained without collateral. The highest it can cost you is just a guarantor. By just bringing somebody to guarantee you, you can get as much as N500,000 – N1,000,000 for your business start up. Now let’s go into details on how and where to obtain these loans.

I will like to start with the places where you can obtain such loans, starting from the cheapest to the costliest. I will basically discuss three different types of loan that one can get to start up a business. They are government loan, loans from Micro finance banks and the loans from commercial banks.

Government Loans

I know this will sound strange to some people. Some might ask if the government also gives loans. Yes, government gives loans to its citizens through its programmes on MSMEs. The banks such as Bank of Industries (BoI) give near free loans to serious minded business men and women. This loan can be given out as low as at 5% interest rate. You can imagine what good a 5% loan can do to your business. The percentage is almost free. But to qualify for this type of loan, the applicant will need a convincing business plan. You must be able to convince the government with your business ideas before they can approve such loan for you. Therefore, you need to learn how to write a convincing business plan if you are yet to do that.

Micro Finance Banks Loans

Another cheap type of loan is the one obtained from Micro Finance banks. This type of loan can be very easy to access and at the same time, cheap. You can get it at about 13% interest rate. At 13 percent, any good business can be profitable. Micro Finance loans do not even need collateral to be obtained. Most times they only require a guarantor from applicants. Guarantor of course is not difficult to get. They are everywhere; all you need to convince them is your character and integrity.

Commercial Banks Loans

People can as well approach commercial banks to obtain loan for their businesses. Commercial banks are ever willing to give out loans to their customers, but subject to some qualifications. To access loan there, you will need to meet some requirements. But one good thing about them is that they offer a longer term loans. Just that out of the three sources we discussed here, they have the highest rate. They can charge up to 24 to 28 percent.

Therefore, we say that capital for business start-ups should not be seen an impossible task. Anybody with a fantastic business idea should try to explore the sources of raising capital we have discussed here.

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The Hidden Rules of Success

The Hidden Rules of Success
One of the greatest longings of everybody is to be successful in life. The feeling of success spurs confidence and courage for more undertakings. Personally, I feel happy and confident when am succeeding in life. It feels good to know that people envy you because of your breakthroughs in life. Success therefore, is a serious desire of everybody.

In as much as everybody desires to be successful, only few achieve this goal. Success does not come by chance. You work for success. Just as you work out your salvation with fear and trembling, you equally work out your success with hard-work and patience. Of all the success stories I have heard, there is always a price to pay. Even prayer alone cannot land you to success. Work will have to compliment that prayer to birth success.

In this article, I will be exposing the secrets of a successful living. As everything in life has little secret, so do success. To learn the secrets, you need to enroll in what is called “the School of Success”. Only those who are ready to learn keep improving their lives. If I were you, I will choose to learn. It is my believe that this article will liberate many people from the shackles of ignorance. Now, let’s go into the rules….

Develop a Clear Vision

Success starts in developing a clear vision. It is only those who know where they are going that can get there. If you don’t know where you are going, you can end up anywhere. Therefore, to make success out of this life, you need to first and foremost have a vision of your destination. Your vision should be influenced by your passions in life. Some people will desire to work for others while some others want to be self dependent. Your vision becomes your guiding principle while climbing the ladder of success. Vision is like your lamp in the journey of success. Always keep your vision in focus. Never compromise your vision for anything in the world. Success will come when you are committed to your vision.

Set a Goal

Goal is another thing that will help you to achieve success speedily. It monitors and measures the progress of your vision. Vision can never be productive without a goal. You need to match up your vision with a goal. Ryan Allis, co-founder of iContact, pointed out that having the end in mind every day ensures you are working toward it. Therefore, set goals and remind yourself of them each day.

Work Hard

Nobody succeeds putting his two hands in the pocket. I put it in another way; you can’t succeed putting your two hands in your pockets. To succeed, your hands must be engaged in something. Even God made it that He will bless the works of your hands. If any man wishes to succeed through the back door (outside hard-work), that person must be joking. Success comes to those who work for it. You can’t be expecting success in an exam without studies. Your success begins the moment you make up your mind to work hard. 

 Regrettably, many people today want to succeed without paying the simple price of hard-work. Can you desire to be a successful business tycoon without starting somewhere? The problem in our society today is greed. People want to start big even when there is no means of achieving it. That is why poverty still thrives in our midst. Great things I was told starts small. First, from ideation stage, second to reality and then, to greatness. 

Be Patient

Finally, patience need to be exercised in everything that is worth doing. It is not all efforts that pay immediately, some takes a process. Just like seed sowing, it doesn’t germinated and yield fruit at once. It passes through stages. Likewise success, success is measured over time. Learn to persevere and endure till something begins to come out of your works. Don’t quit prematurely. 

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4 Virtues For Becoming A Good Leader

4 Virtues For Becoming A Good Leader
This article was a product of a presentation I did to a group of students who called upon me to speak to them on Leadership while holding their annual Seminar. I decided to publish it here because I feel that it can also do someone good online. In definition, we can say that Leadership is the ability to inspire and influence others towards a goal.  To lead is to inspire and influence others. It is important to note that every leader must have a follower. If there is no follower, the leader is just leading no one but himself.

Leadership involves for major things.

Establishing a clear vision
Sharing that vision with others so that they can follow willingly
Providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision, and
Coordinating and balancing the conflicting interest of all members and stakeholders.

The above activities need to take place for there to be effective leadership. The leader will have to establish a clear vision, share it with others, provide the information, knowledge and methods to realize the vision, and manage the stakeholders very well.

For this to happen, the leader will need skills or what I call virtues to drive them. Every aspiring leader will need a number of virtues to become a successful one. One thing is to assume a leadership position, but another thing is to sustain that position. Any man that assumes a leadership position unprepared will suddenly meet a revolt from his followers. 

Out of the many virtues required of a leader, this article will discuss only four. I believe that this four which I am about to discuss here will no doubt go far in preparing anybody aspiring to lead other in nearby future. Now, what are those virtues for becoming a good leader? I shall now go ahead to discuss them below.

1. Knowledge

Proverb chapter 24 verse 5 says, “A wise man is strong; yes a man of knowledge increases in strength. Knowledge can be defined as acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles; as from study and investigation. From the definition, we can clearly decipher the sources of knowledge – study and investigation. Knowledge can be derived from research (investigation) which can be done using the internet. You can also obtain knowledge through studies, such as Newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. There is this popular saying that readers are leaders. Nobody that invests in reading that ends up an ordinary follower.

Therefore, knowledge is very essential in leadership. You need it to lead effectively. But you may ask what knowledge can do for you. Below are some of the things it does…
  • It commands followership – every leader has followers
  • It commands respect – people hold you in high regard because of what you know
  • It makes you an authority – knowledge turns you into a consultant
  • It commands wealth even – if knowledge can achieve the above for you, it will definitely translate to wealth.
2. Integrity

Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether anyone is watching or not. Integrity determines your reputation. Everyone likes to deal with honest and trust worthy persons. To be a leader, it is necessary that integrity plays out. Any aspiring leader must:
  • Be a man of his own word 
  • Stand for honesty and nothing less, and 
  • Avoid double standard.
In the absence of this, leadership won’t be sustainable. People will freely follow you when they can depend and rely on you. Any man with a questionable character cannot make a good leader.

3. Selfless Service

Jesus speaking in the book of Mark chapter 9 verse 35 says, “whosoever desires to be the first among you should be ready to be the servant of others. You don’t leader to be served, the ideal thing is to lead to serve others. Leadership is all about service. 

John F. Kennedy in his inaugural speech said and I quote, “ Ask not for what your country can do for you, ask for what you can do for your country”. He went further to say that, “one of the most extolled virtues of all time is selfless service to others. 

Note: It is in the room of service that leaders are enthroned.

Therefore, everyone aspiring to lead others should seek the good of other people and be ready to serve the interests of the masses.

4. Be A Good Listener
  • Good listeners are good leader
  • Always welcome other people’s opinions and ideas
  • Be open minded – take counsel and corrections
  • Avoid the mistake of knowing it all

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How to Get Jobs in Nigeria in Less Than a Month

How to Get Jobs in Nigeria in Less Than a Month
One of the greatest need of everyone is a stable job. This is because a stable job will enable anyone to meet his/her financial needs. With a job, people can earn money to take care of their needs for food, clothing, shelter, and other luxuries. And without a job, lack will be inevitable. Therefore, everyone desires to have a job.

Unfortunately, it is not all that desire for a job that has one. In Nigeria for example, more that 50 per cent of the population are without any meaningful job. There is mass unemployment in the land. Every day you see able men and women in the street wallowing in unemployment. This is more rampant among the youths. Over 80 per cent of graduates are without any job at the moment.

Regrettably, Nigeria is endowed with enough natural resources to be out of this kind of quagmire, but leadership failure has continued to ravage the country. The unemployment in the land today is as a result of leadership failure. Our leaders rather prefer to serve their own selfish gains than that of the people that elected them.

But in the midst of such unemployment, there are still many vacancies out there that get filled on hourly basis. The only thing is that, it is not everybody that knows how to get a job in the midst of all these. Many people have this wrong notion that job is by connections. To me, it is a sheer ignorance. Anyone who wishes to work can easily get a job if this little secret can be taken seriously. In a moment, I will be revealing this secret of getting a job in a country where people say there is no job in less than a month.

This information is a personal research and has been tested to be workable. Some time age, one of my friends was disturbing me for a link for a job. When I decided to let him work with this information am about to share with you, he got a job interview in less than three weeks. Interestingly, he got the job. That is why I strongly believe that help is coming to that person who has been staying idle for a long time now.

Note, as much as this strategy works, the jobs might not be too lucrative. But it is my opinion to start career gradually. Most people want to start big. While it works for few, most end up remaining unemployed for long. It is always better to start small and gradually grow to the apex than remaining on a spot. The best place to start anything is from the bottom. This is because if you start from the bottom, you climb to the top. But when you start from the top, you might not be able to sustain yourself there thereby falling down to the bottom again.

Therefore, a humble beginning is never a bad idea. The most important thing is to ensure you don’t remain at a spot. Just keep moving until you arrive at your desired destination.

Now, here comes the strategy that gives you a job in less than a month. Do you desire to come out of unemployment? Try this. One of the easiest ways to gain employment is to go through Outsourcing Firms. Many companies are actually working to cut the cost of doing business. Some of these companies do this by shifting their personnel responsibilities to other companies thereby cutting cost. Outsourced jobs are usually cheaper for companies than direct-hire. Therefore, outsourcing of Human Resource Unit has become a rampant practice of many firms.

So, to easily get a job, look for the outsourcing firms in your area and forward your hard-copy CV to them. You will be surprised that you can be contacted in less than a week after submission of your CV. These outsourcing firms always have openings as many companies are always using them to fill positions in their offices.

Another thing you will need to know is how to locate such firms. One of the ways is to browse the internet for such firms in your area. A good number of them which you are not aware of exist. Remember, a hard copy of your CV will work faster than online submission. But that does not mean that the online CV doesn’t work, but more attention is given to the ones at sight than the online.

I will go ahead and list some of these outsourcing firms for you so that you can start from there. Below are a number of them and their contacts:

Michael Stevens Consulting
22B, Rafiu Shittu Street. Alaka Estate. Surulere. Lagos.
H&C Consulting Outsourcing Company
Suite 4, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Oke Mosan Abeokuta, Ogun

Phillips Consulting
Recruitment, Info Systems, Corporate Finance, Business Alliances etc
Address: 4th Floor, UBA House, 57 Marina, Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 266 5469, 266 5363; Fax: +234 1 266 5325.

Business Process Outsourcing LLC
Outsourcing, Due diligence, Debt purchasing, Collection, Training.
Address: 44, King George V Road, Onikan, Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 270 4582-3, 267 2919.

C&I Outsourcing
Lagos : 08172007122
Port Harcourt : 08172007235 
Abuja: 08172007289
Email Address:  outsourcinghelpdesk@c-ileas

Integrated Corporate Services Limited
6, Olusoji Idowu Street,
Ilupeju, Lagos.
P. O. Box 5450, Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone: +234 01-774 2211; +234 01-280 1547

SOL – Strategic Outsourcing Limited
The Godwin Adebayo Centrum, SOL Drive off Olusesi St, KM 19 Lekki Epe Expressway by 2nd Toll Gate, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.
Shettima Munguro Crescent Utako Abuja
Suites 111 & 112 First Floor, Bank of Industry House, 18 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Kaduna
N0 1 Monday Ani Street Opposite Tonninnso Petro Station Asaba-Benin Expressway, Asaba, Delta State
NO. 247 Abuloma Road Off Transamadi Industrial Layout Port-Harcourt.
Tel: 08072190616

NB: These Outsourcing Companies are also called Consulting Firms.

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This post is just the abstract of my work on the above subject. I wish to share it here so that anyone who cares can request for the full copy of the book. It as inspirational thought as i
I never for one day thought of writing on the subject. I was just inspired by the spirit to write on it. Feel free to let me know your thought on the work after going through it.

My dear beloved believers and fellow Christians, I perceive that it has pleased the Holy Ghost to bring to our knowledge the title of this book “the devil and his end-time nets revealed.” The bible in the book of Rev 12:7-17 reads;

And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast out with him. Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. And they overcome him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Therefore rejoice O heaven, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath because he knows that he has a short time. Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time, from the presence of the serpent. So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood. But the earth helped the woman, and opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ (NKJV). 

Brethren, it might interest you to know that the devil has spread wide his end-time nets with a sole aim of capturing many souls. He has fully articulated and deployed a lot of strategies to make many believers and mouth-Christians to miss what eternal life and salvation hold in stock for them. For the bible says in Isaiah 64:4 “ for since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, Oh God beside the, what he hath prepared for him that waited for him.” The same scripture was repeated in 1Cor 2:9 as thus “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”It is obvious that the devil don’t want to see us enjoy what he [devil] had lost. He is bent on depriving and denying us that precious place that Jesus pointed out when He said “In my father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also. It might interest you to know that Jesus has long prepared that place for us and waits our coming home. You don’t want to miss that!

In our world today, many people are beginning to take some acts of immoralities as normal. Spear is no longer called spear. Evil is been taken as good. The ancient landmark is gone. The world now abuses the liberty of the Holy Spirit to live the way they want. This is to tell you the extent the devil has gone in polluting and corrupting the world. The devil is a serious and focused business tycoon. He does not want to trade off his mission with anything at all. His mission is to see you become God’s enemy through sinful acts and worst of all welcome you to hell. God forbid!

This book aim to serve as an eye opener to believers on some of the influences that the devil is exerting on the world today, and the strategies he uses to do that, so as to enable us overcome. The book will throw open some of those secrets the devil uses to lure believers to the world and will go a long way suggesting means of overcoming them. I urge you to study it carefully as God help us to overcome the devil and live a glorious life – Amen.

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6 Best Investments You Can Make For your Future

6 Best Investments You Can Make For your Future
One of the biggest desires of every person is to have a successful future. Or is there anybody who doesn’t want to have a good future? I don’t think so! To have a rosy future, you must first accept the fact that your future is your own responsibility. The only one who decides whether you have a successful future is you. Never you allow your future to be dictated by the circumstances and people around you rather, take your destiny in your own hands.

So, what can one do to be in full control of his or her future? I believe that investing heavily in one’s future can contribute 80% of the requirements for a successful future. Investing in your future means making some sacrifices in the present to reap rewards later. It means investing your time and money in things that might not give you immediate return, but which could give you tremendous value later.

I have taken time to identify those activities that can be referred as investing in one’s future. Below are six of them that I believe can go a long way in helping you have a good and fulfilled future if can be taken with seriousness.


One of the greatest investments anybody can make for his/her future is to develop oneself. Self-development simply means activities geared towards enhancing one’s potentials. Self-development can cover a number of areas such as mental development, physical development, spiritual development etc. One of the best ways to develop oneself is through reading and studies. No wonder people say readers are leaders. History has shown that people who invested much of their time developing their mental faculty turn out to wield influence in the society. If you want to command influence in your world, devote time in extensive studies. This will broaden your mind and reasoning as well as increase your knowledge bank. The world has become a competitive environment where only those who equip themselves prevail. This is referred to as “the survival of the fittest”. Knowledge has become an indispensable resource that those who have it remain in command. Self-development thus, remains a veritable investment anyone can make for his/her future.


Prayer they say is the key of everything. Prayers made in faith can make things happen. Many manifestations of today are as a result of prayers of yesterdays. To have a blessed future, one ought to pray hard. This is because; God is behind everything that happens to man. Therefore, to succeed, man need to involve God in his pursuit through effective prayers. A prayer said today can produce result in the future. Destinies are reclaimed at the altar of prayer. Any prayer-less person will mostly experience a slow destiny. To that effect, men should pray for those things they want to see in their lives and clear every obstruction on their ways through prayers.


Building good relationships with everyone around you – your family, friends, coworkers etc is essential for a successful future. As humans, we are social beings. We always need contact with others in order to feel our emotional best. Building good relationships can lead to huge benefits such as having friends to go out with, close relatives to support you, and eventually end up having a network of people who you can have business connections with, who may be able to help you out if you ever find yourself in need. You can invest in your relationships by caring about others and spend time with people that like you.


Another good investment someone can make for the future is to be honest. Some people may find it difficult to agree with me on this but it pays in many ways. Honesty can build trust. It can win someone goodwill. When people know you as an honest person, you stand to gain a lot in the future as a result. In building a blessed future, one should try to convince people around him on his sincerity. People can recommend you for one position or the other based on what they knew about you. To be frank with you, the world is in dear need of honesty and upright people. Nigerians elected a 73 years old President on March 28th because he is seen as an honest and upright man. Though there are many prizes to pay for honesty, but the benefits will definitely outweigh the cost. Therefore, honesty should be seen as critically path of survival in the journey of life.

Help People

Helping other people to succeed is no doubt a good investment. When you help others to reach their goals, you indirectly help yourself. Out of 10 persons you help, at least 5 must come back for thanksgiving. It might surprise you that someone you help today may become your savior tomorrow. Therefore, a success seeking person should at all times assist others to succeed in his own capacity. Rendering help to people is an investment that can lead into a fulfilled future.


The last but not the least investment we shall talk about here is health. Health they say is wealth. As wealth cannot be complete without health, it is very important that anybody panning for a happy future invest in his or her health. An unhealthy person cannot be talking about how to achieve financial success. It’s when you are healthy that you talk about that. Therefore, people should invest in their health through healthy eating. Eat balance diet and exercise regularly. . Fruits and vegetables should be given serious attention in daily diets. This will ensure you remain in good health and shape.
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The 10 Commandments of Money

The 10 Commandments of Money
Today on this blog, we will be talking about money. This is because money seems to be involved in everything in life. Without money many needs would be left unmet. I completely concur with the saying that ‘money answereth all things’. You won’t be reading this article if you don’t have money to access the internet. Therefore, we will give money the attention it deserves so that our readers can learn how to become richer.

Like in the bible where we have God’s 10 commandments, it’s worthy to note that other things in life commands obedience. Almost everything in life has rules, rules that govern their path to success and breakthrough. In Mathematics you must apply the rules to arrive at the correct answer, otherwise, failure will be inevitable. Rules are sets of procedures to arriving at something. Therefore, to arrive at that desired goal a set of rules must be obeyed.

The 10 commandments of money is more or less a set of rules or principles one ought to follow to feel at home with money. If money must be your friend, then you must apply certain principles.  Such rules or principles give you an edge over others who compete with you for the same scarce resources. As you already know, one of the characteristics of money is its relative scarcity. Money is scarce but everybody wants to have enough of it. But only those who apply certain rules (10 commandments of money), have abundant of it.

But one may ask, what are those commandments of money and does it really exists? Relax; I am here to supply the answers to those questions. Like I said earlier, the commandments are set of rules and principles that when properly applied constantly puts money in someone’s pocket. Below are a number of them:

Engage Your Hands: Making and retaining money entails engaging your hands in something economical. An idle hand will perish in poverty. Therefore, the first commandment of money is to start something doing no matter how small. When considering on what to be engaged in, always invest time in research so as to find out something with positive long run effects. This is because some businesses may thrive today but becomes obsolete in nearby future.

Be Committed: When you must have started doing something with your life, commitment is needed to get the best out of it. You need to give your all to whatever business you do if you must succeed in it. Therefore, believe in the work of your hands and give your best to it. Don’t jump from one thing to another rather, focus on one thing and pursue it diligently.

Persevere: It is important to know that no achievements come without challenges. In running your business, you are going to be faced with lots of hurdles which most times it suggests you quitting. Endurance is the only vehicle that can drive you out of this kind of situation.

Save: When the above three conditions must have been met, savings would now come into play. You need to create a saving plan from your profits. Most people are poor today because they lack savings culture. You must save to grow your business.

Research: When the business owner must have saved a reasonable amount of money, he will need to carryout research work on where else to invest. The investment can be on your immediate business or on other areas. Start by reviewing your business market and industry as a whole to see if there is anywhere that you can still invest. A good example can be taking up the supply activities that you used to outsource.

Re-invest: Re-investment simply entails you plugging back your savings into some other areas that you notice a gap. This will help the business owner to grow from money to money. Some people make the mistake of investing excess money in one particular business, thereby rendering some part of their capital useless. You need to know when your business has absorbed enough capital so that you can divert other capital to some other profitable ventures.

Take Risk: No risk No gain. Every business involves risks. Therefore, risk must be taken to make more money and achieve financial freedom. Don’t be risk avert, but take secure risk to expand your control of money. Listen, taking risk doesn’t mean you should not do your research well, always analyze your chances critically before taking risk. Some risks are not worth taking.

Be Innovative: Another important rule of money making is innovation. You need to be innovative in whatever you are doing. Innovation simply means upgrading/blending with the trends. Things changes with time… remain competitive, you will always need to change strategies as well.

Be Unique: Uniqueness call for your own strategy. What distinguish your business from others in the same line of business are the strategies you employ. Therefore, you must develop a unique strategy to keep customers loyal to your offerings.

Be Appreciative: Finally, a successful business operation that puts money in your pocket demands that you always appreciate the patronage of your customers. Always thank them for doing business with you as this will increase their repeat calls
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How To Position Yourself For Promotion in Your Office

How To Position Yourself For Promotion in Your Office
One of the things I have noticed from my experience in the work place is that promotion is not always based on employee’s devotion to work but, as a result of some combined behavourial activities in the part of those employees. Some people are so naive to think that their over devotion to work is the only thing that can earn them promotion in their office.

Many will see this statement as untrue, but the fact remains that the people who faithfully give their best to their job are sometimes the most neglected. It might interest you to know that your devotion to work are most times not noticed by your superiors but usually observed by your counterparts who most at times perceive it as offensive. Our emphasis in this article is not to discourage hard work and utmost devotion but to encourage extra skills that will bring such good works to light.

There are many skills that when properly applied, position an employee for first consideration anytime the case of promotion is raised. This article will discuss a number of them, giving practical examples where necessary. Enjoy the gist below…

1.    Be Nice to Your Boss and Colleagues

To be generally accepted in your office, you need to be nice to everyone around. You need to be nice to your present boss and other of your colleagues. This is because your promotion is somehow dependent of such people at times. They will be the people to recommend and endorse you in  most cases. Therefore, socialize with everyone in the office to maintain a cordial relationship.

2.   Be informed at All Time

You need to be abreast with trending information in your environment at every moment. Always have something to give anytime you are called upon. Full knowledge of your office and industry will always be an added advantage to you when measured with you colleagues. Be good at information at the public domain. To have your boss have you in mind first when considering who to occupy a better position, you need to get him trust your knowledge capacity. Therefore, always try to update yourself with information that matters on your industrial sector.

3.   Make Constructive Contributions

Many organizations do organize general meetings on interval basis. Having known your days for meeting, prepare yourself before hand for positive contributions which could also be smart questions. Also, prepare yourself very well any day you were called upon to train. Your presentations can make you to be positively rated by the management without your knowing it.

4.    Sell Your Achievements

Use every slight opportunity to pass across your little achievements to the growth of your organization or office. I am not of the opinion that you should be singing your own praises every time, but smartly sell your contributions at every slightest chance. This will help to position you on the right track to promotion in the minds of the management.

5.    Be Grateful

Always appreciate any good done to you by your boss and colleagues. In so doing, they will see you as a thankful person and not an ingrate. Humans have the nature of appreciating being thanked for their favours, if you are the type that doesn’t return to say ‘thank you’ when someone does you favour then you should learn to do that. It matters a lot as far as human beings are concerned.

With the power of hard work, keen devotion to work and the tools shared above, we believe the sky will not be your limit in job growth and promotion. Let us know how this article has affected your life. Bye for now.
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