Between Men and Women, Who Want Sex the More?

Sometimes it seems necessary to ask crazy questions. But this kind of question for sure is so necessary that it can make a debatable topic. There has been an argument between the two notable genders on who loves sex more than the other. If men were asked, they would say is women, whereas women on the other hand will argue is men.

I have critically pondered on this subject but can’t still come up with an objective answer as I don’t have the ability to answer for both sexes. Even experience cannot even narrow it down to either sex as you see men in some occasions seem to be loving sex more than women and in some other occasions women would be the case.

Though it may be difficult for either sex to accept loving sex more than the other; the truth remains that between men and women, one party has more sex drive than the other. Study after study has shown that men's sex drive is not only stronger than that of women, but much more straightforward. It reveals that the sources of women's libidos are by contrast much harder to pin down.

It is a common belief that women place more value on emotional connection as a trigger to sexual desire. Women are also easily influenced by social and cultural factors. Women's sexual desires are usually extremely sensitive to environment and context, says Professor Edward O. Laumann.

On a contrary view, a woman sex doctor by name Dr. Trina Reads says, "I believe that women do want sex as much as men. But the challenge is that it has to be memorable sex". She further stressed that if men are wondering why their girls aren't as enthused about sex as they do, it is probably because of a manner of approach.  She noted that sex most often is all about men and not women. According to her, women would like sex to have a beginning, middle and of course an end.  Instead of this, what she gets is 'all about the man sex". Men clutch and grab them probably three hot spots, they hopefully has orgasm and if not, oh well, there is always a next time, and then it is on to you.
This woman doctor further argued that estrogen is far more powerful on female sexual desire than testosterone could ever hope to be. Foe example, think of when a woman is having her horny day. Heaven help the husband if he doesn't pull through on a call. Men have 2 to 29 times more testosterone than women, but this does not mean men have 20 times the sex drive. A higher level of testosterone is need for male sexual desire for women, she said.

In fact, this subject is too argumentative and varies in several occasions. To help us be more objective on the issue, your take will count. Therefore, let us know your position by simply adding your comment. Thanks


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