5 Profitable Businesses One Can Do With Little or No Capital

There is this popular saying that you need money to make money. In most cases this saying is usually correct but, sometimes it is rendered invalid by some combined factors. When it comes to starting a business, what first comes to mind is the capital for starting up. In fact, capital has rendered many wonderful business ideas handicap. Many people who have one business idea or the other are held captive as a result of lack of capital.

While most of the lucrative business ventures require a reasonable amount of capital to carry out, there a few that requires little or no capital to run profitably. The purpose of this article is to expose the hidden truth that money is not everything required to grow a profitable business. This is because many people who are unemployed today give money as an excuse for their idleness.

Interestingly, one of the easiest and low cost; but at the same time profitable business opportunities any entrepreneur can venture into is a service business. Unfortunately, most aspiring entrepreneurs usually shy away from such businesses; despite the fact that it is the easiest to start up as it requires specialized knowledge or skill.

Another interesting part of it is that one can start a such a business right from home; with little or no inventory and operational cost. Another benefit of service businesses is that entrepreneurs will pay anything just to see an increase in sales and profit. If you have been contemplating what business to start, this might just be the answer to your quest.

Now, what and what does it take to start business to business services? Well, it really doesn’t take much, as it can cost you zero capital and only sweat. You can also start this business from home as a self employed to avoid much expenses; and run small until you begin to turn in profits. Thereafter, you can consider renting an office space and hiring employees.

Meanwhile, the most important thing you need to start a service business is specialized knowledge or skill; because this is what your client will be paying for. Therefore, you must be an expert at something. Interesting, being an expert at something or having a specialized skill doesn’t necessarily require you be a college or university graduate.

Skills for being successful in service business can be acquired through attending of seminars, workshops or apprenticing with an established expert. After garnering your skills, you can then proceed to gain some real life experience. After you must have undergone these, you are good to go with your service business. Having said all this, below are 5 business services you can start with little or no money.

Logo Design

Logo design service demand as become a lucrative venture. With small businesses looking for possible avenues to set themselves apart from competition; having a unique eye catching logo is definite one way to achieve that. If you can design eye catching logos; then get into the logo design service business. You can even partner with a brand consultant or marketing consultant to get more business.

Business Plan Writing Services

Just like the case of feasibility research; it might interest you to know that most entrepreneurs avoid the herculean task of writing a business plan. In fact, most entrepreneurs don’t even know how to write a business plan that has the capacity to attract investors and they are not willing to commit time to learn it. If you can satisfy this need; you have a business on hand.

Social media consultancy

The world is going social media crazy. If you know how to generate traffic and improve brand awareness on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then you can become a social media consultant and make good money from companies for yourself.

Event Management

Interestingly, most small business owners love being part of summits, expos and tradeshows but; not all know how to go about it or how to package their product and services at such shows. This need creates a vacuum for smart entrepreneurs who have an eye for business event packaging.

Press release writing

Free publicity is something that every business owner desire but unfortunately; only few know how to do it very well. In case you are good at writing press releases that’s sure of getting published, why there are business owners that are willing to pay a fee to increase brand awareness via public media.


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