How To Position Yourself For Promotion in Your Office

One of the things I have noticed from my experience in the work place is that promotion is not always based on employee’s devotion to work but, as a result of some combined behavourial activities in the part of those employees. Some people are so naive to think that their over devotion to work is the only thing that can earn them promotion in their office.

Many will see this statement as untrue, but the fact remains that the people who faithfully give their best to their job are sometimes the most neglected. It might interest you to know that your devotion to work are most times not noticed by your superiors but usually observed by your counterparts who most at times perceive it as offensive. Our emphasis in this article is not to discourage hard work and utmost devotion but to encourage extra skills that will bring such good works to light.

There are many skills that when properly applied, position an employee for first consideration anytime the case of promotion is raised. This article will discuss a number of them, giving practical examples where necessary. Enjoy the gist below…

1.    Be Nice to Your Boss and Colleagues

To be generally accepted in your office, you need to be nice to everyone around. You need to be nice to your present boss and other of your colleagues. This is because your promotion is somehow dependent of such people at times. They will be the people to recommend and endorse you in  most cases. Therefore, socialize with everyone in the office to maintain a cordial relationship.

2.   Be informed at All Time

You need to be abreast with trending information in your environment at every moment. Always have something to give anytime you are called upon. Full knowledge of your office and industry will always be an added advantage to you when measured with you colleagues. Be good at information at the public domain. To have your boss have you in mind first when considering who to occupy a better position, you need to get him trust your knowledge capacity. Therefore, always try to update yourself with information that matters on your industrial sector.

3.   Make Constructive Contributions

Many organizations do organize general meetings on interval basis. Having known your days for meeting, prepare yourself before hand for positive contributions which could also be smart questions. Also, prepare yourself very well any day you were called upon to train. Your presentations can make you to be positively rated by the management without your knowing it.

4.    Sell Your Achievements

Use every slight opportunity to pass across your little achievements to the growth of your organization or office. I am not of the opinion that you should be singing your own praises every time, but smartly sell your contributions at every slightest chance. This will help to position you on the right track to promotion in the minds of the management.

5.    Be Grateful

Always appreciate any good done to you by your boss and colleagues. In so doing, they will see you as a thankful person and not an ingrate. Humans have the nature of appreciating being thanked for their favours, if you are the type that doesn’t return to say ‘thank you’ when someone does you favour then you should learn to do that. It matters a lot as far as human beings are concerned.

With the power of hard work, keen devotion to work and the tools shared above, we believe the sky will not be your limit in job growth and promotion. Let us know how this article has affected your life. Bye for now.


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