6 Best Investments You Can Make For your Future

One of the biggest desires of every person is to have a successful future. Or is there anybody who doesn’t want to have a good future? I don’t think so! To have a rosy future, you must first accept the fact that your future is your own responsibility. The only one who decides whether you have a successful future is you. Never you allow your future to be dictated by the circumstances and people around you rather, take your destiny in your own hands.

So, what can one do to be in full control of his or her future? I believe that investing heavily in one’s future can contribute 80% of the requirements for a successful future. Investing in your future means making some sacrifices in the present to reap rewards later. It means investing your time and money in things that might not give you immediate return, but which could give you tremendous value later.

I have taken time to identify those activities that can be referred as investing in one’s future. Below are six of them that I believe can go a long way in helping you have a good and fulfilled future if can be taken with seriousness.


One of the greatest investments anybody can make for his/her future is to develop oneself. Self-development simply means activities geared towards enhancing one’s potentials. Self-development can cover a number of areas such as mental development, physical development, spiritual development etc. One of the best ways to develop oneself is through reading and studies. No wonder people say readers are leaders. History has shown that people who invested much of their time developing their mental faculty turn out to wield influence in the society. If you want to command influence in your world, devote time in extensive studies. This will broaden your mind and reasoning as well as increase your knowledge bank. The world has become a competitive environment where only those who equip themselves prevail. This is referred to as “the survival of the fittest”. Knowledge has become an indispensable resource that those who have it remain in command. Self-development thus, remains a veritable investment anyone can make for his/her future.


Prayer they say is the key of everything. Prayers made in faith can make things happen. Many manifestations of today are as a result of prayers of yesterdays. To have a blessed future, one ought to pray hard. This is because; God is behind everything that happens to man. Therefore, to succeed, man need to involve God in his pursuit through effective prayers. A prayer said today can produce result in the future. Destinies are reclaimed at the altar of prayer. Any prayer-less person will mostly experience a slow destiny. To that effect, men should pray for those things they want to see in their lives and clear every obstruction on their ways through prayers.


Building good relationships with everyone around you – your family, friends, coworkers etc is essential for a successful future. As humans, we are social beings. We always need contact with others in order to feel our emotional best. Building good relationships can lead to huge benefits such as having friends to go out with, close relatives to support you, and eventually end up having a network of people who you can have business connections with, who may be able to help you out if you ever find yourself in need. You can invest in your relationships by caring about others and spend time with people that like you.


Another good investment someone can make for the future is to be honest. Some people may find it difficult to agree with me on this but it pays in many ways. Honesty can build trust. It can win someone goodwill. When people know you as an honest person, you stand to gain a lot in the future as a result. In building a blessed future, one should try to convince people around him on his sincerity. People can recommend you for one position or the other based on what they knew about you. To be frank with you, the world is in dear need of honesty and upright people. Nigerians elected a 73 years old President on March 28th because he is seen as an honest and upright man. Though there are many prizes to pay for honesty, but the benefits will definitely outweigh the cost. Therefore, honesty should be seen as critically path of survival in the journey of life.

Help People

Helping other people to succeed is no doubt a good investment. When you help others to reach their goals, you indirectly help yourself. Out of 10 persons you help, at least 5 must come back for thanksgiving. It might surprise you that someone you help today may become your savior tomorrow. Therefore, a success seeking person should at all times assist others to succeed in his own capacity. Rendering help to people is an investment that can lead into a fulfilled future.


The last but not the least investment we shall talk about here is health. Health they say is wealth. As wealth cannot be complete without health, it is very important that anybody panning for a happy future invest in his or her health. An unhealthy person cannot be talking about how to achieve financial success. It’s when you are healthy that you talk about that. Therefore, people should invest in their health through healthy eating. Eat balance diet and exercise regularly. . Fruits and vegetables should be given serious attention in daily diets. This will ensure you remain in good health and shape.


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