How to Get Jobs in Nigeria in Less Than a Month

One of the greatest need of everyone is a stable job. This is because a stable job will enable anyone to meet his/her financial needs. With a job, people can earn money to take care of their needs for food, clothing, shelter, and other luxuries. And without a job, lack will be inevitable. Therefore, everyone desires to have a job.

Unfortunately, it is not all that desire for a job that has one. In Nigeria for example, more that 50 per cent of the population are without any meaningful job. There is mass unemployment in the land. Every day you see able men and women in the street wallowing in unemployment. This is more rampant among the youths. Over 80 per cent of graduates are without any job at the moment.

Regrettably, Nigeria is endowed with enough natural resources to be out of this kind of quagmire, but leadership failure has continued to ravage the country. The unemployment in the land today is as a result of leadership failure. Our leaders rather prefer to serve their own selfish gains than that of the people that elected them.

But in the midst of such unemployment, there are still many vacancies out there that get filled on hourly basis. The only thing is that, it is not everybody that knows how to get a job in the midst of all these. Many people have this wrong notion that job is by connections. To me, it is a sheer ignorance. Anyone who wishes to work can easily get a job if this little secret can be taken seriously. In a moment, I will be revealing this secret of getting a job in a country where people say there is no job in less than a month.

This information is a personal research and has been tested to be workable. Some time age, one of my friends was disturbing me for a link for a job. When I decided to let him work with this information am about to share with you, he got a job interview in less than three weeks. Interestingly, he got the job. That is why I strongly believe that help is coming to that person who has been staying idle for a long time now.

Note, as much as this strategy works, the jobs might not be too lucrative. But it is my opinion to start career gradually. Most people want to start big. While it works for few, most end up remaining unemployed for long. It is always better to start small and gradually grow to the apex than remaining on a spot. The best place to start anything is from the bottom. This is because if you start from the bottom, you climb to the top. But when you start from the top, you might not be able to sustain yourself there thereby falling down to the bottom again.

Therefore, a humble beginning is never a bad idea. The most important thing is to ensure you don’t remain at a spot. Just keep moving until you arrive at your desired destination.

Now, here comes the strategy that gives you a job in less than a month. Do you desire to come out of unemployment? Try this. One of the easiest ways to gain employment is to go through Outsourcing Firms. Many companies are actually working to cut the cost of doing business. Some of these companies do this by shifting their personnel responsibilities to other companies thereby cutting cost. Outsourced jobs are usually cheaper for companies than direct-hire. Therefore, outsourcing of Human Resource Unit has become a rampant practice of many firms.

So, to easily get a job, look for the outsourcing firms in your area and forward your hard-copy CV to them. You will be surprised that you can be contacted in less than a week after submission of your CV. These outsourcing firms always have openings as many companies are always using them to fill positions in their offices.

Another thing you will need to know is how to locate such firms. One of the ways is to browse the internet for such firms in your area. A good number of them which you are not aware of exist. Remember, a hard copy of your CV will work faster than online submission. But that does not mean that the online CV doesn’t work, but more attention is given to the ones at sight than the online.

I will go ahead and list some of these outsourcing firms for you so that you can start from there. Below are a number of them and their contacts:

Michael Stevens Consulting
22B, Rafiu Shittu Street. Alaka Estate. Surulere. Lagos.
H&C Consulting Outsourcing Company
Suite 4, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Oke Mosan Abeokuta, Ogun

Phillips Consulting
Recruitment, Info Systems, Corporate Finance, Business Alliances etc
Address: 4th Floor, UBA House, 57 Marina, Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 266 5469, 266 5363; Fax: +234 1 266 5325.

Business Process Outsourcing LLC
Outsourcing, Due diligence, Debt purchasing, Collection, Training.
Address: 44, King George V Road, Onikan, Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 270 4582-3, 267 2919.

C&I Outsourcing
Lagos : 08172007122
Port Harcourt : 08172007235 
Abuja: 08172007289
Email Address:  outsourcinghelpdesk@c-ileas

Integrated Corporate Services Limited
6, Olusoji Idowu Street,
Ilupeju, Lagos.
P. O. Box 5450, Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone: +234 01-774 2211; +234 01-280 1547

SOL – Strategic Outsourcing Limited
The Godwin Adebayo Centrum, SOL Drive off Olusesi St, KM 19 Lekki Epe Expressway by 2nd Toll Gate, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.
Shettima Munguro Crescent Utako Abuja
Suites 111 & 112 First Floor, Bank of Industry House, 18 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Kaduna
N0 1 Monday Ani Street Opposite Tonninnso Petro Station Asaba-Benin Expressway, Asaba, Delta State
NO. 247 Abuloma Road Off Transamadi Industrial Layout Port-Harcourt.
Tel: 08072190616

NB: These Outsourcing Companies are also called Consulting Firms.



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