The Place of Mentorship in the Journey of Success

The Place of Mentorship in the Journey of Success
Mentorship according to Wikipedia, is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide the less experienced or less knowledgeable person. A good mentor is wise and willing to share his or her experience and knowledge in order to help you succeed. 

When it comes to success, a number of combined factors make it possible. So far, we have talked on a number of those factors. Today, we will examine the importance of having a mentor for counsel and inspiration. Inspiration is  actually a fundamental secret of every successful venture. You need inspiration to breakthrough some difficult endeavours. Mentor-ship can actually produce as much inspiration as possible any man can ever require for success.

When you have a good mentor in your area of endeavour, success becomes inevitable. A good mentor can save you needless and costly mistakes. It can actually speed up your breakthrough. This is because, your mentor will always reveal every secret to you, even shortcuts. Some things which ordinarily would have taken you years to discover can be made easy for you through your mentor's revelations.

Like I said earlier, a mentor is a more experienced (usually older) professional in your field who offers you career guidance, advice and assistance from a real world point of view. A mentor is like having a wonderful trusted ally to go to whenever you are not sure or in need of support. They can help you set and achieve career goals, make smart business decisions, overcome workplace challenges, learn new skills or simply offer an outside perspective when you are facing frustrations at work.

Have you been wondering how you can becomes successful in that you field of endeavour? Maybe you should try mentor-ship. This can actually be one pertinent resource you have been missing all these long. You can take advantage of this resource to fast track your journey of success.

Best regards

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How to Create an Atmosphere for Success

How to Create an Atmosphere for Success
Success as far as life is concerned is not by chance. It is a calculated plans and efforts. For you to succeed, you will need to create a conducive atmosphere for that success. You need to work on a number of things for there to be a breeding ground for that success.

Any man that relies on chance and luck for success will definitely get frustrated sooner or later. There is a secret for success. And part of that secret is to create an atmosphere for it to thrive. 

I am very sure that by now you must be wondering what that atmosphere could be. I will tell you in a moment. That is the reason behind this article. I believe that success in any pursuit starts with the understanding of the secrets of that pursuit. When you understand how things work, you will be able to exploit the best out of it.

Now, let us go into the main topic of discussion. The truth is that success starts somewhere, it starts in the mind. To become successful, you need to first of all condition your mind. You need to set up the atmosphere. The atmosphere starts within you. It is a decision that needs to be made. You need to first believe that you can succeed. When you have done that, live it out. There is this motivation that prompts up from inside anytime you make up your mind to succeed. That inner motivation alone can propel anybody to succeed.

The mind is the key when it comes to success. The understanding you give to it about success will determine how far you go. If you strongly believe that you can success despite all odds, I tell you that you can. But if your mind tells you that success is a very hard and difficult task, I doubt if you can ever succeed. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You can never grow above you imaginations. You can never outgrow your mind. Your mind can either be your friend or your enemy. You choose what you want it to be for for you because you are totally in control of your mind.

I noticed that some people already made up their mind that success is only achievable by some people whom they deem to have better opportunities. Success is for all, whether you were born with a golden spoon or not. Anybody that makes his or her mind to succeed will surely do. 

With a determined mind and a bit of hard work, success is inevitable.

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Consistency and Perseverance:The Key to Every Success Story

Consistency and Perseverance:The Key to Every Success Story
Show me a man who is successful in what he does and I will show you a man who have consistently persevered many oppositions, discouragements and challenges of his goal. 

You know, sometimes I hear people talking about how tired they got at a dream; thereby leading to abandoning the dream. Note that every good thing comes not easy. No matter how small it might look, it will never come easy as long as it is good. A lot of oppositions accompany every good thing. So, whoever tells you that that your dream will come at a platter of gold is either deceiving you or ignorant.

But one good thing about those oppositions is that it will help you to come out better than imagined. Oppositions demarcate the line between success and failure. While many people will allow oppositions to abort their dreams, others struggle to breakthrough. 

So, what is that your greatest dream? Suffice me to tell you that it is achievable. Yes it is 100 percent achievable. All you need is to make your challenges, oppositions, and discouragements your supposed strength. Until you see them as a challenge that you must surmount, you are not close to success. Success breeds up when you acknowledge them as a must win battle. Nothing is impossible in this life. The only question you need to ask yourself is whether you are ready for the contest. 

This contest calls for perseverance and consistency. If you can pay the price of consistency and perseverance, you can win every challenge. 

Take for example. Blogging is a very rewarding business. But it takes a very long time to become a successful blogger. It might take years depending on your consistency in publishing original contents. I have seen people who are successful in blogging business, their stories are never a bed of roses one. They consistently publish articles and perseveres until they begin to draw traffic. Getting people to visit your site is not an easy one. You must know the quality of your articles and how consistent you are in posting those articles. To be ranked high on search engine is yet another tedious task. Only consistency and perseverance can earn you this milestone.

You see, it is not easy. But some people who are always in connection with their dreams will endure to achieve it. No shortcut to success. Shortcuts are always short-lived. You must put on the garment of consistency and perseverance in whatever you want to see accomplishments. 

Another good example is marketing job. Most marketing jobs starts small but offers you the sky as your limit. Most of them pay a very small salary. But in the long run, the other benefits will become enormous. This cannot come if the marketer succumbs to discouragements and give up. Some people became very successful today through network marketing. And I tell you the truth, success does not come easy in network marketing. It takes perseverance to be successful there. Many contract bankers earn based on their hustles. But it is worthy to note that many people quit after their first month. But the few who persevere for a while end up making an living out of it.

Therefore, we must take those two words serious in our quest for success. 
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Looking For a Job? Make Good Income Bridging Demand and Supply Gap

Looking For a Job? Make Good Income Bridging Demand and Supply Gap
has shown that over 50 percent of the population is looking for a job. Almost all the youths that I know are looking for something doing. Even people that has jobs looks for a better one. Job is an essential part of life. It is needed to make ends meet. To put food on the table, your either need a paid job or self-employed job. 

As a matter of fact, over 90 percent of graduates went to school with the aim of getting good jobs. It is only few people that went to school specifically for knowledge sake. Such few most at times are from well to do homes and just need knowledge to manage the wealth of their family. Therefore, most people went to school with the intention of securing a job with their qualifications. 

Unfortunately, this motive seems to be shattered presently among many graduates because securing a job has become a herculean task nowadays. People graduate from different Institutions every year only to end up with no job for long. Sometimes such people remain unemployed even all the days of their lives. It is such a pitiable condition! 

Every day I here graduates complaining of no job. Many even regret going to school in the first place. I have seen several of such cases. Many graduates now wished they had learn trade or work rather than going to school to waste their precious time. What a pity state the world especially developing countries have found themselves. The government can no longer provide for their citizens.

To me, when the government fail. The people will have to help themselves. That there is no job does not meet that able bodied persons would have to perish in idleness. Man will have to do something economically with his life. If we can not be gainfully employed, we then hustle to make ends meet. This is because there is no excuse for failure. Your stomach hears no excuse from you why it will not be nourished with delicious meal. The society also does not care how hard the economy is, it places demands on you. And such demands we must meet if we feel we must continue to be relevance.

Therefore, there are many things one can do so as to meet the demands of the society. One of such things is acting as a middleman between buyers and sellers. It might interest you to know that there are uncountable demands and supplies of products going on daily. Many people are in need of one item or the other. The same way manufacturers have product they want to sell to users. This gap of exchanging manufacturers' goods with the money of buyers becomes a job on its own. 

You can get busy identifying what people need and where to get them at an affordable rate. Freelance marketing is a term that is used to define a service of short-term and no commitment to employers. It also refers to a job that requires no permanent commitment from employees. In fact, many people are making there living out of this arrangement. They simply arrange with companies and sells their goods to those that need them for a commission. Such commission can be lucrative at times.

Do you know that many companies actually prefer this kind of arrangement because it is cheaper for them. They don't have to be saddled with the responsibility of paying monthly salary. They only pay commission based on the freelance marketer's effort. You see, you just need to go out there to negotiate with companies. Maybe you will start making ends meet through this arrangement.

It is important we get busy with our lives. Idleness is a risky venture. Money is everywhere only if we can take the challenge and earn it. We must endeavour to make life beautiful through hard work.

Best regards.

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Is Capital a Problem for Your Business? Learn How to Obtain Almost Interest Free Loans

Is Capital a Problem for Your Business? Learn How to Obtain Almost Interest Free Loans
Experience has shown that many people are willing to start one business or the other but are hindered by lack of capital. Start-up capital has been the major setback for many intending business men and women. In fact, it is the reason why poverty is still having a hold on many able bodied individuals in our society today. Almost every unemployed youth I see nowadays complain of money to start a business. They will always tell you that they can start something of their own if they can raise reasonable capital. 

Yes I agree with them. Capital actually is needed for any business idea no matter how wonderful to thrive. Capital makes the difference between idea and reality. You can have a wonderful business idea but may not have money to implement it. Without capital to back up your idea, what you are just doing is day dreaming. So I share the pains of many youths who lack capital to actualize their dreams of owning a business. 

Now, how can someone who has a viable business idea be encouraged to actualize it even if the person lacks capital? 

To answer this question, we look at the various sources of capital for businesses. One of the easiest and cheapest source of capital for businesses is grants from family. Another good source is grants from friends. Government can also help in financing business. Suppliers are another good source of financing a business. But when all the above fail, banks become the next and/or last resort. 

Look, I listed the sources of business financing above based on their cost. Grants from family, and friends are usually at no cost. Government grants may cost but very cheap. But when it comes to bank loans, it costs much more. But most times, banks are the only option for raising capital for business as they are always willing and available to give, unlike friends and family who may give one excuse or the other and government grants which is very rare and extremely difficult to access. 

So, this article will focus more on cheap and low costs loans from the banks. Our major concern will be on how and where people can access this package. Now, how can individuals easily obtain loans from banks? It is as simple as ABCD. Smart business persons started with little of their equity and depended majorly on bank loans. How they did it, and how you too can do the same is now the big question?

I know by now many of you will be asking whether the loans can be obtained without collateral. The answer is yes. Soft loans can be obtained without collateral. The highest it can cost you is just a guarantor. By just bringing somebody to guarantee you, you can get as much as N500,000 – N1,000,000 for your business start up. Now let’s go into details on how and where to obtain these loans.

I will like to start with the places where you can obtain such loans, starting from the cheapest to the costliest. I will basically discuss three different types of loan that one can get to start up a business. They are government loan, loans from Micro finance banks and the loans from commercial banks.

Government Loans

I know this will sound strange to some people. Some might ask if the government also gives loans. Yes, government gives loans to its citizens through its programmes on MSMEs. The banks such as Bank of Industries (BoI) give near free loans to serious minded business men and women. This loan can be given out as low as at 5% interest rate. You can imagine what good a 5% loan can do to your business. The percentage is almost free. But to qualify for this type of loan, the applicant will need a convincing business plan. You must be able to convince the government with your business ideas before they can approve such loan for you. Therefore, you need to learn how to write a convincing business plan if you are yet to do that.

Micro Finance Banks Loans

Another cheap type of loan is the one obtained from Micro Finance banks. This type of loan can be very easy to access and at the same time, cheap. You can get it at about 13% interest rate. At 13 percent, any good business can be profitable. Micro Finance loans do not even need collateral to be obtained. Most times they only require a guarantor from applicants. Guarantor of course is not difficult to get. They are everywhere; all you need to convince them is your character and integrity.

Commercial Banks Loans

People can as well approach commercial banks to obtain loan for their businesses. Commercial banks are ever willing to give out loans to their customers, but subject to some qualifications. To access loan there, you will need to meet some requirements. But one good thing about them is that they offer a longer term loans. Just that out of the three sources we discussed here, they have the highest rate. They can charge up to 24 to 28 percent.

Therefore, we say that capital for business start-ups should not be seen an impossible task. Anybody with a fantastic business idea should try to explore the sources of raising capital we have discussed here.

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The Hidden Rules of Success

The Hidden Rules of Success
One of the greatest longings of everybody is to be successful in life. The feeling of success spurs confidence and courage for more undertakings. Personally, I feel happy and confident when am succeeding in life. It feels good to know that people envy you because of your breakthroughs in life. Success therefore, is a serious desire of everybody.

In as much as everybody desires to be successful, only few achieve this goal. Success does not come by chance. You work for success. Just as you work out your salvation with fear and trembling, you equally work out your success with hard-work and patience. Of all the success stories I have heard, there is always a price to pay. Even prayer alone cannot land you to success. Work will have to compliment that prayer to birth success.

In this article, I will be exposing the secrets of a successful living. As everything in life has little secret, so do success. To learn the secrets, you need to enroll in what is called “the School of Success”. Only those who are ready to learn keep improving their lives. If I were you, I will choose to learn. It is my believe that this article will liberate many people from the shackles of ignorance. Now, let’s go into the rules….

Develop a Clear Vision

Success starts in developing a clear vision. It is only those who know where they are going that can get there. If you don’t know where you are going, you can end up anywhere. Therefore, to make success out of this life, you need to first and foremost have a vision of your destination. Your vision should be influenced by your passions in life. Some people will desire to work for others while some others want to be self dependent. Your vision becomes your guiding principle while climbing the ladder of success. Vision is like your lamp in the journey of success. Always keep your vision in focus. Never compromise your vision for anything in the world. Success will come when you are committed to your vision.

Set a Goal

Goal is another thing that will help you to achieve success speedily. It monitors and measures the progress of your vision. Vision can never be productive without a goal. You need to match up your vision with a goal. Ryan Allis, co-founder of iContact, pointed out that having the end in mind every day ensures you are working toward it. Therefore, set goals and remind yourself of them each day.

Work Hard

Nobody succeeds putting his two hands in the pocket. I put it in another way; you can’t succeed putting your two hands in your pockets. To succeed, your hands must be engaged in something. Even God made it that He will bless the works of your hands. If any man wishes to succeed through the back door (outside hard-work), that person must be joking. Success comes to those who work for it. You can’t be expecting success in an exam without studies. Your success begins the moment you make up your mind to work hard. 

 Regrettably, many people today want to succeed without paying the simple price of hard-work. Can you desire to be a successful business tycoon without starting somewhere? The problem in our society today is greed. People want to start big even when there is no means of achieving it. That is why poverty still thrives in our midst. Great things I was told starts small. First, from ideation stage, second to reality and then, to greatness. 

Be Patient

Finally, patience need to be exercised in everything that is worth doing. It is not all efforts that pay immediately, some takes a process. Just like seed sowing, it doesn’t germinated and yield fruit at once. It passes through stages. Likewise success, success is measured over time. Learn to persevere and endure till something begins to come out of your works. Don’t quit prematurely. 

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