Consistency and Perseverance:The Key to Every Success Story

Show me a man who is successful in what he does and I will show you a man who have consistently persevered many oppositions, discouragements and challenges of his goal. 

You know, sometimes I hear people talking about how tired they got at a dream; thereby leading to abandoning the dream. Note that every good thing comes not easy. No matter how small it might look, it will never come easy as long as it is good. A lot of oppositions accompany every good thing. So, whoever tells you that that your dream will come at a platter of gold is either deceiving you or ignorant.

But one good thing about those oppositions is that it will help you to come out better than imagined. Oppositions demarcate the line between success and failure. While many people will allow oppositions to abort their dreams, others struggle to breakthrough. 

So, what is that your greatest dream? Suffice me to tell you that it is achievable. Yes it is 100 percent achievable. All you need is to make your challenges, oppositions, and discouragements your supposed strength. Until you see them as a challenge that you must surmount, you are not close to success. Success breeds up when you acknowledge them as a must win battle. Nothing is impossible in this life. The only question you need to ask yourself is whether you are ready for the contest. 

This contest calls for perseverance and consistency. If you can pay the price of consistency and perseverance, you can win every challenge. 

Take for example. Blogging is a very rewarding business. But it takes a very long time to become a successful blogger. It might take years depending on your consistency in publishing original contents. I have seen people who are successful in blogging business, their stories are never a bed of roses one. They consistently publish articles and perseveres until they begin to draw traffic. Getting people to visit your site is not an easy one. You must know the quality of your articles and how consistent you are in posting those articles. To be ranked high on search engine is yet another tedious task. Only consistency and perseverance can earn you this milestone.

You see, it is not easy. But some people who are always in connection with their dreams will endure to achieve it. No shortcut to success. Shortcuts are always short-lived. You must put on the garment of consistency and perseverance in whatever you want to see accomplishments. 

Another good example is marketing job. Most marketing jobs starts small but offers you the sky as your limit. Most of them pay a very small salary. But in the long run, the other benefits will become enormous. This cannot come if the marketer succumbs to discouragements and give up. Some people became very successful today through network marketing. And I tell you the truth, success does not come easy in network marketing. It takes perseverance to be successful there. Many contract bankers earn based on their hustles. But it is worthy to note that many people quit after their first month. But the few who persevere for a while end up making an living out of it.

Therefore, we must take those two words serious in our quest for success. 


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