Looking For a Job? Make Good Income Bridging Demand and Supply Gap

has shown that over 50 percent of the population is looking for a job. Almost all the youths that I know are looking for something doing. Even people that has jobs looks for a better one. Job is an essential part of life. It is needed to make ends meet. To put food on the table, your either need a paid job or self-employed job. 

As a matter of fact, over 90 percent of graduates went to school with the aim of getting good jobs. It is only few people that went to school specifically for knowledge sake. Such few most at times are from well to do homes and just need knowledge to manage the wealth of their family. Therefore, most people went to school with the intention of securing a job with their qualifications. 

Unfortunately, this motive seems to be shattered presently among many graduates because securing a job has become a herculean task nowadays. People graduate from different Institutions every year only to end up with no job for long. Sometimes such people remain unemployed even all the days of their lives. It is such a pitiable condition! 

Every day I here graduates complaining of no job. Many even regret going to school in the first place. I have seen several of such cases. Many graduates now wished they had learn trade or work rather than going to school to waste their precious time. What a pity state the world especially developing countries have found themselves. The government can no longer provide for their citizens.

To me, when the government fail. The people will have to help themselves. That there is no job does not meet that able bodied persons would have to perish in idleness. Man will have to do something economically with his life. If we can not be gainfully employed, we then hustle to make ends meet. This is because there is no excuse for failure. Your stomach hears no excuse from you why it will not be nourished with delicious meal. The society also does not care how hard the economy is, it places demands on you. And such demands we must meet if we feel we must continue to be relevance.

Therefore, there are many things one can do so as to meet the demands of the society. One of such things is acting as a middleman between buyers and sellers. It might interest you to know that there are uncountable demands and supplies of products going on daily. Many people are in need of one item or the other. The same way manufacturers have product they want to sell to users. This gap of exchanging manufacturers' goods with the money of buyers becomes a job on its own. 

You can get busy identifying what people need and where to get them at an affordable rate. Freelance marketing is a term that is used to define a service of short-term and no commitment to employers. It also refers to a job that requires no permanent commitment from employees. In fact, many people are making there living out of this arrangement. They simply arrange with companies and sells their goods to those that need them for a commission. Such commission can be lucrative at times.

Do you know that many companies actually prefer this kind of arrangement because it is cheaper for them. They don't have to be saddled with the responsibility of paying monthly salary. They only pay commission based on the freelance marketer's effort. You see, you just need to go out there to negotiate with companies. Maybe you will start making ends meet through this arrangement.

It is important we get busy with our lives. Idleness is a risky venture. Money is everywhere only if we can take the challenge and earn it. We must endeavour to make life beautiful through hard work.

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