The Hidden Rules of Success

One of the greatest longings of everybody is to be successful in life. The feeling of success spurs confidence and courage for more undertakings. Personally, I feel happy and confident when am succeeding in life. It feels good to know that people envy you because of your breakthroughs in life. Success therefore, is a serious desire of everybody.

In as much as everybody desires to be successful, only few achieve this goal. Success does not come by chance. You work for success. Just as you work out your salvation with fear and trembling, you equally work out your success with hard-work and patience. Of all the success stories I have heard, there is always a price to pay. Even prayer alone cannot land you to success. Work will have to compliment that prayer to birth success.

In this article, I will be exposing the secrets of a successful living. As everything in life has little secret, so do success. To learn the secrets, you need to enroll in what is called “the School of Success”. Only those who are ready to learn keep improving their lives. If I were you, I will choose to learn. It is my believe that this article will liberate many people from the shackles of ignorance. Now, let’s go into the rules….

Develop a Clear Vision

Success starts in developing a clear vision. It is only those who know where they are going that can get there. If you don’t know where you are going, you can end up anywhere. Therefore, to make success out of this life, you need to first and foremost have a vision of your destination. Your vision should be influenced by your passions in life. Some people will desire to work for others while some others want to be self dependent. Your vision becomes your guiding principle while climbing the ladder of success. Vision is like your lamp in the journey of success. Always keep your vision in focus. Never compromise your vision for anything in the world. Success will come when you are committed to your vision.

Set a Goal

Goal is another thing that will help you to achieve success speedily. It monitors and measures the progress of your vision. Vision can never be productive without a goal. You need to match up your vision with a goal. Ryan Allis, co-founder of iContact, pointed out that having the end in mind every day ensures you are working toward it. Therefore, set goals and remind yourself of them each day.

Work Hard

Nobody succeeds putting his two hands in the pocket. I put it in another way; you can’t succeed putting your two hands in your pockets. To succeed, your hands must be engaged in something. Even God made it that He will bless the works of your hands. If any man wishes to succeed through the back door (outside hard-work), that person must be joking. Success comes to those who work for it. You can’t be expecting success in an exam without studies. Your success begins the moment you make up your mind to work hard. 

 Regrettably, many people today want to succeed without paying the simple price of hard-work. Can you desire to be a successful business tycoon without starting somewhere? The problem in our society today is greed. People want to start big even when there is no means of achieving it. That is why poverty still thrives in our midst. Great things I was told starts small. First, from ideation stage, second to reality and then, to greatness. 

Be Patient

Finally, patience need to be exercised in everything that is worth doing. It is not all efforts that pay immediately, some takes a process. Just like seed sowing, it doesn’t germinated and yield fruit at once. It passes through stages. Likewise success, success is measured over time. Learn to persevere and endure till something begins to come out of your works. Don’t quit prematurely. 


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