Behold the 2 Attitudinal Conditions for Success

For some time now, our articles has dwelled on success. This is to our acknowledgement of how important this word means to every human being. Success has been one of the most craving need of man. I do all I do in life with a view of achieving my goals.

In this article, I will be revealing two vital attitudinal behaviours necessary for success to take place. Honestly, some of our actions can propel or deter us from success. Success is not a chance event, it is a careful effort. To be successful, you need to prepare yourself. You will need to work on some of your attitudes to life.

Two key areas to watch are your THINKING and WORD. The way we think has a lot to do with our extent of accomplishments. Your thought can affect how far you go in life. Positive thinking breeds positive results while negative thinking breeds negative results as well.

No wonder the Bible said that "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he". The thoughts of your heart will definitely manifest in your physical state. If your thought is dominated by failure, there is likelihood that you will fail in life. When you give failure a room in your heart, it will constantly manifest in your life. Whatever your mind cannot imagine will never come to you.

On the other hand, if your thoughts are dominated by success, success must surely identify with you. A thought of possibilities will see you to possibilities. But a thought of challenges will blind your eyes from the possible opportunities.

To remain above our challenges, we must maintain positive mindset. Our mindset towards life matters a lot. People need to train their mind to become their friend. This is because our minds can become our enemies. Your mind becomes your enemies when it is negatively construed to work against your success.

Getting your mind trained is not easy. But if you can achieve it, you will forever sweem in the river of success. One of the easy ways to train your mind is to constantly rebuff negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

Having addressed the issue of mindset, we now move on to another important attitude that guarantees success. And that is WORD. Spoken words greatly affects our way of life. Positive talks attracts positive results, while negative words attracts negative results. There is power in the tongue. Even the Bible acknowledged this when it said that "life and death are in the power of the tongue".

According a story on a research on the power of spoken words, two plants were planted. While one receives praises and encouragements, the other were constantly cursed. Words such as "you must be great, bear fruits" etc were used on one of the plants, and such words as" it shall not be well with you, die" etc were used on the other plant. Meanwhile, the plants were placed on the same condition in terms of soil, nutrients, etc. The research revealed that the plant that received praises blossomed while the one that were constantly cursed withered off.

The illustrarion above is a clear example of what our words can do. Positive confessions will in no doubt lead to positive living whereas negative confessions leads to the opposite. Our words greatly affect our lives. We must learn how to chat our ways to success through positive confessions.

In conclusion, I want to state that our thoughts and words if well managed can accelerate our success in life.


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