How to Make Progress With God.

I want to start this piece by telling you that God is faithful. If there is anything that God desires of you, it is that you can make progress in your walk with Him. No man who diligently seek God that is put to shame. 

There is a little secret that people ought to know about making progress with the King of kings. Many are worshipers of God, but not many who know how to get the best from Him. You must understand the brain behind the reason why some people get answers to their prayers whereas others don't. Of course there must be a reason for that.

Faith remains the key to accessing God's promises. Everybody claim to have FAITH, but only few know how to put their faith to work. When it comes to making progress with God, you need to be watchful of your mind. In essence, to make progress with God, you need to constantly guard the doors of your mind. Shocking? This is just the truth.

I don't think many people knew that our minds have doors. But am here to tell you that it does. You will agree with me that your mind is constantly bugged with many ideas and suggestions. At every decision moment, we are faced with many suggestions in our minds. Your mind is a door through which information flow into our hearts. This door entertains both negative and positive thoughts. It takes maturity to eliminate the negatives and settle for the positives. 

Now listen, faith is the act of believing God. Hebrew chapter 11 defined it as the object of things hoped for and substance of things not seen. If we must make progress with God, we need to have FAITH. And for us to get faith work for us, we need to guard the doors of our mind. Your mind can become you best enemy if we fail to manage the thoughts going on there very well. 

Have you ever noticed that every time we pray that our faith is put into test. Take for example, you asked God for a car this year and your mind begin to suggest to you that it might not be possible considering your present state. I tell you the truth, if you give heed to such thought you will definitely not have the answer for your prayer. Every war of faith are won in the mind. Any war you cannot win in your mind cannot be won physically. 

You see! Faith is the key to the world of all possibilities. But your mind is the checkmator of your faith. Your mind has a lot to do with the level of breakthrough that your faith enjoys. Try it out today and see your life ascend upwards.


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