15 Interesting Fact About Sex That You Need to Know

To some people, sex is a very interesting topic of discuss, while to others it is a sacred and/or forbidden area. This explains why some parents shy away from giving their children proper sex education. It is a statement of fact that many people that engage in regular sex know little about the subject. Knowledge they say is power. The amount of information at your disposal places you in charge of things. The more you know about sex the more you appreciate the subject. 

Today we will be dealing on the topic head-on. We will be looking at some vital facts about sex that should never be neglected. This is owed to the abuse the subject faces in our society nowadays. This article even though can be read by all, primarily targets adults. Let's try to digest the information therein to enable us improve our individual lives.

Now, below are the facts:

1. Sex is sweet. Sex seems to be sweeter than any experience we can think of. Some people will tell you that it is the sweetest thing the world. The feeling is in-explainable at times. You just lack the word to express the pleasurable experience.

2. Before God, sex is only approved for married couples. Any sex done outside marriage is either referred to as adultery or fornication.

3. The Bible did not condemn sex but  is only against premarital and extramarital sex.

4. A good sex can serve as a wonderful exercise. Exercise as we know is very good for our health. A regular sex can serve as such.

5. The more couples have sex, the less their chances of cutting up into infidelity.

6. Both men and women are aroused to sex equally, research shows that no particular party is more prone to sex than the other.

7. While some people feel very satisfied after sex, others seem to be regretting their actions.

8. Their is no age limit to sexual arousal, both the young and old engage in sexual activities.

9. Most people who lose their virginity between ages of fifteen and nineteen actually wish they had waited a bit longer. Moreover, most teenagers lose their virginity by age 17, but those who have not lost their virginity by 24 tend to stay a virgin.

10. Unprotected sex is a gateway to deadly infections and pregnancy.

11. In as much as the size of the penis relates to sexual satisfaction, the man's skill has much to do.

12. Sustaining erection is a psychological game, your ability to control your emotions determines how long you can last during sex.

13. It is not everybody that talks during sexual intercourse.

14. Your sex life is a function of your health, the healthier the more active in bed.

15. If not for God and disease, every man will love to taste every beautiful woman that comes his way. 


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