How to Easily Achieve Your Dreams in 2016

One of the common attributes of man is the ability to dream dreams. Every human at one point or the other aspire for set dreams. Dreams on its own can be realised or not. When it is realised, the dreamer is said to be very fulfilled. But when dreams shatter, the dreamer feels unfulfilled and frustrated. 

Every year, millions of people give themselves targets of where they want to see themselves. While some people dreams to be gainfully employed, some others dream to be employers of labour. In other cases, some people dream to get married, buy a car, build house(s) etc. As the year 2015 is fast becoming a history, many people who set  dreams for themselves seem not to have still realised those dreams. 

To avoid a repeat of such a state in the year 2016, we have come up with a model that will help people fulfill their dreams for the year. Just as it is said that faith without work is dead, dreams without strategy is dead on arrival. We need to back up our dreams with a measurable effort to have it come true.

Therefore, in order for you to actualize your dreams for the year 2016, you will need to work with a GOAL. A goal can be defined as a desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve. Many people endeavour to reach a goal within a finite time by setting deadline. 

In setting a goal, it is advised that we follow SMART Model. SMART Model involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bounded objectives. The process of setting goals allows individuals to specify and then work towards their own objectives such as financial or career goals. 

Goal setting entails a major component of personal development and management. You can set a long-term, immediate, and/or short-term goals. The major difference lies on the time frame.
For somebody who wants to achieve great things in the upcoming year, setting a goal of what you desire in the year is a very clear way to get there. Goals will help you to monitored your progress and development at each time frame. When you set your goal for the year 2016, split it into short-term goals. You can decide to measure your goals in every three months, to ensure that you achieve your desired results. This for sure is a good way to achieve your dreams without too much stress. 

I wish that everyone I know will make it big this coming year. As a result, I take out time to write this article to help us. Without a goal, we have no expectations. And when we have do expectation, we don't stand a chance to work hard. We must set SMART goals this coming year 2016 in order to remain in charge.

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