Avoid These Common Condom Mistakes That People Do

One common feature of today's sex affairs is the use of condom. Condom has been proven to be very effective in preventing STIs and pregnancy. In a bid to avoid contracting disease and the incidence of pregnancy, sex partners has resorted to the use of condom.

To effectively use condom to prevent the risk of infections and pregnancy, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge of how to play safe. We call it a duty to provide such useful information to enable people espace the risks associated with unprotected sex adventure. I urge  you to lend me your ears as I discuss with you common condom mistakes that has jeopardized the health of many ignorant folks.

1. Not checking expiry date

Condom just like every other products has expiry day. It is important to check the expiry date of your condoms before use.

2. Forgetting to check for damages

Some people are too inquisitive to action that they care to check the soundness of condoms before sex. According to Indiana University review of studies, about 83 percent of women and 75 percent of men failed to check condoms before use.  Instead of assuming that the rubber is ready for action, take a bit to make sure the wrapper doesn’t look worn out and the condom isn’t sticky, brittle, discolored, or damaged.

3. Doubling up

Some people usually make the mistake of thinking that if one condom is great at preventing pregnancy and STDs, then two condoms should be even better. This belief is very wrong. Layering two condoms can dramatically increase the chance of Breakage and slipping off, especially if you are using a lubricated type, says Dr. Streicher. Doubling condom creates friction which can cause tire.

4. Using the wrong lube

Come to think of it, lube can be a great addition to your condom experience. It does not only make sex more enjoyable, but it also helps prevent the latex from tearing or ripping. However, choosing the wrong lubricant could spell disaster. “Not all lubricants are condom-compatible,” says Dr. Streicher. Any oil-based product may cause break-down of condoms. You may want to stick with water-based or silicone-based, or a mixture of both.

5. Not storing it properly

Some people form the habit of storing condom in their wallets. This they do to have it readily available any time the need arise. It is important to know that the bending and friction can weaken the condom and cause tiny holes thereby rendering the rubber totally useless. Again, if you keep your wallet in your pocket, your body heat can also degrade the sheath. Instead, make sure you keep condoms in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or heat.

6. Not leaving room at the tip of the condom

The tip of the condom is called the reservoir, which holds the cum after you ejaculate in it. Ensure to squeeze the tip when you put the condom on in order to make room for the ejaculate, otherwise it might spill out the sides, opined Kerner.

7. Not putting it on properly

If you mistakenly put the condom on upside-down (where the rim is facing down instead of up), it probably will not unroll all the way. You just need to take it off and start afresh with a new condom, as that one could have some pre-ejaculate on it, says Herbenick. The condom ought to roll down easily and reach the base if the penis.

8. Not wearing the right size

It is very important to try out different condoms to find the one that is best for you. If you notice the condom doesn’t roll all the way down to the base of the penis or it seems too tight, it probably is not your size. Condoms actually rarely break, so if it has happened to you a few times, you probably need a larger size or more lube, stated Herbenick. But if the condom seems too roomy or it slips or slides when you are having sex, look for a smaller size. Always bear in mind that you might be one size in one brand and another size in another brand; just like jeans.

9. Not pulling of immediately after sex

Though some men still sustain erection after ejaculation, it is important to immediately remove condom after you ejaculate. Continuing to fire with the same condom after ejaculation could amount to risk. It can lead to tire or possible slip. The sperm can cause more room thereby causing the condom to slip into the Virgina. Always change condom after ejaculating on the first one


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