Today’s Vote Will Tell Whether Prophet T.B Joshua Was Right or Wrong On U.S Election

Today’s Vote Will Tell Whether Prophet T.B Joshua Was Right or Wrong On U.S Election
The United State Electoral College will go to poll today to choose between the U.S president-elect, Donald Trump and his rival, Hillary Clinton. 

According to U.S. Constitution, the real presidential election takes place December 19 when the electors meet in the 50 State capitals and Washington D.C to cast their votes. 

To be elected a president, a candidate must score at least 270 votes out of 538 Electoral College votes representing 50%. 

Indications are already that there are pressures mounting against Trump. Many of Trump's Electoral College voters are already expressing their likelihood of not voting for him. One of them has been said to have resigned, saying that his vote for Trump will mean a dishonour to God.

Recall that prior to November 8 U.S presidential election, a popular Nigerian prophet, Prophet T.B Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN, revealed that God showed him the new American President. He went further to say that the next American President will be a woman. Many people interpreted this woman to be Hillary Clinton as she was the only close rival to Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump surpassed the expectations of the prophecy to emerge the winner of the election. But since his emergence, there has been controversies surrounding his victor.y. Since Trump's victory, there has been diverse criticisms on the person of T.B Joshua

Today's vote will determine whether Donald Trump will be sworn-in as the next American President or otherwise.

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MMM Founder, Sergey Mavrodi Lashes At Media, Urges Them To Leave MMM Alone

MMM Founder, Sergey Mavrodi Lashes At Media, Urges Them To Leave MMM Alone
The founder of MMM Nigeria, Sergey Mavrodi has sent a passionate appeal to the Nigerian Media houses and journalists at large urging them to stop their cynical and worthless articles on MMM. This news was posted on the Private Office of MMM members this evening.

It could be recalled that the media since 14th December when MMM Nigeria announced its "One Month Freezing of All Confirmed Mavro" been writing all kinds of fear inducing and negative articles about MMM. The action to many has the potential of igniting panic in the system.

Read the full text under.

Appeal To Journalists From Sergey Mavrodi
Dear journalists, “analysts” and all kinds of “experts”!

Please stop using MMM to gain cheap popularity. Leave us alone and let us work without interference. I’m just astonished by your irresponsibility and cynical attitude. Interests of millions of people, your fellow citizens are at stake. Don’t you have any sympathy for them? Why are you fueling hysteria around MMM and provoking a panic? Why are you doing this so diligently and persistently, what is your purpose?

In fact, absolutely all your provocative and worthless articles and “analyses” (I said “worthless” because you do not have any real information about what happens in the System, and might have never had; you simply invent everything, fabricate it) are merely negative: “MMM has collapsed!!!.. MMM will not be working in January!!!..” etc. Are you intentionally presenting all of it in such a manner and whipping up tension by any means possible in order to increase the ratings of your publications and attract attention to them? Don’t you care about people at all?

So, nothing has collapsed, and MMM will safely resume its work in January, as announced. Suspension of work for holidays is a usual thing, merely working moment, no more than that. It would have remained a normal, just a part of the usual routine, and might have gone almost unnoticed if it were not for your totally cynical and irresponsible attempts to advertise yourself, create a scandal out of nowhere, and make the most of this news topic in any possible way.

Again, leave MMM alone and let us work. Nothing has collapsed, and MMM will perfectly resume its work in January. We Can Change the World!

Sergey Mavrodi

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5 Reasons Why Govt Will Not Be Able To Stop MMM Nigeria

5 Reasons Why Govt Will Not Be Able To Stop MMM Nigeria
MMM is in no doubt one of the biggest investment that many Nigerians now do. There is no place in Nigeria that people will say that they have ever heard of the Ponzi scheme, MMM. The scheme has become the talk in town as it offers over 30% growth on investment per month.

MMM Nigeria is not an investment per say, but a social financial aid programme where participants help one another with their spare cash by form of donation. The programme requires participants to first Provide Help (PH) to someone before they can request to Get Help (GH).

But many negative controversies has trailed MMM since it was launched in Nigeria. Many people especially government and her agencies see MMM as a Ponzi scheme. 

The government through the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN and Security and Exchange Commission, SEC has since warned Nigerians against the activities of MMM. And recently, the House of Representative also debated on the topic, directing Security agencies to go after MMM promoters.

But in the midst of all those controversies, the faithful participants of MMM Nigeria has remained resolute in their dealing with MMM. Nigerians who are severely bitten by recession has refused to yield to the government pressure calling for the shutdown of MMM. 

Many Nigerians has warned the government to steer clear from MMM. They insist that the money that they invest is their own money and therefore, government should not tell them what to do with their own hard earned money.

This faith from the part of participants has continued to see MMM Nigeria wax stronger day by day. The number of participants has continued to grow on daily basis as many people are now having confidence in the MMM ideology.

I have critically reviewed the Ponzi scheme and has come to conclude that it will be very difficult for the government to stop MMM programme in Nigeria because of the following reasons.

1. Server

MMM Nigeria is an internet website based programme. It is obvious that MMM server is not hosted in Nigeria. The Nigeria government will not be able to shutdown MMM website because the server in which the programme is being run is not hosted in Nigeria. It is believed that MMM Nigeria server is hosted in Russia which is the home country of its founder, Sergie Mavrodi.

2. Participants

Nigerians are very greedy people. Nobody will like to trade off MMM for any other thing in the world. The programme pays 30% of your investment per month. This makes it extremely difficult for Nigerians to quit from doing MMM.

3. Mode of Operation

MMM Nigeria works in such a way that participants make use of banks for their donations. While some people use mobile/online transfers, others pay cash directly into the beneficiary account via cash deposits. This makes it impossible for the government to identify the account holders who do MMM since nobody indicates MMM during the transaction.

4. Recession/Hardship 

Presently in Nigeria, recession is biting hard in every sector of the economy, resulting to severe hardship. Nigerians has now seen MMM as a means of making ends meet since the government can no longer provide for her citizens. Any move by government to shutdown MMM Nigeria will result to civic unrest as it will be resisted with mass protest.

5. Everybody is Involved 

Virtually 20% of Nigerians has now embraced MMM as a lucrative investment opportunity. Even the people in government have their family members, relatives and friends who are into MMM. Shutting g down the programme will affect virtually everybody. 

Thank you for finding time to read this article, let us know you own view on the topic.

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Hardship Will Multiply Next Year Says Prophet T.B. Joshua

Hardship Will Multiply Next Year Says Prophet T.B. Joshua
The General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua has prophesied that the coming year 2017 will be worst than what is being experienced this year 2016. The man of God revealed this during his Sunday service sermon at the Synagogue Church of All Nations on Sunday 13th November 2016. 

Prophet Joshua likened what is happening now as rainy season to compare to what will happen next year which he likened as dry season.  He said that next year 2017 will be time to suffer the consequences of our present action. The man of God maintained that life will become more difficult and hardship will persist in a more severe way. He noted that hunger will increase in the Country.

T.B Joshua recalled that he prophesied of what is happening now during his December 2016 New Year Prophecy. He reminded  Nigerians that he said that every attempt to resist devaluation would fail, and the prophesy is today a reality. 

Recall that this prophesy is contrary to what many men of God said during their New Year prophesy for 2016. Many men of God had prophesy that the year 2016 would be very tough but also said that things would improve before the end of the year.
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How To Know If That Job Interview Is Worth Attending

How To Know If That Job Interview Is Worth Attending
The paucity of goods jobs in our society nowadays has necessitated the introduction of many slave-like jobs schemes. Some individuals always like to take advantage of certain conditions to exploit their fellow human beings.

It is no longer news that many economies has gone into recession as a result of drastic fall in international oil prices. This kind of economic crisis has created untold hardship to citizens who on daily basis were faced by inflation in the face of dwindling income.

Getting a job in a recessive economy has become a herculean task. Some individuals and companies being aware of the present hardship, devise some kind of slavery schemes in the name of employment. Citizens who are left with no choice than to grab such jobs to survive, usually go through untold hardship.

I discovered that sometimes even without applying for any job, you do get a job interview invite. I was on my own the other and I got an SMS inviting me for a so called job interview. Below is a sample of such invitation.

At first, I was surprised because I could not remember applying for such job. But being in need of a change of job, I was willing to attend. But  because I couldn’t have attended blindly, I made a little research about them. I first called the number they provided for inquiries and the woman I spoke to gave me an impression that the organisation is an NGO. I further inquired if the offer was a marketing job, she told me it was an office job. 

Hmm, I got even more interested. Even though the invite was an urgent one, I was still willing to attend. 

But at a time, I decided to go online to research on the so called NGO. When I Googled it, I saw many job adverts on numerous positions by the same self acclaimed NGO. This time I made up my mind to attend the interview.

But on a second thought, I decided to make further research on the said NGO. It was when I got to Nairaland that I discovered the manner of company that invited me for a job chat. What a pity. 

In Nairaland, I saw the comments of people from all walks of life in the said organisation. I came to understand that they were into Network Marketing of health products. What a fraud! 

Come to think of it, who is that ‘referral’ that they said  nominated? Why did the person not deem it necessary to inform me if the job is worthwhile?

I would have regretted moving all the way from Nsukka to Enugu to attend a 9am seminar construed as interview. I would have regretted wasting my hard earned money on Transport Fare to attend such a deceptive job interview.

This was how I was tricked by a friend while I was still serving my father land via NYSC Scheme to attend this kind of nonsense job interview in Lagos. I traveled all the way from Osun State to Lagos only to see hungry and tattered looking people doing presentations on what the company is all about. They started by administering test and afterwards, there was a presentation which was done to remind us that there was no job anywhere in the country, that their company is offering us an opportunity to work for ourselves and make enough money. The company was also into selling of health products, you were to go and make presentations in some selected clusters and sell products to them thereafter.

It is important to always make some research on companies before foolishly attending job interviews. And I recommend Nairaland for everyone who is in Nigeria. Nairaland is a forum where people share their ideas and experiences on anything. You can explore their wonderful platform from today.

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Tragedy: How This Man Was Electrocuted in Nsukka While Trying To Fix Light

Tragedy: How This Man Was Electrocuted in Nsukka While Trying To Fix Light
There was a tragedy on the 20th  day of October 2016, around Total Filling Station in Nsukka town when a man who was said to be working with EEDC got electrocuted while trying to resolve power problem.

The incidence gathered a mammoth crowd who stood around shouting and sympathising with the electric shock victim. The man was reported to have died at the spot. 

According to a source, the EEDC staff climbed the pole to work on power installation when the light was totally put Off, and it happened that someone either mistakenly or purposely On the light. 

It took the  service of crane to bring down the corpse of the unfortunate engineer. As at the time of writing, the identity of the electrocuted man was still unknown. 

May his soul rest in peace.

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FG Takes Credit of MMM, Says It’s Part of The Change Agenda

FG Takes Credit of MMM, Says It’s Part of The Change Agenda
An unconfirmed report reaching us has it that the APC – led Federal Government has cornered the credit of the Nigerian version of Ponzi scheme popularly known as MMM Nigeria. 

This information was said to have been leaked by a high profiled person in the government who was quoted to have said that the government will soon come out open to endorse the scheme as part of her empowerment programmes. 

Recall that the Security and Exchange Commission, SEC and the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN had in two separate occasions warned Nigerians on the activities of MMM, calling it a Ponzi scheme.

If the above report is anything to go by, then MMM participants who had continued to keep faith in the system will have more reasons to be happy.

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Buhari, DSS Persecuting Us Because We Failed To Convict Their Enemies – Judges

Buhari, DSS Persecuting Us Because We Failed To Convict Their Enemies – Judges
Some of the Judges that were recently raided and arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS)  have started opening up why the FG and DSS is after their lives. 

Two of them Justice Ademola Adeniyi and Nnamdi Dimgba who spoke separately to newsmen said that they were planning to file a suit against the Service for infringing on their Fundamental Human Rights.

It could be recalled that both Judges had in the past made orders that the DSS ignored. Justice Ademola ordered the release of the detained leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOP, Nnamdi Kanu and also granted bail to the former National Security Adviser, NSA, to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Col. Sambo Dasuki on self recognition.

Justice Dimgba on the other hand granted bail to a former member of arms probe panel which was constituted by the Federal Government, Air Commander Umar Mohammed (retd).

Narrating his ordeal, Justice Dimgba said that his court had been under the radar of DSS since he delivered judgement against them. In his word, my registrar had been under pressure to give DSS any document that could implicate me in my official duties.

On what happened on the day DSS invaded his official residence, Dimgba said that masked DSS numbering over 20 operatives subjected him and his household to harassment and intimidation. He further stated that his residence was ransacked without search warrant. 

He alleged that the DSS later made away with his work bag containing a number of case files. Dimgba insisted that his ordeal has everything to do with the judgment he delivered against the DSS.

On the part of Justice Ademola, he accused the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF and Minister of Justice, Justice Abubakar Malami of being behind his predicament. He explained that Malami instigated his arrest to take his pound of flesh owing to a clash they had in the past when the AGF was still a practising lawyer in Kano.

Ademola who at that time was a Judge of the Federal High Court, Kano Division said he had reported Malami to the NJC for engaging in professional misconduct. He stated that it took the intervention of Kano of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA to save the AGF, Malami from being debarred.

Ademoa decried the level of harassment and intimidation he suffered in the hands of the DSS.

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EDO POLL: APC Cries Out, Alleges PDP Plans To Rig Election

EDO POLL: APC Cries Out, Alleges PDP Plans To Rig Election
A statement credited to John Osakue, the State Director of Godwin Obaseki Campaign Organisation that the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) plans to rig Wednesday’s Edo State gubernatorial election has been dismissed by the opposition party. 

The PDP described the allegation as a smokescreen designed to deceive Nigerians and distract them from the All Progressive Congress' (APC) perfected plans to rig the election. According to PDP spokesman, Mr. Adeyeye, the statement is not only false but is misleading and totally in keeping in line with the APC principle of propaganda over no substance.

Adeyeye continued, “it is a common knowledge that the ruling APC control the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as well as all the security agencies, and has shown a willingness to use the state apparatus to manipulate the electoral process”.

“The record of poor and inconclusive elections since the inception of the current administration is an example of how far the APC is willing to go to subvert the will of the people, Adeyeye said.”

He further alleged that the All Pregressive Congress is planning to manipulate the electoral process by collaborating with the electoral body (INEC) to gain access to INEC remote server to disrupt and manipulate the e-collation process. This they intend to do by ensuring the failure of card readers in PDP strongholds in Edo State and using the national security to manipulate and intimidate voters.

Adeyeye also maintain that this was the reason in which the Federal Government changed the Police Commissioner in Edo State three times within one week.

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PDP Gaining Acceptance In Edo Race As DMO Exposes Oshiomhole's Lies

PDP Gaining Acceptance In Edo Race As DMO Exposes Oshiomhole's Lies
Yesterday was a very bad day for Adams Oshiomhole, APC, and it’s candidate Godwin Obaseki as Debt Management Office, DMO name Edo State among top indebted state in Nigeria.

On the list, Lagos State came first, followed by Kaduna, then Edo State. This latest development has faulted Gov Adams Oshiomhole’s prior claim that Edo State has never borrowed from any country. 

The Debt Management Office, Abuja had yesterday released a report which shows that Edo State with a total of $179.52 million as at 30th June 2016, holds 4.91 percent of the nation’s subnational foreign debts.

The PDP candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and his Campaign Office has quickly condemned this development, saying that the revelation has vindicated their claim on Oshiomhole administration’s debt profile.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu seized the opportunity to enjoin the good people of Edo State to reject APC which he said represent hardship, suffering, high cost of things, hike in fuel, poverty, etc. 

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INSULT: Mugabe And Other Sit-Tight African Leaders Will End in Prison If I Win – Trump

INSULT: Mugabe And Other Sit-Tight African Leaders Will End in Prison If I Win – Trump
The U.S. Republican Candidate , Donald Trump today spoke tough when he sent a strong message to all African power-drunk leaders. The business mogul turn politician made this known when he addressed war veterans in Washington. 

Trump specifically pointed fingers to two African president, Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) and Yoweri Museveni (Uganda). He said that those two African leaders have given the world enough trouble already. He called both of them dictators. 

Donald Trump also warned other like-minded African dictators who want to die in power that their time is up, and that they will all face justice once he assume power. 

In his word, Trump declared that he will not condone any dictatorial tendency exhibited around the world especially the ones by two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda, Mugabe and Museveni. He said that they must be put on notice and that their days are numbered even as he vowed to arrest and lock them up in prison if he wins November election. 

Trump further declared that he will not be afraid of them, saying if past American administrations failed to stop them that he would stop them.

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REVEALED: Edo Election Postponed Because of Sallah Break

REVEALED: Edo Election Postponed Because of Sallah Break
Wondered shall never end! This statement is what many Nigerians will be shouting by the time they hear the real reason why Edo State gubernatorial election is postponed for two weeks. 

Contrary to the make-believe news making the round that Edo State gubernatorial election was postponed because of terrorist and extremist threat to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens, a reliable source in the corridors of power has revealed to us that the two main reasons why Edolites will not be deciding the future of their dear state today, are because some Muslims are opposed to the election in the light of their Monday and Tuesday Sallah celebration and the APC perceived fear of losing to PDP. 

The source disclosed that the ruling class searched for a strong excuse until someone came up with the idea of using security as a reason. He said that APC also complained of not being too sure of success in the postponed election. He attributed those two factors as being behind the Postponement in the election.

Recall that the Police in collaboration with DSS sited security threats as the reason INEC must consider shifting Edo State gubernatorial election. 

Meanwhile, Nigerians has expressed disappointed over the decision of the security agencies to scuttle this Saturday election. Some even challenged the security agencies to name the terrorist or extremist groups they claimed issued the thread.

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Breaking: APC Jittery of Edo Election, Tells Police To Push For Postponement

Breaking: APC Jittery of Edo Election, Tells Police To Push For Postponement
The news reaching us has it that the Nigerian Police Force, NPF in collaboration with the Department of Security Service, DSS has advised the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to postpone the proposed Saturday governorship election in Edo State. 

In a joint press conference on Wednesday at DSS headquarters in Abuja, the spokesman of the police force, Don Awunah said that the two agencies received a credible intelligence that extremist and terrorist plan to attack vulnerable communities and soft targets between 12th and 13th of September 2016. They claimed that Edo State is one of the States the attack is billed to take place.

Meanwhile, this news did not go down well with many Nigerians. Many perceived this to be ploy by the APC led Federal government to manipulate the election, having analysed the feelers on ground on the possible outcome of the Saturday election. Both the CSOs and opposition parties have expressed their displeasure about this breaking news. 

On the other hand, INEC is yet to issue their final statement on the matter. We will keep our ears on the ground, whatever happens, God will help Nigeria.

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VP Osinbajo Erred The Day He Ignored This Verse...

VP Osinbajo Erred The Day He Ignored This Verse...
Nigerian Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo was a pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God before he became vice president. The decision to leave pastoral work for politics was a personal one for him.

Over time, it has been an topic for debate whether Christians should actively get involved in politics. The reason for this is not far fetched. The reason remains that politics has been misconceived in the recent past by politicians. 

Personally to me, there is nothing wrong with believers getting involved in politics. To me, politics is an institution ordained by God to manage the affairs of the society. Some people say politics is a dirty game, but I disagree with them. To me, it is some people who are involved in politics that are actually dirty.

But in as much as Christians would want to participate in politics, there is need to abide by what The Holy Bible says. The Bible in book of 2Corinthian 6:14 says,

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”

In Christianity, anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ is regarded as an unbeliever. From the verse above, Christians are to not get yoked together with unbelievers. 

But this seems to be the opposite when it comes to Professor Yemi Osinbajo who is a Christian and Mr Buhari who is a Muslim. The question now is, is decision of Osinbajo to become the vice of a Muslim right when viewed from Christian perspective? If not, the vice president may have renounced his Faith when he made up his mind to run for an election with Buhari.

It is obvious that people of different backgrounds express different views on issues. Does it mean that the actions and inactions of the Buhari government has reflected the good intentions of former Pastor Osinbajo? To me, there is absolutely no way that Christians and Muslims can share the same view on broad issues affecting this country.

We will appreciate your opinions our esteemed reader. 

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Breaking: U.S Invites Ekweremadu Even As APC Vows To Nail Him

Breaking: U.S Invites Ekweremadu Even As APC Vows To Nail Him
The U.S Law Library of Congress, the organiser of United State Constitution Day Lecture, an annual event, has invited the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu to deliver a lecture on the “Influence of the U.S Constitution on African Democracies” in their 2016 edition of the event. 

A statement by Uche Anichukwu, Ekweremadu’s Special Adviser on Media, said this was announced by the U.S Law Library of Congress at the weekend. 

According to the statement, Ekweremadu who is both the Deputy Senate President and chairman of the Senate Committee on Review of 1999 Constitution will be the first non-U.S citizen to deliver the August lecture commemorating the ratification of the world oldest written Constitution on Sep 17, 1787.

Recall that APC through the Attorney General of the Federation dragged the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu to court over allegation of forgery of Senate standing order.  Despite these confrontation, the Deputy Senate President has remained focus with his legislative functions.

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Hajj Subsidy: Nigerians Rename Buhari Muslim President

Hajj Subsidy: Nigerians Rename Buhari Muslim President
Criticisms has trailed the Federal Government decision to subsidise the pilgrimage of Muslims to Holy land. 

The Federal Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN issued a circular to banks on Thursday 4th August, 2016 directing them to sell Forex at N197 per dollar to Muslims travelling to Holy land for pilgrim.

Going by this circular, FG would be subsidising this years Hajj with a total of N7.9bn. This Hajj subsidy came at a time when the Federal Government removed subsidy on Petroleum Motor Spirit, PMS, popularly known as fuel. 

It could be recalled that both the price of petrol and kerosene has skyrocketed since the take over of power by this present APC government.

Nigerians has taken to social media to criticise and protest this decision of the Federal Government to subsidise Hajj especially in this era when hunger and hardship are dealing with over 95% of Nigerians.

Social media is agog with all kinds of expression criticising the government decision. While some has termed it “Misplaced Priority”, others has renamed the president, “Muslim President”. 

Unfortunately, we have a president who does not listen to criticisms nor take public advice says, a man who pleaded anonymity.

Below are some collections of opinions on social media.

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Budget Padding: APC Barred Dogara, Jibrin From Talking To Press To Avoid Indicting Buhari.

Budget Padding: APC Barred Dogara, Jibrin From Talking To Press To Avoid Indicting Buhari.
The All Progressive Congress, APC on Thursday August directors the Speaker of House of Representative, Yakubu Dogara and the former Chairman House Committee on Appropriation, Abdulmunin Jibrin from further making any public statement on the controversial alleged budget padding surrounding 2016 budget.

This directive was contained in a letter written to the leadership of National Assembly which was confirmed by a source close to us. The source said that the party is disturbed by the dimension the allegation is taking and the corresponding embarrassment it brings to the party. 

Another source in the National Assembly informed our correspondent that the ruling party is only trying to cover up their corrupt practices by issuing such a directive. He accused APC of making mockery of the fight against corruption. According to him, the issue of budget padding is the highest height of corruption, it is alien to our country, and too bad that it emanated from a party that promised Nigerians to fight corruption. 

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Archbishop Chukwuma Attacks Okorocha Over Comment on Ekweremadu, Says Igbos May Disown Him

Archbishop Chukwuma Attacks Okorocha Over Comment on Ekweremadu, Says Igbos May Disown Him
The Archbishop of Enugu Province, Anglican Communion, Most Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma on Thursday criticised the Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha over his persistent attacks on the Deputy Senate President, Chief Ike Ekweremadu. Rev. Chukwuma made this statement when group of protesting Nigerian students under the aegis of National Association Nigerian Students, NANS, paid him a visit in his Enugu residence.

According to Daily Post, the cleric criticised Governor Okorocha over his consistent assaults on Ekweremadu and called on the Governor to tender his unreserved apologise to this worthy son of Igbo land or face rejection from the region. 

Chukwuma noted that the person who is going to the Senate under APC is a first timer, whether Okorocha likes it or not, he is going to pay homage to Senator Ekweremadu. 

He further queries, how can you Okorocha who is sponsoring one person for the first time, be threatening to remove Ike Ekweremadu? It is not possible says the cleric. 

Chukwuma called on Governor Okorocha to apologise to DSP Ike Ekweremadu. You should know that you are either an Igbo man or a bastard Igbo, says the cleric.

Okorocha is a bastard Igbo if he fails to apologise to Ekweremadu. We the Igbos are willing to disown him because he is not on the same page with us.

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Buhari Gives APC States N2bn Each To Edge Their Development Above PDP

Buhari Gives APC States N2bn Each To Edge Their Development Above PDP
State Governors elected under the platform of All Progressive Congress, APC, on Tuesday meet with President Mohammudu Buhari in a closed-door meeting to seek lasting solution to the incessant crisis rocking the National Assembly. 

Report had it that the progressive governors agreed in their meeting to do everything within their powers to ensure that the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu is removed in office as the Deputy President of the Senate within the shortest time.

Briefing newsmen after their meeting, the Chairman of Progressive Governors Forum and Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, said that the Progressive Governors has decided to intervene in the crisis rocking the National Assembly.

A reliable source in the meeting told our correspondent that it was an anomaly for the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu who is in the opposition to continue to clinch the office of Deputy Senate President. 

The source also informed us that President Buhari approved N2bn each for all APC States so as to help them develop their States, thereby placing those States ahead of PDP controlled States. 

The action of Mr President was seen by many as baised politics especially in the present state of the National when many States are unable to pay salaries. This fund if released will definitely make APC governors look more hard working than their PDP counterparts, says feelers. 

Whatever be the case,  Nigerians are watching with Keen interest where this present administration of President Mohammudu Buhari is taking us. 

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CBN Says FG To Stop Payment of Workers Salaries By October if...

CBN Says FG To Stop Payment of Workers Salaries By October if...
The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele yesterday appeared on the floor of the Senate to explain to the lawmakers the state of the economy. 

In his presentation, he painted a gloomy picture of the economy saying that the Federal Government may not be able pay salaries from October should the challenges facing the nation continue.

According to Vanguard report, Emefiele told the Senators that it was strange and frightening for the Nigerian economy to be experiencing stagnation and inflation at the same time. He explained that ordinarily, both were not supposed to happen simultaneously.

A source was reported to hsve said that Mr. Emefiele expressed concern that the economy was gloomy, stagnant and worsening as a result.

According to the source, Emefiele noted that the economy was biting on all, with almost all activities crippled, he also that the indices that would have made the economy grow were not in place at this moment.

The CBN governor attributed the problem of the economy to the renew bombing of oil facilities in the Niger Delta by Niger Delta Avengers, NDA and a sharp decline in the price of oil in the international market.

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Buhari Exonerates Amaechi of Corruption, Says His Ministers Not Corrupt

Buhari Exonerates Amaechi of Corruption, Says His Ministers Not Corrupt
President Mohammudu Buhari has once again defended his cabinet from corruption charges. This according to Vanguard report came on the day the Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo refuted the claims in some quarters that the anti-corruption fight of President Mohammudu Buhari is targeted at the members of the opposition party and other perceived enemies, saying the view was grossly incorrect and unfounded.

It could be recalled that the President had during his first media chat, said none of his ministers  was corrupt.

In his word, "I don't think I tolerate corruption, I don't think I picked anyone who would embarrass me. But if you have any evidence about any of my ministers, I accept responsibility for the 36 ministers thst I have".

"I don't think I took anybody among the ministers who has got a case in court. Tell me one out of the 36. I don't think I will deliberately make such mistake," said the president.

But the question that the majority of Nigerians are asking is, what of the corruption allegations levelled against his Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi? Nigerians will want to know if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC has actually probed Mr. Amaechi and certify him free from corrupt practices. If not, why would Mr. President verbally exonerate all his Ministers including Amaechi of corruption?

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[PHOTO]: President Buhari Tries To Raise 2 Dead Men

[PHOTO]: President Buhari Tries To Raise 2 Dead Men
President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered  the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to reopen investigation into the unresolved murder of the former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, and ex-Deputy National Chairman of People’s Democratic Party, PDP South-South, Chief Aminosari Dokubo, and fish out the perpetrators.

Recall that the killing of the two personalities caused national outrage, with Nigerians calling on government of former President Olusegun to fish out the killers.

Some analysts according to our source described this move by the president as synonymous to raising the dead.

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The Fastest Way To Make Money With The Internet

The Fastest Way To Make Money With The Internet
One of the principles I have abide in my life is never to be stingy with information that has the capacity to change someone’s life. In fact, this principle is one of the reasons I created this blog.

I observed that many people in our society today are unemployed. These category of people are yearning every day on what to start doing to liberate their lives from abject poverty and lack. Because it have been my desire to empower people financially, I have decided to share this wealth opportunity to my info-craving audience so as to help them make the best out of life. 
The information am about to share with you is what I have seen some people whose lives were changed just by acting on the info. I myself had to seize the opportunity to increase my net worth. It is working for me since I joined, and I believe that it can also work for as many as will give it a try.

As the title of this article suggest, the programme I am about to introduce to you is an internet based one. The internet is defined as the network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.

Looking at the speed of the internet and internet driven businesses against the traditional businesses and other bricks and mortar kind of businesses, it is widely said that the internet in its first 5 years had over 50 million users, TV took 13 years to reach that stage and Radio took 38 years.

Companies like Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo among others have proved that the internet is indeed a gold mine.

Back to our main discussion, the business am about to discuss with you is what many people know as Networking. I was one of the people who feel sceptical about networking business. But I had to drop that attitude after seeing someone I know became a multi-millionaire through this same networking business. I had to ask myself, is it better to continue to workout my life for a company that hardly appreciate my efforts, or to work for myself? To tell you the truth, I made a decision to try working for myself through an opportunity provided by EBN. 

EBN simply means E-Business Network. EBN has offered everyone an opportunity to walk yourself up to success and financial freedom. All you are required to do is to join the network by buying any of the company’s three packs. Once you get yourself registered, you will immediately start earning from the multiple channels the company has designed. There is no limit to what you can earn, thus, your earnings is dependent on your efforts. 

Note that you will be required to register at least two persons to grow. The business is a team work, you earn from the efforts of all the people in your team. 

Now, you can take a look at the account of this student of the University of Nigeria, who attracted me to EBN.

The guy has been able to liberate himself from poverty within a space of 8 months. I strongly believe that someone else can replicate this.

NB: You need a sponsor ID to register. 
To register, simply click here.
To know more about EBN, download their material here
You can also call me on 08036704196 for personal assistance

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UNBELIEVABLE: Mr Ibu Emerges The Richest Nigerian Actor, See His Net Worth.

UNBELIEVABLE: Mr Ibu Emerges The Richest Nigerian Actor, See His Net Worth.
Mr Ibu
John Okafor, a Nigerian Nollywood actor popularly know as Mr Ibu has been numbered among the ten richest Nigerian actors. He is estimated to worth $4.2m. 

John Okafor is a popular Nollywood actor and also a comedian. He is considered to be one the talented Nollywood actors. His acting is often characterised by stupidity, imbecility and a complete disconnection from reality.

John Okafor is born in 17 October 1961, and is married to Stella Maris Okafor. He has featured in over 70 movies. The most popular among them include Mr Ibu (2004), Mr Ibu in London (2004), Police Recruit (2003) etc. 

Thanks for your time on this post, I’ll appreciate if you can comment on how you feel watching this great actor/comedian's movies.

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5 Important information You Need To Know About 2016 Post-UTME

5 Important information You Need To Know About 2016 Post-UTME
As against the former believe that Universities won’t be conducting Post-UTME screening for admission into the Nigerian Universities for 2016/2017 academic session, Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination has come to stay.

This agreement was reached in a meeting between The Federal Ministry of Education and other Education stakeholders. The statement was announced by the Secretary General, Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, Prof. Michael Faborode.

It’s against the backdrop of the foregoing confusion that trailed screening exercise, that we decided to bring you this article. Below are the following information that we feel every Nigerian should know about 2016 Post-UTME screening exercise.

1. It is Sacrosanct 

Contrary to the believe that Nigerian Universities won’t be conducting screening this year following the Federal government earlier scraping of the exercise, it is now certain that all the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions will be conducting screening before admitting any student. 

2. Application Form is N2,500

The Federal government has equally directed all the Institutions involved to abide the N2,500 government approved fee for the exercise. 

3. Method of Application 

Candidates are to generate Remitta Invoice from the internet and proceed to any bank of their choice to make payments. The candidates are also expected to take their receipt to the Institutions of their choice in order to complete other registration requirements.

4. No CBT Test

The Federal government has as well scrapped CBT test for Post-UTME and JAMB exams. The screening is to be conducted in paper and pen format. 

5. When It is Starting 

As write, many Universities has already commenced the sale of screening forms. Banks have been witnessing the influx of candidates who come to make payments for the form since the beginning of this week. 

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5 Best And Cheap Products You Can Import From Dubai

5 Best And Cheap Products You Can Import From Dubai
Our last post was on how to get a job in Dubai from your country. Today, we wish to write on the trade aspect of it. This is because it is not every body that likes to work for others. Some people prefer to be on their own through establishment of private businesses.

When it comes to importation of goods into Nigeria, one of the countries that comes to mind is Dubai. Though most of the goods sold in Nigeria today are made in China, some products are more economical to be sourced from Dubai.

Dubai is not just a tourist state, but also a trade zone. There are many industries in Dubai that produce all kinds of products you can think of.  If you were conversant with the word “comparative advantage” you will know that countries have special products that they offer at a better rate than others.

There are some products that offer better economic gains for traders to import from Dubai. But it also depends on the country of the trader. For Nigerian businessmen and businesswomen, the following products we are about to discuss will offer you more gain to import them from Dubai than any other place. They include:

1. Jewelleries

Dubai is notably known as a destination for jewelleries such as diamonds, gold, silver and bronze. The country has a huge trade advantage on these products. Nigerian businessmen and women usually source all their jewelleries from Dubai. Jewelleries are found in enough quantity in Dubai, and also cost efficient. So, are you a Nigerian businessman or woman and have been researching on where to import jewelleries from into Nigeria? Dubai is definitely a good option for you. Dubai has the capacity to supply you the quality and quantity of jewelleries you might ever need. This is because there is enough deposit of jewelleries in the country.

2. Wrist Watches

Wrist watch is yet another product that can be imported from Dubai at a very good price. Dubai market is flooded with all kinds of quality and designers wrist watches. Most of the watches you see in Nigerian market come from Dubai. You can get it in both leather and chain, in gold and silver as well. One good thing about importing wrist watches from Dubai is that it can be imported at no extra transportation charge. You can buy and pack everything in a traveling bag that falls under the allowed flight luggage kilogram.

3. Phone Accessories

Dubai is also known for assorted quality and durable phone accessories. Phone accessories such as chargers, batteries, screen protectors, cases, eyepiece, etc. are very cheap in Dubai. Most Nigerian businessmen import their phone accessories from Dubai. Again, there is so much gain in this line of business.

4. Fabrics and Textiles 

Clothing materials is yet another item that is cost effective to buy from Dubai. Wears such as men and women jeans, trousers, shirts, and fabrics are very affordable in Dubai market. Some international business people prefer to import clothing materials from Dubai than any other country. There are plenty of factories that deal on this line of product. And you can start importing clothes from Dubai with as low as N500,000. This is a great opportunity for business people.

5. Hand Bags

These days, many Nigerian women travel to Dubai to import designers hand bags. Interestingly, most of those women make huge profits from their trips. Dubai hand bags are of high quality and also durable. And there is huge market for them. You may even have no need for a shop to start dealing on this line of trade. You can decide to be taking your wares from one office to another and still make good sales.

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You Will Be Afraid of Sleeping With Women After Hearing This Lady's Deliverance Testimony

You Will Be Afraid of Sleeping With Women After Hearing This Lady's Deliverance Testimony
Hmn! Wonders they say shall never end. Horrible and despicable things are happening in this world. 

A lady recently visited Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN where she was delivered from demonic manipulations. When she was giving her deliverance testimony on Emmanuel TV, a TV channel operated by Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN. 

The Church is founded and oversee by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a Lagos, Nigerian based Prophet, who is known for accurate prophecies on both national and world issues. SCOAN is a Church where most people go to in search of deliverance from one problem or the other. 

Now, let us go back to the main matter. As I was saying, despicable things are happening in this world. This lady who was simply identified as Nadine made some shocking revelations during the course of her testimony. The things she said can make any man to quit sexual pleasure with women. I too was perturbed by her revelations. 

In fact, this lady highlighted a lot of things that I cannot cover in this write-up. But the major issues she raised especially as it concerns my fellow men is what I want to discuss here. 

First of all, the lady said that it happened that she got possessed by a mermaid who was using her to accomplish her demonic agenda on the lives of innocent people. She said that the mermaid touched her eyes and put something like lens on her eyes. This object made her very attractive and seductive, thereby making it easy for her to seduce men. 

According to the lady, she was given so much power and wealth. She said that there was a snake in her womb. The mouth of the snake according to the lady is connected to her virgina. This snake she further said, swallows the penis of any man that had sex with her. She further stated that the snake swallows sperms released by men into her virgina during sex. Once the serpent swallows any man's sperm, it automatically goes to their kingdom in the water. 

The implications of this is that such a man will begin to have problems in life. She confessed that such a man may end up not having  children or, on the other hand, give birth to imbeciles and disabled persons. This she said is to inflict pain on the individual. 

A lot of things the lady revealed. But we won’t be able to cover all under this article. We only want to advise men to be careful on how they sleep around. Sex is sweet, but it can destroy your destiny if you unluckily enters the hands of such demon possessed ladies. 

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How To Easily Get Job In Dubai From Your Country

How To Easily Get Job In Dubai From Your Country
It is no longer new to see people apply for jobs in a country  where they do not reside and be favourably considered. It is common to see people these days trying to pitch career in foreign countries where they believe holds greener pastures. With the breakthrough in internet, the world has gradually become a global village. Job seekers can now from their home country apply for a job in another country and end up securing it. 

When it comes to migrating to other countries in search of such greener pastures, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the country that are usually considered. The rate at which people migrate to Dubai to work these days is growing significantly. The reason for this phenomenon may not be far fetched. First of all, Dubai is a beautiful country where tourists visit steady for holidays. Secondly, Dubai has good currency value. Thirdly, the standard of living in Dubai is also moderate. 

With the above factors combined together, every job seeker will wish to move to Dubai. We intend to use this article to teach our loyal readers how they can get an employment in Dubai even when they are still in their respective countries. We will discuss in this article the required skills for a successful job hunt in Dubai. 

Get below our candid step by step tips on getting good job in Dubai. 

1. Understanding The Type of Jobs Available in Dubai

To be successful in your Dubai job search, you need to understand how Dubai jobs work. You need to understand that as a foreigner, there are some manner of jobs in which you can easily get in Dubai. 

Such jobs as security, waiter, bar man, shop attendant and other hotel jobs are the easily available jobs in Dubai. If you really dream to work in Dubai, you need to pay more attention to those types of job. Focusing too much on big jobs will make you to search for jobs in Dubai for eternity. The easier way is to start with the smaller jobs then move up to bigger ones over time.

2. Understanding How to Apply For Job in Dubai 

Another thing you need to know about getting a job in Dubai is to understand how to go about applying. There are basically two things you should know about getting a job in Dubai. First and foremost, you need to know the most easily gotten jobs in Dubai. The second thing you ought to know is how to secure such jobs. 

There are majorly two methods in which you can apply for jobs that exist in Dubai. One way is to apply online through job websites. The other way is to apply through an agent or recruitment firms. You can always search the internet to find out job openings and apply using the available methods. There are so many websites that offer Dubai job information. I can even give you a list of few of them so that you can register and get job updates. Below are some of the recommended ones.

On the other hand, agents can be of great help in your search for job in Dubai. There are some agents that have links with employers in Dubai that can facilitate your recruitment process. But caution should be taken to ensure that you don’t enter into the hands of fraudsters. 

3. Create a Strong and Convincing CV/Resume 

Another activity you also need to adopt in your search for job in Dubai is to package your CV in a way that it will communicate your potentials and skills very well to employers. Your CV is a powerful tool through which you can sell yourself to the employer of your dream job. You need to narrow down your CV to speak enthusiastically your ability to fit into the role in which you apply for. Let your CV focus more on your qualifications for the position you are applying for. A well written CV will help you convince your employer that you are the best person for the position. No good CV, no job opportunity for you.

4. Network Through Online Public Profile

In recent times, LinkedIn has increasingly become a popular way to network with people in your industry. More and more employers are beginning to use LinkedIn as a recruitment and hiring tool, students and professionals are not left out as they also use it for their job searches. Creating a public profile on LinkedIn can help you network to meet both employers and your fellow job seekers on your field. Simply visit LinkedIn website and sign up an account. Your LinkedIn profile if properly managed, automatically serves as CV for you. After furnishing your LinkedIn profile, try to connect to friends as much as possible. This will give you a positive exposure to employers who browse the net daily for best hands. 

5. Travel To Dubai

This option should only be considered after you have exhausted other opportunities. You can actually travel to Dubai in search of a job. One interesting thing about traveling to Dubai is that it doesn’t cost too much. Dubai is one the countries that have a very good and flexible Visa policy. A two weeks Visa from Nigeria here to Dubai only cost $200. Within this two weeks period, you can actually secure a job. 

One of the secret way to do it is to look for agents immediately you enter Dubai who will help you secure anyhow job. Even if it is a security job, just grab it and start from there. The firm that hire you will then ensure you get a work Visa. To be frank with you, you can actually get a better job after fulfilling your agreement with your first employer.

I believe you have learnt something new from this article, we will like to here from you on how helpful the article is to you. We admit that we don’t know it all, this is why we enjoin you to add in the comment box other ways in which you think job seekers can easily get jobs in Dubai.

Best regards.

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Banks To Sell Dollar Between N270 - N300 Under New FX Regime

Banks To Sell Dollar Between N270 - N300 Under New FX Regime
Central Bank of Nigeria 
If the predictions from one of the foremost commercial banks in the Country is to hold, then FX will be traded between N270 to N300 per dollar effective 20th June, 2016.

A reliable source from one of the banks whose name we won't want to have on print hinted our correspondent that the newly introduced  flexible foreign exchange policy by CBN this week will see the US dollar sold across the inter-banks at a price that is up to N300 starting from June 20 when the new regime will kick off.

It could be recalled the the Central Bank of Nigeria on Wednesday June 20 announced the introduction of a flexible FX regime slated to take off on 20th June 2016. The apex bank also stated that 10 primary dealers will be selected to pilot the policy. 
More on this soon...
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Osinbajo Takes Over As President's Health Deteriorates

Osinbajo Takes Over As President's Health Deteriorates
Prof Yemi Osinbajo 
A press release from the Presidency by the President's Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina says that President Mohammudu Buhari will take 10 days off work and travel to London on June 6 to rest. 

The statement disclosed that President Buhari will use the period to see Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for a persistent ear infection. It further stated that the President was examined by a Personal Physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated. 

It could be recalled that the People's Democratic Party, PDP, has earlier raised alarm over the President's health. They have alleged that President Buhari is critically ill which was Osinbajo Takes Over As President's Health Deteriorates swiftly denied by the Presidency.

During the President's holiday, it is expected that the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo would pilot the affairs of the Country. 
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Reasons Why Most of Your Job Applications End Up in The Trash

Reasons Why Most of Your Job Applications End Up in The Trash
Job Application 
LolGetting a job these days has become extremely hard. The reason for this phenomenon may not be far fetched. It could be attributed to the higher demand for jobs as against limited positions available. Every year by year, the rate of unemployment deteriorates. School leavers keep adding to the yet to be employed ones, thereby making it highly competitive for limited vacancies available for filling. 

This latest development in the job market has made it necessary for job-seekers to do their homework very well before applying for any position. For your Resume/CV to win the confidence of employers, there are a number of works that you will need to carry out on them. 

It is very important to note that thousands of applications are received for every good job vacancy. More important is the fact that employers don't find it easy to review all these applications. As a matter of fact, employers hate reading CVs as much as we hate writing them. To make your application stand out from other applications, you will need to apply the following strategies next time you apply for a job. 

1. Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the number one selling tool you have to market yourself to recruiters. The way you organise your cover letter will go a long way to determine if the recruiters will read your CV/Resume. The content of your cover letter is also very paramount to your job hunt success. 

Many people make the mistake of writing a lengthy cover letter. They forget that employers are very busy and have thousands of applications to review. Job recruiters prefer concise but powerful cover letters. So, when writing a cover letter, try to use three to five sentences to sell yourself to employers. Present your unique skills and potentials without wasting much time. Lengthy cover letters will only end up boring your recruiter. 

Therefore, try to use your cover letter to win the interest of recruiters to read your CV. One of the ways to do this is to study the job requirements very well and streamline your cover letter to satisfy them. Your cover letter should be able to demonstrate in strong terms what you can offer the company should they hire you. In that case, the recruiter will have the encouragement to review your CV where you stated more about yourself. 

2. Not Tailoring Your CV for Each Application 

If your CV is going to impress every person in the recruitment team, then it needs to show each one of them that you have the requisite skills to perform the role. Unfortunately, some people make that mistake of submitting same CV for all their job applications. It is necessary to narrow down your CV to shot the requirements of each job you are to apply for. You should always ensure to modify your CV to suit the requirements of the particular job you are applying for. This modification are mostly done on the profile or objectives as the case may be. 

There is need to read each job description properly, after which you edit your CV to ensure that those sought-after skills are featured prominently and stand out to readers. Particularly, you should aim to pack the top part of your CV with as many relevant terms as possible, this will create an instant impact as soon your CV is opened.

3. CV Structure

Some people like to tell stories when writing CV/Resume. Apart from your profile or objectives, you have no need for paragraphs or sentences in presenting your qualifications. Time is of great essence to every hiring manager. They detest CVs that are structured in such a way as if someone is presenting a life biography. They usually prefer the information in a bulletted form. Make your information as simple as possible. Present it in such a way that a recruiter be able to understand it by just glancing through it. 

4. Not Matching Your Responsibilities With Achievements

In your past job experience section, you are required to state the core responsibilities of your job. In the same vein, you should also state the extent of your achievements to those responsibilities. The essence of this is to measure your performance on the previous job. Many job-seekers fail to supply this relevant information. Your failure to match up these two requirements sometimes suggest to  employers that you performed very poor in your previous experiences.
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