Be Inspired By The Stories of These Billionaires Who Started With Little

Be Inspired By The Stories of These Billionaires Who Started With Little
There is something I discovered about success, and that is that it doesn't care about anybody's background. Most of the successful people your see today had a tough upbringing. Even some these multi billion businessmen/women of our time came from poor homes. This proofs the fact that anybody with determination to succeed can achieve it. 

There are many people today that blame their failure on the poor state of their parents. This conception is very wrong! Some of the successful figures we have today were even ophans. Some others came from such poor families that their had to finance their education themselves - many even had to drop out of school. 

Most of the notable global conglomerates today were founded by people with poverty stricken history. These men were able to write their names in the anals of history through determination and hard work. We believe that such achievements are still possible today. This is why we want to tell the stories of successful men and women who through nothing came to limelight. We believe that these stories can become a source of inspiration to many youths of nowadays who are still locating their places in the society. 

Now let's discuss few of them.

1. Jan Koum

Jan Koum, a 38 years old man, is the CEO an co- founder of WhatsApp. He came to the U.S. from Ukraine when he was still 16 years old. His family struggled to make ends meet that they lived on food stamps. For the benefit of those who don't know what food stamps is all about, it is Federal Aid Program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service. Food Stamp Program provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and non-income people living in the U.S.

In 2009, Koum and co-founder Brian Acton launched the real-time messaging app with an aim of connecting people around the world. This automatically replaced text messaging for many people. With about 450 global users, WhatsApp was sold to Facebook at $19 billion. Koun was quoted to have 45% stake in WhatsApp company, giving him a net worth of $6.8 billion. What a humble beginning!

2. Henry Ford

Henry Ford did not allow his poor financial status to deter him from actualising his dreams. He was born into the family of American farmers, William and Mary Ford. He helped his parents in farm work before developing interest in mechanical works. He never studied Engineering in school but is referred to be one of the greatest Engineer of our time. What he did was just apprenticeship at Detroit. 

Henry Ford had great ideas but lacked financial support. He started Ford Motor Company with just $28,000. Interestingly, the money was not his own. Ford borrowed the $28,000 from different investors. He applied his talent to Ford Motor Company and became the first person to ever mass produce automobiles. Today, the company is worth over $56 billion.

3. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the inventor of iPhone, iPod and iPad. He started the largest technology company in the world in his parent's garage. Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wolzniak started Apple Computers in 1976. The two partners did not have much start-up capital when they first started. But Jobs however, did has vision and innovative ideas that has made their business what it is today. It is believed that Jobs has been the brain behind Apple. Today, Apple Computers has a capitalisation of over $320 billion.

4. Paul DeJoria

Paul DeJoria rose from a very humble beginning to be numbered among the richest men in the world. He started as a newspaper courier at the age of nine. He later took job as janitor and thereafter, a tow truck driver in a bid to make ends meet. DeJoria made a wise decision when he went into business with Paul Mitchell while he was working for a hair care company. The two took out a meager $700 loan and turned it into a hair care conglomerate. The company is said to records $1 billion dollars annnual sales. DeJoria also owns Patron Tequila which sells more than two million cases a year. Finally, he now worth $4 billion dollars.

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Urgent and Reliable Scholarships and Bursary Awards at IKEOHA FOUNDATION

Urgent and Reliable Scholarships and Bursary Awards at IKEOHA FOUNDATION
Are you a student in any of the Nigerian Universities or Polytechnics? Have you been struggling through school, or wants to improve your comfort as a student? Are you from Enugu West Senatorial Districts, Enugu North LGA or Igboeze North LGA? 

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then there is a ray of great opportunity for you. Ikeoha Foundation has announced her 2015/2016 Scholarships and Bursary Awards.  As you already know, Ikeoha Foundation is a trusted name when it comes to Scholarships and Bursary Awards. 

To participate, applicants must meet the following criteria. 

1. Applicants must be brilliant, indigent and of good character.

2. Applicants must be indigenes of Enugu West Senatorial District, Enugu North LGA and Igboeze North LGA.

3. Application for scholarship award is open to first year students in universities in Nigeria only.

4. Application for bursary award is open to students in penultimate and final year in polytechnics and universities in Nigeria.

5. Applicants must attach the necessary document stated in the application form.

Visit Ikeoha Foundation to download, print and fill the application form.

Completed application forms must be submitted at the foundation’s office at No. 11/13 Ezillo Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu on or before 4pm on Monday, 1st February, 2016.

Registration is free and application commences on Wednesday, 13th January, 2016 and closes on Monday, 1st February, 2016 by 4pm.

For further enquiries, contact us via Telephone: 08061374596 or 08033826265

Ikeoha Foundation 
....building people and empowering communities

Ikeoha Foundation.
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How to Identify a Prospective Good Partner on First Date

How to Identify a Prospective Good Partner on First Date
Life Partner
It is just natural that people cannot live in isolation. We need one another to co-exist happily. On daily basis, people go in search of who they can spend their time with to make their life worthwhile.  As men were looking for women, women as well look for men. Most people you meet daily on the way are looking for possible partners. You meet a good number of people daily. But the truth of the matter remains that it is not everybody out there that can suit your heart’s image of partner thus, good partners are relatively scarce.

This puzzle brings us to the rationale behind this article, ‘how to identify a prospective good partner on first date or contact’. We strongly believe that some traits can help one to identify a good partner. So when you have the opportunity to go out with someone, you can easily identify if the person can make a good partner for you by simply observing him or her carefully.

We have identified some key areas that people need to pay attention to while on date with your possible partner. But to explore this, you will need to be a good listener. You will need to read every single word that proceeds from his or her mouth. You will also learn how to ask open ended questions, as this will provide avenue for you to read him or her by his or her words.

You can start by inquiring about his or her upbringing. If your possible partner had a rough and abusive upbringing, it might affect his view to issues. But if the upbringing was a happy and memorable one, such person is bound to have good outlook towards life.

Knowledge of his or her past relationships can also provide a clue as to whether he or she would make a good partner. What kind of relationships had he or she been involved; failed or successful relationships, and why?

The persons moral values can as well offer some helps. Is he or she morally inclined? What is his or her attitudes are towards people; rude or nice? Is he or she easily angered? Understanding these traits will help you to know what he or she can be capable of in future. Is he supportive or nonchalant?

Finally, try to know what kind of friends he or she keeps. Is it workaholic people, drunkards, womanizers or flirters? The saying that birds of the same feathers flocks together is not a mere saying. The type of friends you move with defines your ways. This is because friends have great influence on people.

Hope you find this article helpful? Let us know what you feel about it by dropping you comments under the comment box.

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Recommended Career Paths That Guarantee a Successful Future

Recommended Career Paths That Guarantee a Successful Future
Career is defined by as an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, follow as one's lifework. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia also define career as an individual's journey through learning, work, and other aspects of life. 

Career is something that should be planned. And career planning is something that should not be done once, it is a regular activity. Career planning has no specific time to be done in life. But it usually starts when a child enrolls in school. This is why career is define by Wikipedia as a journey through learning, work and other aspects of life.

Goal oriented people plan their career when they are still in school. This is majorly determined in Post Primary Schools. The subjects in which a child did in the secondary or high schools goes to a large extent to determine the child's career path. Take for example, any child that offered science subjects in high school will end up in science related career. 

Applying wisdom in career choice has become imperative going by the recent economic condition in which the world is facing now. The world economic crisis has forced many industries into bankruptcy. Many businesses are now struggling to survive the harsh environments.

As a result, there has continued to be loss of jobs in different sectors of the world economy. But it is also observed that some sectors of the economy are still booming despite the harsh economic environment. This draws our attention to those sectors as more lucrative career paths. 

This article is meant to help our readers to maximally explore the best available career choice when making career decisions for either themselves or family members. We will be drawing our attention to about two career sectors that have stood the test of time.

1. Health

At the moment, health career path has remained the most lucrative. Health workers are not badly affected with the current economic conditions as are the cases of other careers. The reason for this is not far fetched, it is because their services are too important to joke with. The world is being ravaged by different endemic diseases almost every season. There is always outbreaks of one disease or the other. The world leaders have therefore attached so much importance on the health of their citizens. As a result, harsh economic conditions do not hamper on health budgets.

Again, every human being you see has one health challenge or the other. The WHO has said that nobody is 100% healthy. Any career on health is never an error. Rather, it is a journey of financial benefits. Are you considering to choose a career at the moment, consider choosing a career in health and exploit the wealth hidden therein.

2. Education

Educational career is another area that pays off at the moment. This is another sector in which both the government and private individuals budget and invest so much in. Many countries budgets appropriates much percent to education sector. Education is a career path that is also not badly affected by the current economic crisis. Downsizing did not also affect this sector. Rather, there has continued to be recruitment in almost all the Institutions of learning. I strongly recommend this career path to my loved ones.
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Changes You Must Make in Your CV to Get A Job in This 2016

Changes You Must Make in Your CV to Get A Job in This 2016
Things changes with time they say. The only thing that is permanent in life is change. Writing of standard CV has changed over time. Some of the components we used to use before now has somehow became obsolete. I myself had to review my own CV not just to accommodate more experiences but to also update it based on the present day realities. 

In fact, I was not aware of the changes until my recent research on the topic. Nevertheless, I don't seem to be the only one who was ignorant of recent updates on standard CV. My good friend also found some of those changes allien. Well, we are in an ever changing world. We therefore need to abreast ourselves with those changes to remain competitive.

To secure a job in this year 2016 in a dwindling economy such as we have here in Nigeria requires readiness to sell oneself to Employers. Out of the firms that has placed adverts for positions this January, over 70 percent of them are just making image. I can tell you that most of such positions are to fulfill all righteousness.

On the other hand, the remaining genuine 30 percent of advertised jobs that are open to the general public requires the best hands. There is no better way to convey to an employer that you are best fitted for a position than through CV. Curriculum Vitae will represent you in the selection process. And that is the major reason why you need to professionally package your CV. 

I wish to share some of the secrets that you can use on your CV to manipulate Employers. Did you know that 'age' is a serious element of CV? Your age can contribute your chances of success. This is because most of the jobs specify age limit. Again, sometimes the employer might want to recruit people from a certain region. The reason may be to help his/her own people.

To manipulate those hurdles, it becomes necessary to add your Bio-data after you must have displayed every other career edge you feel you have over your competitors. Let your educational qualifications, experiences, skills and other information come before your personal details. This will help you sell your qualifications to Employers before boring him or her with your Bio-data. In some cases, your qualifications can make up your age disadvantage. 

Another important change is your 'profile'. Before now, objective was popularly used to convey yourself. But recently, profile has taken the place of objective. I was very surprised when I discovered that recent CVs no longer has objective. I just discovered that profile is now what is in vogue. I had to quickly update my on to meet up with the new trend. You will need to as a matter of urgency review your own CV to remain competitive in the labour market.

Best of luck.
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Need A Job? See What Employers Expect To See in Your CV This 2016

Need A Job? See What Employers Expect To See in Your CV This 2016
One of the greatest dreams of many people in this year 2016 is to secure a good job. Job to me, remains a crucial part of life. We need a job to meet our financial goals. As a result, everybody desires to work in one organisation or the other.

We are in a new year, and am sure many people desire a good job as one of their major achievements this year. This prediction is even true considering that many people left school last year. A lot of people graduated from High School, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, University and other Institutions last year. Most of such persons hope to end up in one office or the other. 

Because of the large influx of graduates in the labour market on yearly basis, competition becomes the order of the day. People who package themselves very well got favoured when it comes to appointment. This calls for the need for everyone looking for a job to package him or herself well through CV.

A CV is a summary of your Bio-data. It contains your educational qualification, experiences, accomplishments, skills, etc. A job seeker uses a CV to sell him/herself to an employer. It is important to organise your CV in such a way that it creates a good first impression. It is your CV that will convince the employer to hear from you in person. If your CV fails to impress the employer, you won't have the second chance of selling yourself at the interview. 

As you prepare to hunt for the best jobs in this 2016, I want to give you some hints that will help you stand a better chance. CV writing should be done with wisdom. The content, presentation and template should be carefully arranged. There are some things that need to appear first on your CV. Most people like to start their CV with their Bio-data. Bio-data some times works as a disadvantage to some job seekers. Examples are jobs that gives preference to age and origin. An employer can immediately get discouraged at seeing your age and Stage of origin. This kind of employer will  definitely not deem it fit go through other wonderful qualifications of yours. Our advice on this is to first present your selling points before Bio-data. 

To further increase your chances in the labour market, we wish to suggest that your CV presentation follow the following order.

Personal Details

Start your CV with your name, address, phone number, and email. This should appear at the top of your CV.


Profile is a short summary of yourself. It presents in a concise form your qualifications and accomplishments. It should be short and concise. Recently, profile has taken the place of objective. Profile in doubt makes a better impression than objective.

Educational Qualifications

This should start from the most recent to the previous. You should state your educational qualifications in such a way that your employer understands it.


This is an area that employers pay much importance to. You need to state your work experiences (if any) starting from the most recent ones. The name of the company should be stated and your role clearly specified. Also add your accomplishments while on the job.

Other Qualifications

You can also add your other qualifications if any. Examples of this are your professional certifications and NYSC. 


You should try to state your hobbies and interests as they relates to the job advertised 


References are not compulsory. You can decide to say that it will be provided on request. Employers don't usually lay much emphasis on reference.

Other tips on writing CV include:

1. Ensure that the layout is evenly spaced and easy to read.
2. Subheadings should be used to draw the reader's attention to important points.
3. Focus more on your skills and accomplishments. 
4. Remember to careful proofread before submission.
5. Make the information on your CV is simple and concise.
6. Choose bold and legible font.
7. Use simple and unambiguous words.

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