Changes You Must Make in Your CV to Get A Job in This 2016

Things changes with time they say. The only thing that is permanent in life is change. Writing of standard CV has changed over time. Some of the components we used to use before now has somehow became obsolete. I myself had to review my own CV not just to accommodate more experiences but to also update it based on the present day realities. 

In fact, I was not aware of the changes until my recent research on the topic. Nevertheless, I don't seem to be the only one who was ignorant of recent updates on standard CV. My good friend also found some of those changes allien. Well, we are in an ever changing world. We therefore need to abreast ourselves with those changes to remain competitive.

To secure a job in this year 2016 in a dwindling economy such as we have here in Nigeria requires readiness to sell oneself to Employers. Out of the firms that has placed adverts for positions this January, over 70 percent of them are just making image. I can tell you that most of such positions are to fulfill all righteousness.

On the other hand, the remaining genuine 30 percent of advertised jobs that are open to the general public requires the best hands. There is no better way to convey to an employer that you are best fitted for a position than through CV. Curriculum Vitae will represent you in the selection process. And that is the major reason why you need to professionally package your CV. 

I wish to share some of the secrets that you can use on your CV to manipulate Employers. Did you know that 'age' is a serious element of CV? Your age can contribute your chances of success. This is because most of the jobs specify age limit. Again, sometimes the employer might want to recruit people from a certain region. The reason may be to help his/her own people.

To manipulate those hurdles, it becomes necessary to add your Bio-data after you must have displayed every other career edge you feel you have over your competitors. Let your educational qualifications, experiences, skills and other information come before your personal details. This will help you sell your qualifications to Employers before boring him or her with your Bio-data. In some cases, your qualifications can make up your age disadvantage. 

Another important change is your 'profile'. Before now, objective was popularly used to convey yourself. But recently, profile has taken the place of objective. I was very surprised when I discovered that recent CVs no longer has objective. I just discovered that profile is now what is in vogue. I had to quickly update my on to meet up with the new trend. You will need to as a matter of urgency review your own CV to remain competitive in the labour market.

Best of luck.


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