Be Inspired By The Stories of These Billionaires Who Started With Little

There is something I discovered about success, and that is that it doesn't care about anybody's background. Most of the successful people your see today had a tough upbringing. Even some these multi billion businessmen/women of our time came from poor homes. This proofs the fact that anybody with determination to succeed can achieve it. 

There are many people today that blame their failure on the poor state of their parents. This conception is very wrong! Some of the successful figures we have today were even ophans. Some others came from such poor families that their had to finance their education themselves - many even had to drop out of school. 

Most of the notable global conglomerates today were founded by people with poverty stricken history. These men were able to write their names in the anals of history through determination and hard work. We believe that such achievements are still possible today. This is why we want to tell the stories of successful men and women who through nothing came to limelight. We believe that these stories can become a source of inspiration to many youths of nowadays who are still locating their places in the society. 

Now let's discuss few of them.

1. Jan Koum

Jan Koum, a 38 years old man, is the CEO an co- founder of WhatsApp. He came to the U.S. from Ukraine when he was still 16 years old. His family struggled to make ends meet that they lived on food stamps. For the benefit of those who don't know what food stamps is all about, it is Federal Aid Program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service. Food Stamp Program provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and non-income people living in the U.S.

In 2009, Koum and co-founder Brian Acton launched the real-time messaging app with an aim of connecting people around the world. This automatically replaced text messaging for many people. With about 450 global users, WhatsApp was sold to Facebook at $19 billion. Koun was quoted to have 45% stake in WhatsApp company, giving him a net worth of $6.8 billion. What a humble beginning!

2. Henry Ford

Henry Ford did not allow his poor financial status to deter him from actualising his dreams. He was born into the family of American farmers, William and Mary Ford. He helped his parents in farm work before developing interest in mechanical works. He never studied Engineering in school but is referred to be one of the greatest Engineer of our time. What he did was just apprenticeship at Detroit. 

Henry Ford had great ideas but lacked financial support. He started Ford Motor Company with just $28,000. Interestingly, the money was not his own. Ford borrowed the $28,000 from different investors. He applied his talent to Ford Motor Company and became the first person to ever mass produce automobiles. Today, the company is worth over $56 billion.

3. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the inventor of iPhone, iPod and iPad. He started the largest technology company in the world in his parent's garage. Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wolzniak started Apple Computers in 1976. The two partners did not have much start-up capital when they first started. But Jobs however, did has vision and innovative ideas that has made their business what it is today. It is believed that Jobs has been the brain behind Apple. Today, Apple Computers has a capitalisation of over $320 billion.

4. Paul DeJoria

Paul DeJoria rose from a very humble beginning to be numbered among the richest men in the world. He started as a newspaper courier at the age of nine. He later took job as janitor and thereafter, a tow truck driver in a bid to make ends meet. DeJoria made a wise decision when he went into business with Paul Mitchell while he was working for a hair care company. The two took out a meager $700 loan and turned it into a hair care conglomerate. The company is said to records $1 billion dollars annnual sales. DeJoria also owns Patron Tequila which sells more than two million cases a year. Finally, he now worth $4 billion dollars.


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