7 Signs That You Need To Change Your Job or Career

7 Signs That You Need To Change Your Job or Career
Are you happy doing your job? Do you feel confident mentioning what you do in public. These and many more are pertinent questions every working class person need to ask his/herself about their present job. 

A very good job or career should be able to bring all round fulfilment. When your job fails to bring such a feeling of fulfilment, it is a sign you might be needing a change. In this article, I wish to share with you the very signs that you need a change of your present job or career. 

Have you been wandering if you should change your career path? By the time we are done with those signs, you should be able to know if your present job is worth continuing or not. Maybe this article will spur the boldness you need to have a rethink about what your doing at the moment.

1. Your Body is Telling You It Can't Continue 

Are you always worried when you remember that the weekend will soon usher in new weekdays? If your answer to this question is yes, it could be a sign that your body is no longer comfortable your present career or job. When you always feel too tired and exhausted after day's work, it might mean that the job is no longer going down well with you. Lack of concentration on your job may also signal lost of interest on your job. 

2. Your Job is Playing Down on Your Self Esteem

Is your job the type that comes with much discriminations, is your opinion in your place of work always neglected, is your confidence wearing out as a result of your job functions? A yes to any of the above questions may signal a need for change. Any job or career that does not boost your confidence level and/or add to your self worth is not worth continuing. An urgent change of is seriously needed. 

3. You are There Just for The Money

When the only encouragement you have about your job or career is the pay, you seriously need a change. When your job or career rob you of your happiness and satisfaction, it is time to go for something else. Money is very good but cannot be a trade-off for happiness. If you have ever envied your friends in a less paid job probably as a result of other working conditions, it is a signal that you need a new job. A good job should be able to give you both enough money and happiness.

4. You Dream of a  Different Career

When all your mind has left your present job and start focusing on a different job or career entirely, it might be a sign that you need a new job. You are on a job or career but constantly desire to have something better, you need a change. Many people today are on wrong career path. They go for a career or job just to make ends meet. This can be a bad decision as there is this joy in doing something that you love. 

5. You are Gradually Loosing Your Zeal

When you begin to find it difficult to get up of your bed every morning to prepare for work, it shows that your interest in the job is drastically diminishing. A job that does not give you the sense of joy to prepare for is not worth continuing with. You should be able to gladly prepare for work every morning without reluctant mind. Anytime this feeling is lost, you probably need to try something else.

6. You Lost Touch With Your Passion

Do you feel like being totally disconnected from your original dream of picking your job in the first place? Are you gradually loosing your initial passion for your job or career? If you entertain such  feelings, it signals that you are no longer fulfilling your career dreams. The best thing to do at this point is to quit for something that gives you more fulfilment.

7. You Have Become Jealous of Friends Job

If you ever notice that you are beginning to envy your friends job more than yours, it is a sign that you need  a new job. You can't possibly be envying another person's job when you are comfortable with your own. Jealousy is a clear sign that you would want to change if you have the opportunity to do so. If you suddenly start to exclaim how wonderful your friends job is, and begin to dream of having the kind of flexibility that your friends enjoy on their own job. You probably need a new job. 

I believe we have done justice to this topic. The few points we have oointed out above should be able to hp you make that decisuon you desire. I therefore guess this article is helpful to you. Feel free to tell us how it has affected your career and life in general.
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Apply for Enugu Youth Enterprise Support Scheme 2016

Apply for Enugu Youth Enterprise Support Scheme 2016
Are you a youth living in Enugu State? Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Do you have a creative idea or a running business? Is capital the major hindrance for that your business idea? Are you innovative?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then there is a great opportunity for you from Enugu State Government. The following is an announcement from the State Ministry of Youth Empowerment. 

Enugu Youth Enterprise Support Scheme (Enugu YESS) is a state-wide job creation and business growth scheme designed to deliberately identify, train, develop, and empower Enugu State youth with innovative business ideas to create wealth and reduce unemployment in the state.

ENUGU Youth Enterprise Support Scheme (Enugu YESS) recognizes youth entrepreneurship as an important economic tool for job creation and sustainable economic growth in the state.


Enugu State Youth have the ability and capacity to drive positive social change and sustainable economic growth – when given the appropriate resources and opportunity. 

ENUGU Youth Enterprise Support Scheme will foster an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem for young people in the State by focusing on key areas of entrepreneurial development:
Capacity Building, 
Business Development, 
Skill Acquisition, 
Networking and Market Access opportunities, 
Access to Investment opportunities, 
And celebrating successful entrepreneurs.

Key Objectives

To create employment opportunities to unemployed youth in Enugu State.

To accelerate the growth process of young entrepreneurs in Enugu State

To expand entrepreneurship education, skill acquisition and mentorship programs that empowers Enugu State youth to become self-reliant and job creators

To build and enhance youth entrepreneurial culture in the state

To celebrate and reward innovation and creativity as a core State Value

Selection Criteria

1. Graduate Entrepreneurship Program
  • You must have completed NYSC within the past 5years or currently serving in Enugu State
  • You must fall between 15 – 45 years of age
  • Applicant must be resident in Enugu
  • Applicant must have innovative ideas that have commercial value
  • There must be evidence of creativity and innovation
  • Preference will be given to startup owners or managers
2. Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Business must be located in Enugu State 
  • Must fall between the ages of 15 – 45 years
  • Business Owner must be permanent resident in Enugu
  • Business must have impact on job creation
  • Clear organizational vision and strategic direction
  • Evidence of creativity and innovation
  • High growth potential and sustainability in terms of profit
  • Product/Service should be able to fill a dissatisfaction gap in the market
3. Undergraduates
  • Must be enrolled full time in a recognized higher institution in Enugu State
  • Age between 15 – 34 years
  • Student must be resident in Enugu
  • Student with Innovative ideas that have commercial value
  • Evidence of creativity and innovation
  • Preference will be given to student startup owners or managers
  • Recommendation from HOD/Faculty Head/Dean of Student Affairs
4. Secondary School Students
  • Must be enrolled in a recognized secondary school in Enugu
  • Student Parents or Guardian must be resident in Enugu
  • Age between 13 – 18 years
  • Applicant must be a senior secondary school student
How to Apply

Interested candidates should visit http://enuguyess.org/ to apply
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7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Career

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Career
A time comes in everybody's life when he or she will make a decision concerning which career to choose. From experience, this stage in life is usually a critical one. You will be presented with a myriad of careers to choose from. Because of the important nature of career in people's lives, it becomes pertinent to take time and carefully make such a decision.

A hastly career decision may likely have a lasting negative impact on the life of an individual. A career decision can make or mar the future of a man, thus the need for extensive research becomes necessary. In this article, we wish to expose some costly career mistakes that people make so as to enable us avoid it's reoccurrence in our lives. We therefore recommend that you increase your chances of good career decisions by avoiding the following common mistakes.

1. Depending On People's Suggestions

Career is something that ought to be personal based on someone's passion in life. But most often you see that people make their career decisions based on pressures around them. Most times parents prefer choosing a career for their children regardless of what the child feels. This is a big mistake as far as career choice is concerned. A career should be able to give fulfilment to people. You find out that there is no job fulfilment when you chose your career based on other people's decisions. 

2. Following Someone Else Footsteps Against Your Dreams

Some people make the mistake of towing the footsteps of their parents just because they wanted them to. In as much as it is not bad, your personal dreams and aspirations should take priority whenever you are making a career decision. That your father, mother, uncle, cousin, etc is this and that shouldn't necessary mean that you should venture into the same career path. The idea of choosing a career because other people are successful in it should not override your personal dreams and aspirations. Your inner passion to me, should be given first consideration when faced with a career choice to make.

3. Not Doing Your Homework Well

Never you choose a career without taking the time to learn about it. In addition to a job description , you should make sure to gather enough information about typical job duties, educational requirements, earnings and so on and so forth. You should also research on the future of the career - whether it is something that has future or not. This is to plan for the changes that occur in the society over time. Your homework should also extend to learning or hearing from people who are already in the same career.

4. Going for The Money

Money is good but the love of it can rob happiness. When choosing a career, it is important you don't make money the only considerable factor. Though it should be a major factor anyway, other things such as your dreams and aspirations should be considered. This is because some careers can actually give you money but rob you of happiness and fulfilment. 

5. Ignoring Who You Are

Your personality type, interests, core values and attitude can make you better suited for some occupations than others. These traits are inmate, meaning you cannot change them. If you fail to take them into consideration when choosing a career, there is likelihood that you will choose a career that you won't be 100 percent comfortable with.

6. Not Considering Location

Jobs in certain careers are concentrated in a particular location. Failure to take cognisance of this fact when choosing a career may make you jobless for long. Therefore, there is need to take into consideration the immediate environmental opportunities unless you have plans to relocate. 

7. Not Considering the Future 

It is very important you consider whether a career has a promising future before you begin to prepare for it. Some careers are just evolving while others are already established. With the ever changing environment and economic realities, it becomes paramount to look beyond the present when making a career choice. There is need to predict what the future holds before settling for a particular career.
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10 Tips on How to Achieve Career Success

10 Tips on How to Achieve Career Success
Career success is what every working class strive for. There is no doubt that every working class citizens will want to reach the peak of his or her career. To me, there is this sense of fulfilment in achieving a career success.

When it comes to achieving a career success, a number of factors comes into play. Therefore, if anyone desires to achieve a career success, let such a person pay attention to the following tips. 

1. Choose a Career Based on Your Passion

The easiest way to achieve a successful career is to love what you do. And the simplest way to love what you do is to choose what you love. Everybody has passion for one thing or the other. When you choose your career in line with your passion, there is high tendency that you will alway do your job with joy and gladness. The joy that you derive in doing your job will definitely create performance efficiency thereby leading to productivity.

2. Improve Yourself Continuously 

Education and learning is a great asset that anyone can tap into. There is no doubt that knowledge is power. Those who constantly increase their learning curve remain in command of affairs. To remain indispensable in your work place, you will need to continuously expand your knowledge base. Activities such as training, research and development are highly needed in career success. You will need to attend seminars and workshops that relates to your field to edge your counterparts in the office. 

3. Appreciate Your Colleagues

One of the way to achieve a favourable image at work is to appreciate everyone in your office. You need to give everybody in your office, starting from your superiors to even the gateman due respect and appreciation. This will help you to have a favourable credibility among your colleagues. The essence is to get good appraisal when the need may arise. Also, there is need to offer gratitude to anyone that is of help to you in any way.

4. See Solution in Every Challenge

The work place is full of challenges and there is pressure from all corners. A person who wants to be successful in his or her career should endeavour to always see solution in every challenges her or she faces at work. There are people who easily detect challenges more than solutions. That kind of mentality is not success oriented. A success minded person focuses more on the opportunities that can be created from every challenge. Your boss in the office will likely recommend a solution minded employee for any opportunity than a problem minded one.

5. Avoid Office Distractions

There are a lot of distractions in the place of work. Sometimes such distractions look so tempting. Did you know that office gossip is a big distraction? Most times employees waste their precious time at work gossiping on one issue or the other. This kind of attitude should not be patronize by someone who wants to go far in his or her career. The time employees spent on gossip should be channelled into a more meaningful activity. 

6. Do not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Sometimes people fail to understand new methods or policies that were introduced in their place of work. It is important to ask for clarifications anytime you don't understand anything in your place of work. Don't pretend to know, though it may feel shameful to ask at times. Understanding your company or industry direction very well will help every employee to key in to such direction.  It is therefore very important to seek clarifications on any issue that is not clear to you.

7. Be a Good Listener 

Listening is a vital skill for self development. Everyone that listens more than he or she speaks constantly adds value to him or herself. It is very important to listen more to your colleagues in your office. By listening, we learn from other people; thereby adding to our learning curve. To grow in your career, talk less and listen more.

8. Sorround Yourself With Positive People

The clique of people you move with will determined your direction in life. When you surround yourself with positive individuals, you will likely have positive mindset. But if negative people form the majority of your friends, negative thoughts will continue to rule your mind. By associating yourself with individuals who believe that they can handle all things, you yourself will be forced to think in the same direction. 

9. Be a Team Player

Nothing great can be achieved alone. Team work is an integral part of today's corporate world. Anybody that wishes to achieve career success must learn how to work with other people. Employers are always looking for this quality anytime they are hiring. The ability to be a team player shows a good level of interpersonal relationship skill. You must therefore learn how to work with people.

10. Measure Your Career Success Regulary

How do you define career success? Could it be the size of your paycheck or your working conditions? Is it associated with the feeling you get when you know you have done a great job on a project or the one you get when you know you have helped someone? Probably you feel successful after putting in a day at work and coming home at a reasonable hour to spend time with your family. Since everyone measures success differently, only you can determine what career success means to you. Your satisfaction with your career is strongly linked to how successfully you feel you have met your own, and not anyone else's, definition of it.

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These 8 Traits and Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs Will Propel You To Success

These 8 Traits and Qualities of Successful  Entrepreneurs Will Propel You To Success
It has been observed beyond doubt that most successful entrepreneurs share common traits and qualities. There seems to be likely commonality in their behaviours. 

To be successful, their is need to learn from the lives of already successful people. If you wish to be a Successful entrepreneur, a study of the following traits exhibit by most successful entrepreneurs will help you to know if you are ready for the journey. This is because entrepreneurship is a long journey. You will need to pass through different phases of challenges to arrive at success. 

Below are some common traits widely shared by most successful entrepreneurs. Before venturing into enrepreneurship, it is important you take time to examine yourself to see if you already have those qualities or will need to develop them.

1. Passion

Most successful entrepreneurs are not driven by money or personal gains, they are driven mostly by passion. It is either they have strong passion for their products, services, or they want to help solve a social problem. Their initial interest of most successful entrepreneurs does not lie on the gains. Take for example Jan Koun who founder of WhatsApp messenger, his prior aim was to create a platform in which people can be connected easily through messaging. Today, he is a muti billion dollar entrepreneur. 

2. Determination

Another wonderful trait that successful entrepreneurs share in common is determination. Entrepreneurs are more determined than anybody you can ever think of. Their keenness to succeed makes them to be very focus on their goals. They usually set goals for themselves and do stick to those goals. No amount of distract can shift the focus of an entrepreneuristic person from his or her goals. Even when they are hit with failures, entrepreneurs persistently weather out of those failures through success. 

3. Open to Knowledge 

Successful entrepreneurs invest so much of their time in learning new things, new methods, new styles, new strategies, and so on. They understand very well the saying  that "readers are leaders". They are also very open to peoples' opinions, suggestions and feedbacks. They improve their businesses using market information that they gather mostly from customers. Entrepreneurs are not in the categories of people that feel they know it all. To them, every idea is worth listening to. Their successes most of the time come from their ability to incorporate the recommendations of their customers on product or service improvements. 

4. Risk Takers

Risk is an inevitable part of business. While some people don't want to use their ear to hear about the Word risk, entrepreneurs see it as a must take activity. I have never seen a successful entrepreneur who rose to the ladder of success without a measurable amount of risk. They are not afraid of venturing into a business with little or no capital at their disposals. They see opportunities in every risk. The fear of failure does not deter an entrepreneuristic person from trying out something new. 

5. Self-Confidence 

Entrepreneurs believe so much in themselves and what they do. They do not entertain inferiority complex at all. Self-confidence is a very Important entrepreneurial trait. You will need to believe in your self, your products or services before others can believe. Self-confidence plays a vital role in marketing your products or services. As we know that an entrepreneur is the jark of all trade. He does almost all the Important roles of his business himself. To convince people to do business with him, he will need to build self-confidence. Most successful entrepreneurs of our time share this trait. They believe so much in themselves and what they do.

6. Adaptability 

Most successful entrepreneurs are easy adaptable to changes. They prepare themselves ahead for the changing business environment. They can quickly adjust to the tastes and preferences of their customers. Entrepreneurs do not wait for competition to consume them before adjusting to market changes, they reacts as they notice slight changes in the business climate. 

7. Competitive Spirit

Most successful entrepreneurs I have come across are highly competitive in nature. They strive to carve a share of the market for themselves. The business environment is a very competitive one, it is saturated with numerous products and services. It takes a competitive spirit to survive in such environment. Entrepreneurs are highly competitive and that is why they succeed. 

8. Financial Experts 

Successful entrepreneurs are good financial managers. They don't work for money but get money to work for them. They avoid overspending and other poor financial decisions. They try to allocate money to those areas of their business that yields more profits. They know when to stop investing in a particular business so as to avoid idle money on stocks. 

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The Road To Success: 3 Reasons Why People Should Not Be Deterred By Failures

The Road To Success: 3 Reasons Why People Should Not Be Deterred By Failures
as the greatest dream of everyone does not come at a platter of gold. It requires a lot of patience, sacrifice, hard work, and determination. In fact, the road to success is characterized by failures. Anybody who is afraid of failing on things will never be successful. This is because such a person will never try in the first place, the fear of failure will never allow him to try.

There is this saying that people only fail when they stop trying. Most of the successful people you see today had failed several times in the past. But one great quality I have noticed in almost all the successful people I knew is that they do not see failures as the end of their dreams, rather they see it as an opportunity for improvement. According to Henry Ford, failure is an opportunity to start again more intelligently. 

To be successful in your field of endeavour, you need to continuously improve on you mistakes. Many people will quit on a very wonderful dream after trying and failing few times. They forget that trying again improve their past performance. Take for instance driving. On the first try it will look too  difficult, as if you won't be able to do it. On the second try, you begin to learn gradually. You will discover that with time you becomes an expert driver. This is how it is with succeed. 

Oppositions will constantly present itself any time you are working on something great. What makes you successful is your ability to surmount all those oppositions. Your oppositions can actually become your opportunities says T.D Jakes. The major difference between the successful and unsuccessfully people is that one easily quit when things get tough while the other through determination surmount their challenges.

The road to success is loaded with sacrifices and determination. Along the road, there will be many stumbling blocks, twists, and turns. Along the way, you may face fear, doubts, unfairness, and setbacks. Your journey along the road will be determined by faith, hard work, belief, courage, and above all persistence. Your willingness to take chances and fail only to get up and try again and again makes the difference. 

Below are three good reasons why we should not allow the experiences of failure to deter us in our drive for success.

1. Your Generation Depends on You

When you kill a dream by quitting easily, you endanger your generation that were to be benefactors of such dream. You also shatter the hopes and expectations of your loved ones when you allow challenges to stiffle your economic adventure. 

2. Improved Learning

“Making mistakes in the process of learning can lead to higher performance,” opined O’Shea. In other words, people who make mistakes during training or while learning, usually correct their knowledge and make less mistakes in later performance. 

3. Shame

It is more shameful to quit any adventure on the ground that it poses tough. There are enemies who have been desiring that you fail in that your dream. It becomes foolishness to gratify such enemies by  quitting your dreams. They will forever mock you, thereby causing you psychological trauma. 

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