7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Career

A time comes in everybody's life when he or she will make a decision concerning which career to choose. From experience, this stage in life is usually a critical one. You will be presented with a myriad of careers to choose from. Because of the important nature of career in people's lives, it becomes pertinent to take time and carefully make such a decision.

A hastly career decision may likely have a lasting negative impact on the life of an individual. A career decision can make or mar the future of a man, thus the need for extensive research becomes necessary. In this article, we wish to expose some costly career mistakes that people make so as to enable us avoid it's reoccurrence in our lives. We therefore recommend that you increase your chances of good career decisions by avoiding the following common mistakes.

1. Depending On People's Suggestions

Career is something that ought to be personal based on someone's passion in life. But most often you see that people make their career decisions based on pressures around them. Most times parents prefer choosing a career for their children regardless of what the child feels. This is a big mistake as far as career choice is concerned. A career should be able to give fulfilment to people. You find out that there is no job fulfilment when you chose your career based on other people's decisions. 

2. Following Someone Else Footsteps Against Your Dreams

Some people make the mistake of towing the footsteps of their parents just because they wanted them to. In as much as it is not bad, your personal dreams and aspirations should take priority whenever you are making a career decision. That your father, mother, uncle, cousin, etc is this and that shouldn't necessary mean that you should venture into the same career path. The idea of choosing a career because other people are successful in it should not override your personal dreams and aspirations. Your inner passion to me, should be given first consideration when faced with a career choice to make.

3. Not Doing Your Homework Well

Never you choose a career without taking the time to learn about it. In addition to a job description , you should make sure to gather enough information about typical job duties, educational requirements, earnings and so on and so forth. You should also research on the future of the career - whether it is something that has future or not. This is to plan for the changes that occur in the society over time. Your homework should also extend to learning or hearing from people who are already in the same career.

4. Going for The Money

Money is good but the love of it can rob happiness. When choosing a career, it is important you don't make money the only considerable factor. Though it should be a major factor anyway, other things such as your dreams and aspirations should be considered. This is because some careers can actually give you money but rob you of happiness and fulfilment. 

5. Ignoring Who You Are

Your personality type, interests, core values and attitude can make you better suited for some occupations than others. These traits are inmate, meaning you cannot change them. If you fail to take them into consideration when choosing a career, there is likelihood that you will choose a career that you won't be 100 percent comfortable with.

6. Not Considering Location

Jobs in certain careers are concentrated in a particular location. Failure to take cognisance of this fact when choosing a career may make you jobless for long. Therefore, there is need to take into consideration the immediate environmental opportunities unless you have plans to relocate. 

7. Not Considering the Future 

It is very important you consider whether a career has a promising future before you begin to prepare for it. Some careers are just evolving while others are already established. With the ever changing environment and economic realities, it becomes paramount to look beyond the present when making a career choice. There is need to predict what the future holds before settling for a particular career.


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