Apply for Enugu Youth Enterprise Support Scheme 2016

Are you a youth living in Enugu State? Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Do you have a creative idea or a running business? Is capital the major hindrance for that your business idea? Are you innovative?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then there is a great opportunity for you from Enugu State Government. The following is an announcement from the State Ministry of Youth Empowerment. 

Enugu Youth Enterprise Support Scheme (Enugu YESS) is a state-wide job creation and business growth scheme designed to deliberately identify, train, develop, and empower Enugu State youth with innovative business ideas to create wealth and reduce unemployment in the state.

ENUGU Youth Enterprise Support Scheme (Enugu YESS) recognizes youth entrepreneurship as an important economic tool for job creation and sustainable economic growth in the state.


Enugu State Youth have the ability and capacity to drive positive social change and sustainable economic growth – when given the appropriate resources and opportunity. 

ENUGU Youth Enterprise Support Scheme will foster an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem for young people in the State by focusing on key areas of entrepreneurial development:
Capacity Building, 
Business Development, 
Skill Acquisition, 
Networking and Market Access opportunities, 
Access to Investment opportunities, 
And celebrating successful entrepreneurs.

Key Objectives

To create employment opportunities to unemployed youth in Enugu State.

To accelerate the growth process of young entrepreneurs in Enugu State

To expand entrepreneurship education, skill acquisition and mentorship programs that empowers Enugu State youth to become self-reliant and job creators

To build and enhance youth entrepreneurial culture in the state

To celebrate and reward innovation and creativity as a core State Value

Selection Criteria

1. Graduate Entrepreneurship Program
  • You must have completed NYSC within the past 5years or currently serving in Enugu State
  • You must fall between 15 – 45 years of age
  • Applicant must be resident in Enugu
  • Applicant must have innovative ideas that have commercial value
  • There must be evidence of creativity and innovation
  • Preference will be given to startup owners or managers
2. Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Business must be located in Enugu State 
  • Must fall between the ages of 15 – 45 years
  • Business Owner must be permanent resident in Enugu
  • Business must have impact on job creation
  • Clear organizational vision and strategic direction
  • Evidence of creativity and innovation
  • High growth potential and sustainability in terms of profit
  • Product/Service should be able to fill a dissatisfaction gap in the market
3. Undergraduates
  • Must be enrolled full time in a recognized higher institution in Enugu State
  • Age between 15 – 34 years
  • Student must be resident in Enugu
  • Student with Innovative ideas that have commercial value
  • Evidence of creativity and innovation
  • Preference will be given to student startup owners or managers
  • Recommendation from HOD/Faculty Head/Dean of Student Affairs
4. Secondary School Students
  • Must be enrolled in a recognized secondary school in Enugu
  • Student Parents or Guardian must be resident in Enugu
  • Age between 13 – 18 years
  • Applicant must be a senior secondary school student
How to Apply

Interested candidates should visit to apply


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