The Road To Success: 3 Reasons Why People Should Not Be Deterred By Failures

as the greatest dream of everyone does not come at a platter of gold. It requires a lot of patience, sacrifice, hard work, and determination. In fact, the road to success is characterized by failures. Anybody who is afraid of failing on things will never be successful. This is because such a person will never try in the first place, the fear of failure will never allow him to try.

There is this saying that people only fail when they stop trying. Most of the successful people you see today had failed several times in the past. But one great quality I have noticed in almost all the successful people I knew is that they do not see failures as the end of their dreams, rather they see it as an opportunity for improvement. According to Henry Ford, failure is an opportunity to start again more intelligently. 

To be successful in your field of endeavour, you need to continuously improve on you mistakes. Many people will quit on a very wonderful dream after trying and failing few times. They forget that trying again improve their past performance. Take for instance driving. On the first try it will look too  difficult, as if you won't be able to do it. On the second try, you begin to learn gradually. You will discover that with time you becomes an expert driver. This is how it is with succeed. 

Oppositions will constantly present itself any time you are working on something great. What makes you successful is your ability to surmount all those oppositions. Your oppositions can actually become your opportunities says T.D Jakes. The major difference between the successful and unsuccessfully people is that one easily quit when things get tough while the other through determination surmount their challenges.

The road to success is loaded with sacrifices and determination. Along the road, there will be many stumbling blocks, twists, and turns. Along the way, you may face fear, doubts, unfairness, and setbacks. Your journey along the road will be determined by faith, hard work, belief, courage, and above all persistence. Your willingness to take chances and fail only to get up and try again and again makes the difference. 

Below are three good reasons why we should not allow the experiences of failure to deter us in our drive for success.

1. Your Generation Depends on You

When you kill a dream by quitting easily, you endanger your generation that were to be benefactors of such dream. You also shatter the hopes and expectations of your loved ones when you allow challenges to stiffle your economic adventure. 

2. Improved Learning

“Making mistakes in the process of learning can lead to higher performance,” opined O’Shea. In other words, people who make mistakes during training or while learning, usually correct their knowledge and make less mistakes in later performance. 

3. Shame

It is more shameful to quit any adventure on the ground that it poses tough. There are enemies who have been desiring that you fail in that your dream. It becomes foolishness to gratify such enemies by  quitting your dreams. They will forever mock you, thereby causing you psychological trauma. 


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