8 Keys That Helps You Naturally Boost Your Immune System

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Healthy living is the utmost dream of everyone, I guess. While some people seem to be naturally healthy, some others suffer frequent illnesses. The true of the matter remains that good health is a product of combination of some factors. With a number of healthy activities, anyone can maintain healthy living. 

With the level of spread of viruses and bacteria in the society today, our exposure to diseases and infections becomes inevitable. Viruses and bacteria are everywhere around us. As a result of this fact, we need to employ some healthy efforts to protect ourselves from their vulnerable attacks. 

Immune system is known to be catalyst against diseases and infections. It acts as body defence. A strong and healthy immune system fights against disease causing microbes thereby protecting us from frequent illness. The reason why some people easily catches cold and flu more than others can be linked to their immune system. Some people fall victims of every ailments that breaks out because they have weak immune system. 

But the goodnews is that immune system can be boosted to fight against microbes. No matter how weak your immune system may be, you can boost it through a number of activities. This article is about to place into your hands the keys to boost your immune system. We will be examining a number of natural ways to do this. Get them below.

1. Eat Well

This is the first step. Healthy eating strengthens immune system functions. Some foods in particular boost immune system. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are presumably good source of immune health. They are rich in nutrients that promotes immune system health. Protein rich foods also boosts immune system.

Medicinal mushrooms like shiitake, maitake and reishi are said to contain beta-glucans (compex carbonhydrates) that promotes immune activities against infections and cancer and also reduce allergies. You need to reduce or possibly avoid intakes of sugary foods. Studies has shown that it is not good for your immune system health. 

2. Stress Less

Stress causes adrenal glands to churn out epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) and cortisol. Chronic stress can cause a hyper-reactive immune system and aggravate some  health conditions such as allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disease. It is important we learn how to manage our stress responses for emergencies. Stress-reducing activities such as meditations and massages should be engaged regularly. This produces positive changes in the immune system. Cool musics can also aid in recovery from everyday hassles. 

3. Exercise Your Body

Good exercise can also improve immune functions. Moderate exercise discharges tension and stress, thereby strengthening immune system. Moderate exercise also promotes heart and brain function and in essence boosts immune system functions. Exercise ehances circulation of bood in the body, this action promotes immune system.

4. Sleep Well

Another way to  naturally boost your sales immune system is through sound sleep. It is during sleep that growth-promoting and reparative hormones knit up the raveled sleeve of daily life. Lack of sleep activates stress responses and depresses immune function and elevates inflammatory chemicals that usually causes illness. Research has it that people who sleep less than seven hours a night were more prone to develop cold three times more than those that sleep eight hours or more.

5. Avoid Tobacco

Smoking triggers inflammation, increases respiratory muccus, and inhibits hair-like projections inside your nose from clearing the muccus. People who are exposed to Tobacco stand more risk of contracting respiratory infections such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and middle ear infections. These ailments weakens the immune system.

6. Nurture Friendly Bacteria

Some microorganisms are beneficial to our health. These bacteria colonize our intestinal, lower urinary and upper respiratory tracts. These microorganisms compete with bad bugs in our body and enhance immune function. You can get these bacteria from live-cultured products such as yoghourt, sauerkraut, and kimchi. 

7. Catch Some Rays

Sunlight triggers skin's production of vitamin D. It is necessary to expose yourself to sunlight on daily basis. A 10 to 15 minute exposure daily during the summer season is highly recommended. Low vitamin D levels correlate with a greater risk of respiratory infections. Vitamin D deficiency also correlate with asthma, cancer, several autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, the rich class hardly expose themselves to sunlight as they move from factory fitted AC car to AC equiped office. This explains why the rich usually die of cancer. 

8. Use Immune Supportive Herbs

If you are frequently down with infections, you should try using immune supportive herbs. A long list of medicinal plants contain chemicals that enhance immune system activities. Examples of such immune supportive herbs include eleuthero, echinacea, garlic, shiitake, Asian ginseng, American ginseng or astragalus. Among the above herbs, garlic seem to be preferred by the majority. Apart from boosting immune, garlic is also anticancer, antimicrobial against a variety of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.


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