Is There Health Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair?

When it comes to Pubic Hair, different people have differing outlook to whether it should be shaved or not. While some people think it is better to remove Pubic hairs, some other people believe it should be left bushy.

So many people has been asking whether there  are health benefits associated with shaving pubic hairs. Teenagers are mostly in the category of people that ask such questions. Most often the find it difficult to get the correct advice on this topic. Their inability to get proper advice on whether to shave Pubic hair or not leads most of them to act in ignorant. 

I wish to highlight both the benefits and risks associated with shaving or keeping pubic hairs in this article so as to ensure that people don't act in ignorance. Removing pubic hair has its pros and cons. People should be aware of this before indulging in the act.

Now, what are the benefits of shaving pubic hairs? Some of the notable benefits are discussed below. 

1. Hygiene

A shaved pubic region looks neater and odour free. When you shave your pubic region, you rid the region of dirts that were generated by sweats and heat. Because the region is always covered with clothe, there is always lack of air circulation. This results in sweat which finally forms dirts. These dirts cling to pubic hairs when there were not shaved. If such dirts were allowed for long, it can bring about bad odour.

2. Healthiness

The dirts that cling to unshaved pubic hairs can breed a number of germs. The germs therefore can translate to infections. 

3. Sexy and Inviting

Some people are of the opinion that a clean pubic region looks sexier and very inviting for sex. But there is also some exceptions to this opinion. Individual differences apply when it comes to pubic hairs. There are people who appreciate the hairs so much.

Some other opinions that favours shaving of pubic hairs include; it makes the joystick(penis) look longer, it helps men to locate the Virgina faster, it is pleasurable for oral sex etc.

Having highlighted the benefits, let us also examine if there any danger associated with the practice. If course, whatever have advantages must equally have disadvantages. A number of risks are linked to shaving of pubic hairs. 

Some of those risks include  possibilities of cuts during shaving, it can also cause bumps and pimples to grow around the region. Because of the sensitive nature of pubic region, objects used for the shaving can cause wounds on the scrotium and penis as well as Virgina area. There is also possibility that bumps will grow on the pubic region especially the very first time. 


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