CCT TRIAL: Saraki, a Lamb Slated For Slaughter

There is every indications from the happenings so far of the ongoing trial of the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki over alleged false asset declaration, that the man Saraki is likened to a Lamb that is already condemned, and only waiting for the day of slaughter.

The trial so far manifests vested interests somewhere. The manner in which the Federal Government handles the matter so far shows that the man Saraki is out of favour with the powers be. A lot of unfairness and alleged bias had been grossly witnessed in the course of the trial.

To many Nigerians, this is a political witch-hunt. There is evidence of facts that the trial was incited by the Senate President's refusal to obey his party, APC and allow his then rival in the race, Senator Lawan to occupy his present position in the senate.

From the onset of the trial to this moment, the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT has shown evidences of over-zealousness in the case. The manner in which the Tribunal ordered for the arest of the number three citizen of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki revealed that there is something else behind the whole matter. Though it's desirable that no country should show respect for criminals, the Chairman of CCT has demonstrated no respect at all for the revered office in which Dr. Saraki occupies.

To substantiate the claim of this opinion, lets look at the following proceeding in the case so far.

Firstly, the Chairman of CCT, Mr. Danladi Umar ordered for the arest of the Senate President like a common criminal, owing to Dr. Saraki's failure to appear in court.

Again, the Senate President's trial was fixed everyday, this decision to many Nigerians is to speedily convict Dr. Saraki.

Moreso, Saraki's lawyer, Mr. Raphael Oluyele was disgraced in court and was even ordered to be arrested, just because he raised a case of suspected bias in the trial of his client Dr. Bukola Saraki.

The above three points suggests likely bias in the case. It appears that the Tribunal Chairman, Mr Danladi Umar is under pressure to convict the suspect.

While I won,t like to condone corruption, i also wish that the fight against corruption would be a holistic one, there should not be any sacred cow in the fight. I therefore pray for Dr. Saraki, that his political enemies would not rejoice over him.


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