FRAUD ALERT! Fraudsters on Rampage, See Their Most Recent Format

As a concerned citizen and a banker too, I owe the general public the duty to give out this information thereby countering the excesses of some unscrupulous elements in the society who has chosen to be lazy.

Of recent the general public has been indiscriminately sent messages by some unscrupulous people who call themselves CBN agents. The most vulnerable recipients of such messages are bank customers who are the main target of these fraudsters.

As we know, majority of adults and even some few minors are bank customers. They operate one account or the other as they cannot keep their money at home for the fear of arm robbers and thieves.

I am raising this alarm because I have seen some people who fall victims of the preys of these criminals. I used to think that everybody will ignore such messages owing to the facts that they are not from any Bank. But surprisingly to me, some people rush to the bank at times to report that they gave out their ATM details to those fraudsters, and that their monies are gone. Such a pity!

This is how to know whether those messages are from your bank. Once the message is from a normal mobile number and does not carry the name of your bank as sender, it is definitely from fraudsters. Most often the these criminals claim to come from CBN. They are just bloody  liars that are only trying to manipulate the minds of the unsuspecting public. Moreover, the messages usually request you to call someone on their personal mobile numbers other than your Bank Customer Care lines.

Please I write to tell you to ignore such messages, they are neither from any Bank nor CBN.
Below are some examples of such fraudulent messages presently in circulation.

Dear customer, Due to our system upgrade your ATM CARD has just been de-activated, to re- activate, kindly call Customer care, Mr john Edward on, 09035631918 Sent by 09023510799

Dear customer, due to the BVN validation in compliance with CBN bank directives, your ATM card has been deactivated, call our help line on 09039248945 now to reactivate. Sent by 08060667151, +2349030087594.

Dear customer, due to the new Bio-metric verification method, your ATM has been deactivated, to reactivate Kindly call customer care on 07030320865, Thanks.

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