Avoid These 6 Costly Mistakes Job Seekers Often Make

Job seekers
In a highly competitive job market as is the case of nowadays, it has become very paramount to adequately understand the nitty gritty of a successful job search. Getting a job these days has become like those days when people apply for American Visa. 

When you consider the number of people that apply for the limited job vacancies that exist out there and how difficult it is now to be even invited for an interview especially for good jobs, it becomes necessary to adequately master the expectations of employers in every vacant position.

The aim of this article is to expose most of the common mistakes which cost most job seekers their opportunities of getting hired. We will extensively discuss majority of them here, so as to increase your chances of getting hired soon. Let's now look at them below.

1. Relying Too Much on Online Jobs Postings

I have come to discover that most of the online job postings don't always work. Most of the vacancies you see online are only for information sake. In most cases, the vacancies are not filled based on the online application submitted. Some of such jobs are already filled even before they are advertised on online job sites. Well, I won't blame the administrators of online job sites because they are out for business. They will need to continue posting to attract visitors to their sites.

The mistake most job seekers make is to rely heavily on online job sites. I have equally made that same mistake before I finally got my job through an information from a working friend who asked me to got him my CV. My experience from online job postings is that it keep giving you empty hope, as most of my submitted applications never produced positive feedback. What I discovered was that all the good jobs I applied for never contacted me, while the few ones from outsourcing firms will always be the ones to invite me for interview.

I have also inquired from friends on the effectiveness of their online job posting usage. I can tell you that most of them had the same experience as I did. This is to tell you that online job postings is not always effective. But, it will be another mistake to ignore online job postings completely. The ideal thing is to try online job postings and other sources as well.

2. Waiting for Only Advertised Jobs

Another big mistake job seekers make is to focus only on job openings or advertised jobs. It is important to note that almost all companies hires at all time. Going out to sell your skills and potentials to firms is always a recommended method to get a good job. Waiting for only job openings limits your chances of getting a job. This claim is sustained by the number of people that apply for advertised jobs nowadays. You find out that thousands of you most times apply for limited slots, making it extremely difficult for your application to be noticed.

3. Poor Networkings

Sometimes, job seekers fail to create dependable network of people who may be instrumental to their job hunting success. Getting a job fast requires knowing some friends who will always feed you with job openings information. Without timely information of who and who is recruiting and the best way to apply, you may find it difficult to be employed fast. Therefore, you need networking activities to be timely informed of job openings.

4. Doing it Alone

Another mistake that some job seekers do make is to rely only on their own abilities to get a job. Getting a good job fast demands that you seek career advice from other people. Career advice can be soughted from career coaches, experts, and other experience career persons. Trying to do everything on your own may likely cost you a very good job opportunity.

5. Not Preparing Well Enough for Interviews

When it comes to getting a job, interview forms an integral part of the process. You attend interviews to prove yourself worthy before employers of the vacant job. For the facts that you were going to appear before your employers to sell yourself, you need to adequately prepare yourself for any possible question. Going to an interview half prepared will only cause you to lose the opportunity of getting hired. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself very well anytime you were invited for an interview. In this way, you be able to tackle every question that might be put to you.

6. Not Knowing Their Worth

It is good to know your market value when looking for a job. Doing this well help you maintain self confidence even when you are faced with a panel of interviewers. In the course of your interview, the interviewer(s) would like to inquire from you how much you would like to be paid. To play save, never mention any amount, twist the employer to mention the salary he or she would be willing to offer for the job position. Or try to get him or her tell you the range at which he can pay.

From the amount he mentioned, you can now weigh the offer to see if it is worthwhile. If it is not, you can try to say your mind, knowing that you have nothing to lose after all. You can actually negotiate you salary with your employer based on your market worth.

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