These Job Interview Mistakes Can Jeopardize Your Chances of Getting a Job

Just as a good resume wins you an opportunity to an interview, good interview performance wins you an opportunity of getting the job. Getting an opportunity to attend an interview in a reputable organization these days is becoming a herculean task. And it takes a strong resume to be selected for job interviews nowadays.

The difficulty in getting selected for a job interview these days has made it necessary to maximize every slightest opportunity you have to sell your skills to board of employers in any interview session. There is what is called interview skills. When you come to know those skills, it gives you an edge over your competitors in a particular job position. Mastering interview skills will help you to eliminate the common interview mistakes that cost many job seekers an opportunity of getting hired.

This article is purposed to inform you of some of the common interview blunders that is capable of denying you your dream job. They are discussed below.

1. Too Much Talk

Some candidates like to beat about the bush when they were asked a simple and direct question during an interview. Too much talking don't always go down well with interviewers, most of them see it that the candidate don't just know the answer. When facing an interview, try to face the questions head-on, no beating about the bush, as that may make interviewers lose interest in you.

2. Talking Negatively About Your Past/Present Employer(s)

One of the greatest offense recruiters take against job seekers is talking negatively about their past or present employer. This is the fastest way to disqualify yourself from the job. Even if you past or present employer is a demon, try not to express your ill-feeling against him or her. It doesn't in any way bring you close to getting the job, rather, it talks you out of the job. The best option when it comes to talking about your previous or present employer is to show high respect for him or her. Otherwise, your interviewer will see you as a disloyal and uneasy going person.

3. Jumping Fast Into Remuneration

It is a great mistake for a job seeker to rush into asking such questions as salary, incentives, and other benefits. This attitude will make the interviewer to begin to see you as greedy and ancious of money. When facing an interview, concentrate more on winning the hearts of the interviewers. Issues relating to pay can now be discussed when you have gotten the job. Never rush into what you stand to gain on the job first.

4. Neglecting Common People

The first place of contact when entering any organization is the gate. Gate-men may look so common but when it comes to job hunt, avoid treating them rudely. Again, receptionists are usually the ones to usher you into the interview venue. Getting along with both receptionist and gate-men will place you in a better chance of getting hired. There has been some occasions where MDs disguise themselves as those common people to identify the genuine characters among candidates that come for job interview. Treating both gate-men and receptionist well places you in a better position for a job, as interviewers sometimes seek their observation before final selection.

5. Poor Body Language

When it comes to communication, body language cannot be underestimated. As much as you enjoy verbal communications, non-verbal communications plays it's own role. You need to support your words with the corresponding body languages before you can impress your interviewer. There should be adequate eye contact, hand movement, and facial expression. Losing focus of the one you are talking to may signal act of fear to your interviewer. Never feel shy when responding to questions, rather, engage your interviewer eye-ball to eye-ball.

6. Not Preparing Well

The final interview mistake we will discuss in this article is not preparing  well before attending an interview. It is important to read wide on the possible questions before going for any interview. Attending an interview unprepared will only cause you to make fool of yourself there. Try to make some research on the organization you intend to join before going for Interviews. Make every effort to know much about the company. This will help you to use the language of the company in answering the questions from interviewers.


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