You Will Be Afraid of Sleeping With Women After Hearing This Lady's Deliverance Testimony

You Will Be Afraid of Sleeping With Women After Hearing This Lady's Deliverance Testimony
Hmn! Wonders they say shall never end. Horrible and despicable things are happening in this world. 

A lady recently visited Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN where she was delivered from demonic manipulations. When she was giving her deliverance testimony on Emmanuel TV, a TV channel operated by Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN. 

The Church is founded and oversee by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a Lagos, Nigerian based Prophet, who is known for accurate prophecies on both national and world issues. SCOAN is a Church where most people go to in search of deliverance from one problem or the other. 

Now, let us go back to the main matter. As I was saying, despicable things are happening in this world. This lady who was simply identified as Nadine made some shocking revelations during the course of her testimony. The things she said can make any man to quit sexual pleasure with women. I too was perturbed by her revelations. 

In fact, this lady highlighted a lot of things that I cannot cover in this write-up. But the major issues she raised especially as it concerns my fellow men is what I want to discuss here. 

First of all, the lady said that it happened that she got possessed by a mermaid who was using her to accomplish her demonic agenda on the lives of innocent people. She said that the mermaid touched her eyes and put something like lens on her eyes. This object made her very attractive and seductive, thereby making it easy for her to seduce men. 

According to the lady, she was given so much power and wealth. She said that there was a snake in her womb. The mouth of the snake according to the lady is connected to her virgina. This snake she further said, swallows the penis of any man that had sex with her. She further stated that the snake swallows sperms released by men into her virgina during sex. Once the serpent swallows any man's sperm, it automatically goes to their kingdom in the water. 

The implications of this is that such a man will begin to have problems in life. She confessed that such a man may end up not having  children or, on the other hand, give birth to imbeciles and disabled persons. This she said is to inflict pain on the individual. 

A lot of things the lady revealed. But we won’t be able to cover all under this article. We only want to advise men to be careful on how they sleep around. Sex is sweet, but it can destroy your destiny if you unluckily enters the hands of such demon possessed ladies. 

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How To Easily Get Job In Dubai From Your Country

How To Easily Get Job In Dubai From Your Country
It is no longer new to see people apply for jobs in a country  where they do not reside and be favourably considered. It is common to see people these days trying to pitch career in foreign countries where they believe holds greener pastures. With the breakthrough in internet, the world has gradually become a global village. Job seekers can now from their home country apply for a job in another country and end up securing it. 

When it comes to migrating to other countries in search of such greener pastures, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the country that are usually considered. The rate at which people migrate to Dubai to work these days is growing significantly. The reason for this phenomenon may not be far fetched. First of all, Dubai is a beautiful country where tourists visit steady for holidays. Secondly, Dubai has good currency value. Thirdly, the standard of living in Dubai is also moderate. 

With the above factors combined together, every job seeker will wish to move to Dubai. We intend to use this article to teach our loyal readers how they can get an employment in Dubai even when they are still in their respective countries. We will discuss in this article the required skills for a successful job hunt in Dubai. 

Get below our candid step by step tips on getting good job in Dubai. 

1. Understanding The Type of Jobs Available in Dubai

To be successful in your Dubai job search, you need to understand how Dubai jobs work. You need to understand that as a foreigner, there are some manner of jobs in which you can easily get in Dubai. 

Such jobs as security, waiter, bar man, shop attendant and other hotel jobs are the easily available jobs in Dubai. If you really dream to work in Dubai, you need to pay more attention to those types of job. Focusing too much on big jobs will make you to search for jobs in Dubai for eternity. The easier way is to start with the smaller jobs then move up to bigger ones over time.

2. Understanding How to Apply For Job in Dubai 

Another thing you need to know about getting a job in Dubai is to understand how to go about applying. There are basically two things you should know about getting a job in Dubai. First and foremost, you need to know the most easily gotten jobs in Dubai. The second thing you ought to know is how to secure such jobs. 

There are majorly two methods in which you can apply for jobs that exist in Dubai. One way is to apply online through job websites. The other way is to apply through an agent or recruitment firms. You can always search the internet to find out job openings and apply using the available methods. There are so many websites that offer Dubai job information. I can even give you a list of few of them so that you can register and get job updates. Below are some of the recommended ones.

On the other hand, agents can be of great help in your search for job in Dubai. There are some agents that have links with employers in Dubai that can facilitate your recruitment process. But caution should be taken to ensure that you don’t enter into the hands of fraudsters. 

3. Create a Strong and Convincing CV/Resume 

Another activity you also need to adopt in your search for job in Dubai is to package your CV in a way that it will communicate your potentials and skills very well to employers. Your CV is a powerful tool through which you can sell yourself to the employer of your dream job. You need to narrow down your CV to speak enthusiastically your ability to fit into the role in which you apply for. Let your CV focus more on your qualifications for the position you are applying for. A well written CV will help you convince your employer that you are the best person for the position. No good CV, no job opportunity for you.

4. Network Through Online Public Profile

In recent times, LinkedIn has increasingly become a popular way to network with people in your industry. More and more employers are beginning to use LinkedIn as a recruitment and hiring tool, students and professionals are not left out as they also use it for their job searches. Creating a public profile on LinkedIn can help you network to meet both employers and your fellow job seekers on your field. Simply visit LinkedIn website and sign up an account. Your LinkedIn profile if properly managed, automatically serves as CV for you. After furnishing your LinkedIn profile, try to connect to friends as much as possible. This will give you a positive exposure to employers who browse the net daily for best hands. 

5. Travel To Dubai

This option should only be considered after you have exhausted other opportunities. You can actually travel to Dubai in search of a job. One interesting thing about traveling to Dubai is that it doesn’t cost too much. Dubai is one the countries that have a very good and flexible Visa policy. A two weeks Visa from Nigeria here to Dubai only cost $200. Within this two weeks period, you can actually secure a job. 

One of the secret way to do it is to look for agents immediately you enter Dubai who will help you secure anyhow job. Even if it is a security job, just grab it and start from there. The firm that hire you will then ensure you get a work Visa. To be frank with you, you can actually get a better job after fulfilling your agreement with your first employer.

I believe you have learnt something new from this article, we will like to here from you on how helpful the article is to you. We admit that we don’t know it all, this is why we enjoin you to add in the comment box other ways in which you think job seekers can easily get jobs in Dubai.

Best regards.

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Banks To Sell Dollar Between N270 - N300 Under New FX Regime

Banks To Sell Dollar Between N270 - N300 Under New FX Regime
Central Bank of Nigeria 
If the predictions from one of the foremost commercial banks in the Country is to hold, then FX will be traded between N270 to N300 per dollar effective 20th June, 2016.

A reliable source from one of the banks whose name we won't want to have on print hinted our correspondent that the newly introduced  flexible foreign exchange policy by CBN this week will see the US dollar sold across the inter-banks at a price that is up to N300 starting from June 20 when the new regime will kick off.

It could be recalled the the Central Bank of Nigeria on Wednesday June 20 announced the introduction of a flexible FX regime slated to take off on 20th June 2016. The apex bank also stated that 10 primary dealers will be selected to pilot the policy. 
More on this soon...
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Osinbajo Takes Over As President's Health Deteriorates

Osinbajo Takes Over As President's Health Deteriorates
Prof Yemi Osinbajo 
A press release from the Presidency by the President's Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina says that President Mohammudu Buhari will take 10 days off work and travel to London on June 6 to rest. 

The statement disclosed that President Buhari will use the period to see Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for a persistent ear infection. It further stated that the President was examined by a Personal Physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated. 

It could be recalled that the People's Democratic Party, PDP, has earlier raised alarm over the President's health. They have alleged that President Buhari is critically ill which was Osinbajo Takes Over As President's Health Deteriorates swiftly denied by the Presidency.

During the President's holiday, it is expected that the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo would pilot the affairs of the Country. 
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Reasons Why Most of Your Job Applications End Up in The Trash

Reasons Why Most of Your Job Applications End Up in The Trash
Job Application 
LolGetting a job these days has become extremely hard. The reason for this phenomenon may not be far fetched. It could be attributed to the higher demand for jobs as against limited positions available. Every year by year, the rate of unemployment deteriorates. School leavers keep adding to the yet to be employed ones, thereby making it highly competitive for limited vacancies available for filling. 

This latest development in the job market has made it necessary for job-seekers to do their homework very well before applying for any position. For your Resume/CV to win the confidence of employers, there are a number of works that you will need to carry out on them. 

It is very important to note that thousands of applications are received for every good job vacancy. More important is the fact that employers don't find it easy to review all these applications. As a matter of fact, employers hate reading CVs as much as we hate writing them. To make your application stand out from other applications, you will need to apply the following strategies next time you apply for a job. 

1. Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the number one selling tool you have to market yourself to recruiters. The way you organise your cover letter will go a long way to determine if the recruiters will read your CV/Resume. The content of your cover letter is also very paramount to your job hunt success. 

Many people make the mistake of writing a lengthy cover letter. They forget that employers are very busy and have thousands of applications to review. Job recruiters prefer concise but powerful cover letters. So, when writing a cover letter, try to use three to five sentences to sell yourself to employers. Present your unique skills and potentials without wasting much time. Lengthy cover letters will only end up boring your recruiter. 

Therefore, try to use your cover letter to win the interest of recruiters to read your CV. One of the ways to do this is to study the job requirements very well and streamline your cover letter to satisfy them. Your cover letter should be able to demonstrate in strong terms what you can offer the company should they hire you. In that case, the recruiter will have the encouragement to review your CV where you stated more about yourself. 

2. Not Tailoring Your CV for Each Application 

If your CV is going to impress every person in the recruitment team, then it needs to show each one of them that you have the requisite skills to perform the role. Unfortunately, some people make that mistake of submitting same CV for all their job applications. It is necessary to narrow down your CV to shot the requirements of each job you are to apply for. You should always ensure to modify your CV to suit the requirements of the particular job you are applying for. This modification are mostly done on the profile or objectives as the case may be. 

There is need to read each job description properly, after which you edit your CV to ensure that those sought-after skills are featured prominently and stand out to readers. Particularly, you should aim to pack the top part of your CV with as many relevant terms as possible, this will create an instant impact as soon your CV is opened.

3. CV Structure

Some people like to tell stories when writing CV/Resume. Apart from your profile or objectives, you have no need for paragraphs or sentences in presenting your qualifications. Time is of great essence to every hiring manager. They detest CVs that are structured in such a way as if someone is presenting a life biography. They usually prefer the information in a bulletted form. Make your information as simple as possible. Present it in such a way that a recruiter be able to understand it by just glancing through it. 

4. Not Matching Your Responsibilities With Achievements

In your past job experience section, you are required to state the core responsibilities of your job. In the same vein, you should also state the extent of your achievements to those responsibilities. The essence of this is to measure your performance on the previous job. Many job-seekers fail to supply this relevant information. Your failure to match up these two requirements sometimes suggest to  employers that you performed very poor in your previous experiences.
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