You Will Be Afraid of Sleeping With Women After Hearing This Lady's Deliverance Testimony

Hmn! Wonders they say shall never end. Horrible and despicable things are happening in this world. 

A lady recently visited Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN where she was delivered from demonic manipulations. When she was giving her deliverance testimony on Emmanuel TV, a TV channel operated by Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN. 

The Church is founded and oversee by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a Lagos, Nigerian based Prophet, who is known for accurate prophecies on both national and world issues. SCOAN is a Church where most people go to in search of deliverance from one problem or the other. 

Now, let us go back to the main matter. As I was saying, despicable things are happening in this world. This lady who was simply identified as Nadine made some shocking revelations during the course of her testimony. The things she said can make any man to quit sexual pleasure with women. I too was perturbed by her revelations. 

In fact, this lady highlighted a lot of things that I cannot cover in this write-up. But the major issues she raised especially as it concerns my fellow men is what I want to discuss here. 

First of all, the lady said that it happened that she got possessed by a mermaid who was using her to accomplish her demonic agenda on the lives of innocent people. She said that the mermaid touched her eyes and put something like lens on her eyes. This object made her very attractive and seductive, thereby making it easy for her to seduce men. 

According to the lady, she was given so much power and wealth. She said that there was a snake in her womb. The mouth of the snake according to the lady is connected to her virgina. This snake she further said, swallows the penis of any man that had sex with her. She further stated that the snake swallows sperms released by men into her virgina during sex. Once the serpent swallows any man's sperm, it automatically goes to their kingdom in the water. 

The implications of this is that such a man will begin to have problems in life. She confessed that such a man may end up not having  children or, on the other hand, give birth to imbeciles and disabled persons. This she said is to inflict pain on the individual. 

A lot of things the lady revealed. But we won’t be able to cover all under this article. We only want to advise men to be careful on how they sleep around. Sex is sweet, but it can destroy your destiny if you unluckily enters the hands of such demon possessed ladies. 


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