Buhari Gives APC States N2bn Each To Edge Their Development Above PDP

Buhari Gives APC States N2bn Each To Edge Their Development Above PDP
State Governors elected under the platform of All Progressive Congress, APC, on Tuesday meet with President Mohammudu Buhari in a closed-door meeting to seek lasting solution to the incessant crisis rocking the National Assembly. 

Report had it that the progressive governors agreed in their meeting to do everything within their powers to ensure that the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu is removed in office as the Deputy President of the Senate within the shortest time.

Briefing newsmen after their meeting, the Chairman of Progressive Governors Forum and Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, said that the Progressive Governors has decided to intervene in the crisis rocking the National Assembly.

A reliable source in the meeting told our correspondent that it was an anomaly for the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu who is in the opposition to continue to clinch the office of Deputy Senate President. 

The source also informed us that President Buhari approved N2bn each for all APC States so as to help them develop their States, thereby placing those States ahead of PDP controlled States. 

The action of Mr President was seen by many as baised politics especially in the present state of the National when many States are unable to pay salaries. This fund if released will definitely make APC governors look more hard working than their PDP counterparts, says feelers. 

Whatever be the case,  Nigerians are watching with Keen interest where this present administration of President Mohammudu Buhari is taking us. 

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CBN Says FG To Stop Payment of Workers Salaries By October if...

CBN Says FG To Stop Payment of Workers Salaries By October if...
The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele yesterday appeared on the floor of the Senate to explain to the lawmakers the state of the economy. 

In his presentation, he painted a gloomy picture of the economy saying that the Federal Government may not be able pay salaries from October should the challenges facing the nation continue.

According to Vanguard report, Emefiele told the Senators that it was strange and frightening for the Nigerian economy to be experiencing stagnation and inflation at the same time. He explained that ordinarily, both were not supposed to happen simultaneously.

A source was reported to hsve said that Mr. Emefiele expressed concern that the economy was gloomy, stagnant and worsening as a result.

According to the source, Emefiele noted that the economy was biting on all, with almost all activities crippled, he also that the indices that would have made the economy grow were not in place at this moment.

The CBN governor attributed the problem of the economy to the renew bombing of oil facilities in the Niger Delta by Niger Delta Avengers, NDA and a sharp decline in the price of oil in the international market.

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Buhari Exonerates Amaechi of Corruption, Says His Ministers Not Corrupt

Buhari Exonerates Amaechi of Corruption, Says His Ministers Not Corrupt
President Mohammudu Buhari has once again defended his cabinet from corruption charges. This according to Vanguard report came on the day the Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo refuted the claims in some quarters that the anti-corruption fight of President Mohammudu Buhari is targeted at the members of the opposition party and other perceived enemies, saying the view was grossly incorrect and unfounded.

It could be recalled that the President had during his first media chat, said none of his ministers  was corrupt.

In his word, "I don't think I tolerate corruption, I don't think I picked anyone who would embarrass me. But if you have any evidence about any of my ministers, I accept responsibility for the 36 ministers thst I have".

"I don't think I took anybody among the ministers who has got a case in court. Tell me one out of the 36. I don't think I will deliberately make such mistake," said the president.

But the question that the majority of Nigerians are asking is, what of the corruption allegations levelled against his Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi? Nigerians will want to know if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC has actually probed Mr. Amaechi and certify him free from corrupt practices. If not, why would Mr. President verbally exonerate all his Ministers including Amaechi of corruption?

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[PHOTO]: President Buhari Tries To Raise 2 Dead Men

[PHOTO]: President Buhari Tries To Raise 2 Dead Men
President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered  the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to reopen investigation into the unresolved murder of the former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, and ex-Deputy National Chairman of People’s Democratic Party, PDP South-South, Chief Aminosari Dokubo, and fish out the perpetrators.

Recall that the killing of the two personalities caused national outrage, with Nigerians calling on government of former President Olusegun to fish out the killers.

Some analysts according to our source described this move by the president as synonymous to raising the dead.

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The Fastest Way To Make Money With The Internet

The Fastest Way To Make Money With The Internet
One of the principles I have abide in my life is never to be stingy with information that has the capacity to change someone’s life. In fact, this principle is one of the reasons I created this blog.

I observed that many people in our society today are unemployed. These category of people are yearning every day on what to start doing to liberate their lives from abject poverty and lack. Because it have been my desire to empower people financially, I have decided to share this wealth opportunity to my info-craving audience so as to help them make the best out of life. 
The information am about to share with you is what I have seen some people whose lives were changed just by acting on the info. I myself had to seize the opportunity to increase my net worth. It is working for me since I joined, and I believe that it can also work for as many as will give it a try.

As the title of this article suggest, the programme I am about to introduce to you is an internet based one. The internet is defined as the network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.

Looking at the speed of the internet and internet driven businesses against the traditional businesses and other bricks and mortar kind of businesses, it is widely said that the internet in its first 5 years had over 50 million users, TV took 13 years to reach that stage and Radio took 38 years.

Companies like Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo among others have proved that the internet is indeed a gold mine.

Back to our main discussion, the business am about to discuss with you is what many people know as Networking. I was one of the people who feel sceptical about networking business. But I had to drop that attitude after seeing someone I know became a multi-millionaire through this same networking business. I had to ask myself, is it better to continue to workout my life for a company that hardly appreciate my efforts, or to work for myself? To tell you the truth, I made a decision to try working for myself through an opportunity provided by EBN. 

EBN simply means E-Business Network. EBN has offered everyone an opportunity to walk yourself up to success and financial freedom. All you are required to do is to join the network by buying any of the company’s three packs. Once you get yourself registered, you will immediately start earning from the multiple channels the company has designed. There is no limit to what you can earn, thus, your earnings is dependent on your efforts. 

Note that you will be required to register at least two persons to grow. The business is a team work, you earn from the efforts of all the people in your team. 

Now, you can take a look at the account of this student of the University of Nigeria, who attracted me to EBN.

The guy has been able to liberate himself from poverty within a space of 8 months. I strongly believe that someone else can replicate this.

NB: You need a sponsor ID to register. 
To register, simply click here.
To know more about EBN, download their material here
You can also call me on 08036704196 for personal assistance

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UNBELIEVABLE: Mr Ibu Emerges The Richest Nigerian Actor, See His Net Worth.

UNBELIEVABLE: Mr Ibu Emerges The Richest Nigerian Actor, See His Net Worth.
Mr Ibu
John Okafor, a Nigerian Nollywood actor popularly know as Mr Ibu has been numbered among the ten richest Nigerian actors. He is estimated to worth $4.2m. 

John Okafor is a popular Nollywood actor and also a comedian. He is considered to be one the talented Nollywood actors. His acting is often characterised by stupidity, imbecility and a complete disconnection from reality.

John Okafor is born in 17 October 1961, and is married to Stella Maris Okafor. He has featured in over 70 movies. The most popular among them include Mr Ibu (2004), Mr Ibu in London (2004), Police Recruit (2003) etc. 

Thanks for your time on this post, I’ll appreciate if you can comment on how you feel watching this great actor/comedian's movies.

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5 Important information You Need To Know About 2016 Post-UTME

5 Important information You Need To Know About 2016 Post-UTME
As against the former believe that Universities won’t be conducting Post-UTME screening for admission into the Nigerian Universities for 2016/2017 academic session, Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination has come to stay.

This agreement was reached in a meeting between The Federal Ministry of Education and other Education stakeholders. The statement was announced by the Secretary General, Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, Prof. Michael Faborode.

It’s against the backdrop of the foregoing confusion that trailed screening exercise, that we decided to bring you this article. Below are the following information that we feel every Nigerian should know about 2016 Post-UTME screening exercise.

1. It is Sacrosanct 

Contrary to the believe that Nigerian Universities won’t be conducting screening this year following the Federal government earlier scraping of the exercise, it is now certain that all the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions will be conducting screening before admitting any student. 

2. Application Form is N2,500

The Federal government has equally directed all the Institutions involved to abide the N2,500 government approved fee for the exercise. 

3. Method of Application 

Candidates are to generate Remitta Invoice from the internet and proceed to any bank of their choice to make payments. The candidates are also expected to take their receipt to the Institutions of their choice in order to complete other registration requirements.

4. No CBT Test

The Federal government has as well scrapped CBT test for Post-UTME and JAMB exams. The screening is to be conducted in paper and pen format. 

5. When It is Starting 

As write, many Universities has already commenced the sale of screening forms. Banks have been witnessing the influx of candidates who come to make payments for the form since the beginning of this week. 

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5 Best And Cheap Products You Can Import From Dubai

5 Best And Cheap Products You Can Import From Dubai
Our last post was on how to get a job in Dubai from your country. Today, we wish to write on the trade aspect of it. This is because it is not every body that likes to work for others. Some people prefer to be on their own through establishment of private businesses.

When it comes to importation of goods into Nigeria, one of the countries that comes to mind is Dubai. Though most of the goods sold in Nigeria today are made in China, some products are more economical to be sourced from Dubai.

Dubai is not just a tourist state, but also a trade zone. There are many industries in Dubai that produce all kinds of products you can think of.  If you were conversant with the word “comparative advantage” you will know that countries have special products that they offer at a better rate than others.

There are some products that offer better economic gains for traders to import from Dubai. But it also depends on the country of the trader. For Nigerian businessmen and businesswomen, the following products we are about to discuss will offer you more gain to import them from Dubai than any other place. They include:

1. Jewelleries

Dubai is notably known as a destination for jewelleries such as diamonds, gold, silver and bronze. The country has a huge trade advantage on these products. Nigerian businessmen and women usually source all their jewelleries from Dubai. Jewelleries are found in enough quantity in Dubai, and also cost efficient. So, are you a Nigerian businessman or woman and have been researching on where to import jewelleries from into Nigeria? Dubai is definitely a good option for you. Dubai has the capacity to supply you the quality and quantity of jewelleries you might ever need. This is because there is enough deposit of jewelleries in the country.

2. Wrist Watches

Wrist watch is yet another product that can be imported from Dubai at a very good price. Dubai market is flooded with all kinds of quality and designers wrist watches. Most of the watches you see in Nigerian market come from Dubai. You can get it in both leather and chain, in gold and silver as well. One good thing about importing wrist watches from Dubai is that it can be imported at no extra transportation charge. You can buy and pack everything in a traveling bag that falls under the allowed flight luggage kilogram.

3. Phone Accessories

Dubai is also known for assorted quality and durable phone accessories. Phone accessories such as chargers, batteries, screen protectors, cases, eyepiece, etc. are very cheap in Dubai. Most Nigerian businessmen import their phone accessories from Dubai. Again, there is so much gain in this line of business.

4. Fabrics and Textiles 

Clothing materials is yet another item that is cost effective to buy from Dubai. Wears such as men and women jeans, trousers, shirts, and fabrics are very affordable in Dubai market. Some international business people prefer to import clothing materials from Dubai than any other country. There are plenty of factories that deal on this line of product. And you can start importing clothes from Dubai with as low as N500,000. This is a great opportunity for business people.

5. Hand Bags

These days, many Nigerian women travel to Dubai to import designers hand bags. Interestingly, most of those women make huge profits from their trips. Dubai hand bags are of high quality and also durable. And there is huge market for them. You may even have no need for a shop to start dealing on this line of trade. You can decide to be taking your wares from one office to another and still make good sales.

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