REVEALED: Edo Election Postponed Because of Sallah Break

Wondered shall never end! This statement is what many Nigerians will be shouting by the time they hear the real reason why Edo State gubernatorial election is postponed for two weeks. 

Contrary to the make-believe news making the round that Edo State gubernatorial election was postponed because of terrorist and extremist threat to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens, a reliable source in the corridors of power has revealed to us that the two main reasons why Edolites will not be deciding the future of their dear state today, are because some Muslims are opposed to the election in the light of their Monday and Tuesday Sallah celebration and the APC perceived fear of losing to PDP. 

The source disclosed that the ruling class searched for a strong excuse until someone came up with the idea of using security as a reason. He said that APC also complained of not being too sure of success in the postponed election. He attributed those two factors as being behind the Postponement in the election.

Recall that the Police in collaboration with DSS sited security threats as the reason INEC must consider shifting Edo State gubernatorial election. 

Meanwhile, Nigerians has expressed disappointed over the decision of the security agencies to scuttle this Saturday election. Some even challenged the security agencies to name the terrorist or extremist groups they claimed issued the thread.


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