INSULT: Mugabe And Other Sit-Tight African Leaders Will End in Prison If I Win – Trump

The U.S. Republican Candidate , Donald Trump today spoke tough when he sent a strong message to all African power-drunk leaders. The business mogul turn politician made this known when he addressed war veterans in Washington. 

Trump specifically pointed fingers to two African president, Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) and Yoweri Museveni (Uganda). He said that those two African leaders have given the world enough trouble already. He called both of them dictators. 

Donald Trump also warned other like-minded African dictators who want to die in power that their time is up, and that they will all face justice once he assume power. 

In his word, Trump declared that he will not condone any dictatorial tendency exhibited around the world especially the ones by two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda, Mugabe and Museveni. He said that they must be put on notice and that their days are numbered even as he vowed to arrest and lock them up in prison if he wins November election. 

Trump further declared that he will not be afraid of them, saying if past American administrations failed to stop them that he would stop them.


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