Tragedy: How This Man Was Electrocuted in Nsukka While Trying To Fix Light

There was a tragedy on the 20th  day of October 2016, around Total Filling Station in Nsukka town when a man who was said to be working with EEDC got electrocuted while trying to resolve power problem.

The incidence gathered a mammoth crowd who stood around shouting and sympathising with the electric shock victim. The man was reported to have died at the spot. 

According to a source, the EEDC staff climbed the pole to work on power installation when the light was totally put Off, and it happened that someone either mistakenly or purposely On the light. 

It took the  service of crane to bring down the corpse of the unfortunate engineer. As at the time of writing, the identity of the electrocuted man was still unknown. 

May his soul rest in peace.


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