How To Know If That Job Interview Is Worth Attending

The paucity of goods jobs in our society nowadays has necessitated the introduction of many slave-like jobs schemes. Some individuals always like to take advantage of certain conditions to exploit their fellow human beings.

It is no longer news that many economies has gone into recession as a result of drastic fall in international oil prices. This kind of economic crisis has created untold hardship to citizens who on daily basis were faced by inflation in the face of dwindling income.

Getting a job in a recessive economy has become a herculean task. Some individuals and companies being aware of the present hardship, devise some kind of slavery schemes in the name of employment. Citizens who are left with no choice than to grab such jobs to survive, usually go through untold hardship.

I discovered that sometimes even without applying for any job, you do get a job interview invite. I was on my own the other and I got an SMS inviting me for a so called job interview. Below is a sample of such invitation.

At first, I was surprised because I could not remember applying for such job. But being in need of a change of job, I was willing to attend. But  because I couldn’t have attended blindly, I made a little research about them. I first called the number they provided for inquiries and the woman I spoke to gave me an impression that the organisation is an NGO. I further inquired if the offer was a marketing job, she told me it was an office job. 

Hmm, I got even more interested. Even though the invite was an urgent one, I was still willing to attend. 

But at a time, I decided to go online to research on the so called NGO. When I Googled it, I saw many job adverts on numerous positions by the same self acclaimed NGO. This time I made up my mind to attend the interview.

But on a second thought, I decided to make further research on the said NGO. It was when I got to Nairaland that I discovered the manner of company that invited me for a job chat. What a pity. 

In Nairaland, I saw the comments of people from all walks of life in the said organisation. I came to understand that they were into Network Marketing of health products. What a fraud! 

Come to think of it, who is that ‘referral’ that they said  nominated? Why did the person not deem it necessary to inform me if the job is worthwhile?

I would have regretted moving all the way from Nsukka to Enugu to attend a 9am seminar construed as interview. I would have regretted wasting my hard earned money on Transport Fare to attend such a deceptive job interview.

This was how I was tricked by a friend while I was still serving my father land via NYSC Scheme to attend this kind of nonsense job interview in Lagos. I traveled all the way from Osun State to Lagos only to see hungry and tattered looking people doing presentations on what the company is all about. They started by administering test and afterwards, there was a presentation which was done to remind us that there was no job anywhere in the country, that their company is offering us an opportunity to work for ourselves and make enough money. The company was also into selling of health products, you were to go and make presentations in some selected clusters and sell products to them thereafter.

It is important to always make some research on companies before foolishly attending job interviews. And I recommend Nairaland for everyone who is in Nigeria. Nairaland is a forum where people share their ideas and experiences on anything. You can explore their wonderful platform from today.


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