Today’s Vote Will Tell Whether Prophet T.B Joshua Was Right or Wrong On U.S Election

The United State Electoral College will go to poll today to choose between the U.S president-elect, Donald Trump and his rival, Hillary Clinton. 

According to U.S. Constitution, the real presidential election takes place December 19 when the electors meet in the 50 State capitals and Washington D.C to cast their votes. 

To be elected a president, a candidate must score at least 270 votes out of 538 Electoral College votes representing 50%. 

Indications are already that there are pressures mounting against Trump. Many of Trump's Electoral College voters are already expressing their likelihood of not voting for him. One of them has been said to have resigned, saying that his vote for Trump will mean a dishonour to God.

Recall that prior to November 8 U.S presidential election, a popular Nigerian prophet, Prophet T.B Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN, revealed that God showed him the new American President. He went further to say that the next American President will be a woman. Many people interpreted this woman to be Hillary Clinton as she was the only close rival to Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump surpassed the expectations of the prophecy to emerge the winner of the election. But since his emergence, there has been controversies surrounding his victor.y. Since Trump's victory, there has been diverse criticisms on the person of T.B Joshua

Today's vote will determine whether Donald Trump will be sworn-in as the next American President or otherwise.


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