Now We Know Where Prophet T.B Joshua Got His Powers

When you watch Prophet T.B Joshua on Emmanuel TV exercising powers over the issues of this life, you will be moved to ask where and how he got his own powers. 

Prophet T.B Joshua is known for performing diverse miracles. Some people even find it difficult to accept that fact that they tag his miracles ‘magic’. The man of God who is the founder and General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN exercises authority over the devil, sickness, disease, afflictions etc. His Church is popularly known for deliverance. 

People from all over the world troop to the Synagogue Church of All Nations to receive their deliverance, healing, salvation, and even charity. The Church has become a global affairs as foreigners fly from their countries to worship with the man of God every Sunday.

There are millions of people who believe and follow the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. On the other hand, many people questions the source of his power making it impossible for them to believe in the man of God. 

According to Prophet T.B Joshua in one of his Sunday service sermons titled ‘My Testimony’, he got his powers and vision after he completed his 40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer on a mountain. 

Temitope Balogun Joshua said that he was in a trance for (three) days where he saw a Bible pointed to him. According Prophet Joshua, the Bible entered his heart and then the awareness came. He said he saw the apostles and prophets and a man whose face he could not see because he was talk to the heaven. 

“T.B Joshua said the man spoke to him and said, I am the Lord your God. I am giving you a commission to go and do the work of the heavenly Father, I will manifest my powers through you to the world”. 

That was the account of Prophet T.B Joshua on how he got his powers. Now the valid question is, can a man have a trance for three days? Watch the video here and share your thought.


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