Top 10 Interview Tips For Getting Job Faster

Getting a job entails a number of activities. Starting from CV/resume writing to Cover letter then to interview stage. Interview stage is usually a crucial one. It is crucial in the sense that it is not all job applications that you were shortlisted for interview. 

Getting interview invite these days has become as scarce as American Visa. This tells the reason why it is very important to prepare very well for any interview you were privileged to be invited.

This article will focus on the helpful tips for a successful interview outing. With the following tips we intend to discuss here, it will be very difficult for anyone to perform poorly in any interview. Let us now look at 10 of those tips.

Research On The Company or Organisation

The first thing to do whenever you were invited for an interview is to do a thorough research on the company. You need to carry a research on what the company deals on, their culture, vision, mission, etc. You also need to research on the job requirements, in other words, key responsibilities. You can also research on the company's recruiter - is it internal or external? A good knowledge of the above concerns will assist you in your preparation for the scheduled interview.

Review Related Interview Questions

Once you are done with your research, the next thing to do is to gather possible interview questions and proffer answers to them. Remember that part of your research is on the recruiter of the said company. Once you are able to unravel the hiring manager(s) of the company or organisation you are bid for interview, you will be able to know what kind of questions you are expecting. Gather a good number of such questions and provide solutions to them. This action has just helped you to gain advantage over the interview.

Dress For Success

There is this saying that you should dress the way you want to be addressed. Interview is all about selling yourself to a hiring manager or interviewers. You need to package yourself in an impressive way. Your dressing should also take cognisance of the dressing culture of the company or organisation you applied for a job. Take time to arrange your clothe before attending any interview. A well pressed dress is highly advisable. But, ensure that you don’t overdress with unnecessary jewelleries.

Arrive on Time 

Another good way to accelerate your success in interviews is to ensure that you arrived the venue on time. Arriving early enough will allow you to relax and get accustom yourself with the environment. Taking little time to rest before interview will put to rest every form of anxiety. Interview is better when you are in a calm and relaxed mood. Coming late to an interview is capable of destabilizing you. Always avoid this mistake.

Create a Positive Impression

Because you don’t know who is who, it is important you be nice and polite to everyone you encounter throughout your interview process. Starting from the gateman to the receptionist and then the hiring manager, be nice. Incidences has emerged where the hiring manager pretends to be common people. In some cases, gatemen can be called upon to give their appraisal of the candidates. Being nice to everyone you meet throughout the interview process may be an added advantage.

Be Focused, Coordinated and Confident 

One of the secrets of interview success is to be focused, coordinated and Confident when answering interview questions. You must by no way allow yourself to be intimidated by the personality of the hiring manager. You need to build self-confidence to be able to start and remain focused throughout the interview session. Entertaining fear and timidity will get you off the job.

Explore Body Language

Non verbal communication is an essential form of communication. Verbal communication alone cannot do a great job. When facing an interview, ensure that you make use of body language such as eye contact, facial expressions, hand demonstration, nodding, etc. Also avoid detrimental form of body language such as looking off in the distance, touching your face, fidgeting in a chair, etc.

Ask Valid Questions

Studies has shown that employers make a judgment about an applicants interest on the job by whether or not the interviewee asks questions. It’s paramount to ask at least one question after interview. Whether or not you understand everything about the interview, try to ask the hiring manager a question. Asking questions will give the hiring manager an impression that you can relate very well with people. Caution should be applied when asking interviewers question. This is because, while some questions can help you get the job,  others can rob your chances.

Don’t Appear Desperate

When you attend interview with ‘please please, hire me approach', the interviewer will see you as desperate. You don’t have to show the hiring manager how desperate you need the job. Always make these 3 Cs (calm, cool and confidence) your watch word when answering interview questions. 

Thank Interviewer(s)

The last effort any jobseeker can make is thanking those who interviewed him or her. You need to warmly thank your interviewer(s) before leaving the interview premises. You can extend a handshake when saying thank you. Thank you email to all those interviewers is also advisable. 

Interview can give you hope, especially when you think you have performed well. Preparing very well before attending interview can save you the stress of endless job search. The tips we have recommended above is to help you come out successful. 



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