Drama As Prophet T.B Joshua Disgraces a Penis Grabber in Church

Drama As Prophet T.B Joshua Disgraces a Penis Grabber in Church

It was like a drama in Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), today 30th April 2017 when Prophet T.B Joshua called out a woman from the congregation and told her she was a fighter. 

The man of God went ahead to prophesy that she is a penis grabber. The woman who confirmed the prophecy said that she grabs her husband penis because he cheats on her. She revealed that her husband has over hundred girlfriends. 

Prophet T.B Joshua who told the woman that she was the cause had to shift away from the woman, saying he had to do that to prevent her from grabbing his own penis. The congregation was thrown into laughter after the man of God said that. To them, they didn’t imagine  the prophet can utter such a word in Church. 

The woman was later delivered from the evil spirit troubling her. 

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Is Prophet T.B. Joshua Still Alive?

Is Prophet T.B. Joshua Still Alive?

I don’t know how many of you who have or are still tuning in to Emmanuel TV of Synagogue Church of All Nations? Sometimes I do watch the channel and get marvelled at the miracles the man of God, Prophet Joshua performs in his Church. 

The manner of diverse miracles taking place in Synagogue Church of All Nations is the kind that is not common in our contemporary world. The way in which the man of God ministers healing and deliverance to the afflicted congregations make people to wonder if the man, Prophet T.B Joshua is still a human being like all of us. 

The instant manifestations of healings and deliverances in the lives of those people is what many finds difficult to understand. No condition seems to come to SCOAN unchanged. Be it sickness, barrenness, hardship, joblessness, the man of God ministers change to all.

The above signs and wonders happening in SCOAN has kept me wondering if Prophet T.B. Joshua is still a human being or a spirit among the living.

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Renewed Hope For MMM Members As 2016 Mavro Overgrowth Is Being Slashed For Immediate Payment

Renewed Hope For MMM Members As 2016 Mavro Overgrowth Is Being Slashed For Immediate Payment

There seems to be hope on the way for all MMM Nigeria members as all 2016 Mavro which has more than tripled is being slashed to normal 30 percent  to enable payment. 

Recall that 2016 Mavro has overgrown to the extent that all MMM Nigeria participants began to get worried on how the system will be able to pay all those monies. 

But last week witnessed a reduction of Mavro on POs. Many MMM Nigeria participants had noticed that their fat Mavro had been slashed back to normal 30%. 

This development to many is an indication that all 2016 Mavro will be released soon for withdrawal. On the modalities for withdrawal, a top Guider at MMM Nigeria revealed that a new PH interface is under implementation. According to her, this one will have the option where you can choose whether to get 30% Mavro on your new PH or 100% of your old 2016 Mavro.

If this is implemented, then all MMM Nigeria members will get committed again.

See photo below.

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REVEALED: How MMM Participants Can Cash Out Their 2016 Mavros

REVEALED: How MMM Participants Can Cash Out Their 2016 Mavros

Research has shown that Nigeria is not the first country where MMM has gone on PAUSE MODE. Countries like Russia, South Africa, China, and Zimbabwe have had their own share of pause mode. 

In the ideology of MMM, pause mode was provided to be activated when GH starts to exceed PH. In Russia, South Africa, China, and Zimbabwe, MMM went on pause but restarted later on. 

Just like what MMM Nigerian participants are passing through now, other MMM countries have experienced similar situation. But most of those countries were able to come out of their quagmire because they applied this only secret I am about to share here.

The secret is very simple but can be hard to swallow. This is because many participants will out of fear or smartness feel reluctant to comply to this only way out. 

Now, what is the secret to releasing MMM Nigeria 2016 Mavro? The secret is for every MMM Nigeria member to start providing new help. It is simple! No PH no GH. Everybody wants to be paid 2016 Mavro. But the question is, who will pay it – Sergey Mavrodi? It is definitely impossible for the founder of MMM to pay it as participants did not pay to him directly. They all paid directly to another participant. This makes it impossible for Sergey Mavrodi to pay with his own money.

The only way 2016 Mavro can be paid is when participants begin to PH again in enormous quantity. It’s only when that happens that the system will begin to release 2016 Mavro to be withdrawn. If not, the Mavro will remain in the system growing without any impact on participants' bank account.

If I were to be the leaders of MMM Nigeria, I will convene a national conference for all Mavrodians to chat out the way forward for MMM. 

Let us know your take on this issue, maybe we can make suggestions for the leaders to implement.
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How This Man Went To Price a Car After Dreaming of MMM Paying Him 2016 Mavro

How This Man Went To Price a Car After Dreaming of MMM Paying Him 2016 Mavro

It is no longer news that MMM Nigeria has placed all 2016 Mavro under limits. This development has led to many participants of the help community unable to withdraw the money they invested in the system before MMM went on PAUSE MODE December last year. 

But today in what looks like a drama, a man was reported to have visited car showroom in Lagos to price a Toyota car model he has been dreaming to buy. Surprisingly, when the car dealers asked the which payment options he wishes to use for payment. The man was reported to have said, “don’t worry, I will come back next week with the money when I cash out my 2016 Mavro”. 

The man was also said to have narrated that he had a dream where MMM Nigeria started full payment of 2016 Mavro. He went further to say that he had to rush down here to ascertain the price of the car because he doesn’t want to waste further time immediately he is paid. He stated that he will use the car to shame his enemies whom he said have been mocking him since MMM Nigeria froze all 2016 Mavro.

Isn’t that funny? Who is still expecting MMM Nigeria to pay out 2016 Mavro? Even if MMM will still pay their participants their 2016 Mavro, I don’t think it will be this soon. 

My recommend that such a man in question should be thoroughly examined by a psychiatrist. This is because the behaviour he just exhibited is the first sign of madness.

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3 Ponzi Schemes That Mean Well for Their Members

3 Ponzi Schemes That Mean Well for Their Members

The year 2016 witnessed the emergence of many networking businesses called Ponzi scheme. Among the notable Ponzi schemes include MMM Nigeria, Givers Forum, Get Help Worldwide, NNN Nigeria, MMM United, MMM Achievers, MMM West Africa, Ultimate Cycler, Pay Cycler, Double Cash, SpringCash, Twinkas, Loopers and so many other uncountable ones.

Hmm! It is sad to say that many of the above Ponzi schemes have since gone with trillions of people’s hard earned money. Today, more Ponzi schemes are being launched to defraud the unsuspecting publics of their hard earned money. 

Permit me to tell you that in every original products, there are bound to be fake. MMM came with an ideology to help the world out of poverty through a financial system that promises 30% growth of your help donation to someone. Sadly, some unscrupulous elements immediately copied MMM Ideology and began to offer even better percentage to attract members.

Today, many of those copycats have crashed with thousands of their members loosing fortunes. I have taken time to study this Ponzi of a thing and found out that about three of those networking schemes have actually stood the test of time. Though they all had their own challenges, these three communities have refused to give up on their dreams. They have continued to fight to restore their system and make it strong again for their members.

Today, I wish to commend the effort of these three Ponzi schemes who are bent on not letting down their faithful members. They are discussed below.

1. MMM

MMM was developed by Mr Sergey Mavrodi, a Russian mathematician. He developed an ideology to eliminate the world inhuman, unfair and unjust financial system through a community mutual aid fund called MMM. MMM stands for Mavrodi Mundial Movement.

MMM is one of the Ponzi schemes that has the interest of their members at heart. The ideology of MMM hovers around the people – the participants. In the MMM ideology, panic was identified as the worst enemy of the system. Panic can wreak great havoc to the smooth running of MMM. Panic makes members of MMM to start withdrawing their participation in the system thereby making it difficult to sustain the normal PH and GH orders. This was responsible for the PAUSE MODE MMM experienced in some countries.

NB: There are many other Ponzi schemes that shares the name MMM. But once there is no clear evidence that Sergey Mavrodi is behind it, it is not the original MMM. To join MMM Nigeria, click here.

2. Get Help Worldwide

Get Help Worldwide GHW is another Ponzi schemes that has the interest of their members at heart. Recently, the community had problems in sustaining the PH and GH orders but quickly developed measures to address the problem. Members of GHW have confidence in the system and are trying to stabilise the community again. Click here to register on GHW.

3. Twinkas

Twinkas is the last Ponzi schemes we intend to discuss here as interested in uplifting the well-being of there members. Their Investigation revealed that they also had challenges in paying their members fast but they never allowed themselves to be defeated. Twinkas fought with every available tools to restore the confidence of their members.

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Reasons Why People are Still Patronising Ponzi Schemes

Reasons Why People are Still Patronising Ponzi Schemes

With the crash of many Ponzi schemes, common sense demands that people will stop participating in such schemes. But unfortunately, many Ponzi schemes still have overwhelming patronage from various participants all over the world. 

I have seen people who lost huge amount of money to Ponzi schemes. One would expect that such people will stay away from further participation in Ponzi, but the reverse is usually the case. About 75% of people who have in one way or the other lost money to Ponzi continue doing Ponzi after some time.

This development has led me to study why Ponzi scheme is still booming despite negative experiences people have had with them in the past. My findings can be seen below.

1. Ponzi is addictive

Ponzi scheme like drug seems to be addictive. Once you have tested the free and easy money that Ponzi offers, you will find it extremely difficult to resist it again. Many people who have tried to stay away from Ponzi find themselves go back after some time. 

2. Recession is killing businesses

Most people I know participate in Ponzi schemes because they don’t know which other business to invest their money without losing it to hard times. The world economic recession has become too tough that many businesses go bankrupt after struggling few years. Those in small scale businesses are always crying of poor patronage. This makes intending traders to consider investing their money in Ponzi to raise more capital.

3. Ponzi ROI is very attractive

The Return on Investment from Ponzi schemes seems to be far better than any business anyone can think of. Some Ponzi schemes can double your investment in a matter of hours without no stress.

4. Ponzi is not time consuming

Participation in Ponzi schemes does not require too much of your time. It calls for no stress at all. All you do is to invest your money and expect your returns in due season.

5. Greed

The final reason we want to discuss here why people are still patronising Ponzi schemes is greed. Humans are greedy in nature. Everybody wants quick and easy money. This quest to make quick and easy money lures people into patronising Ponzi.

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How To Know When That Ponzi Scheme is About To Crash

How To Know When That Ponzi Scheme is About To Crash

The year 2016 is a year of happiness and sadness for many Nigerians. I said this because many Nigerians were made rich in the year 2016 by different Ponzi schemes, while some others were impoverished in the same year by the same Ponzi schemes.

The birth of Ponzi schemes can be traced in Nigeria by the development of an ideology by one Mr Sergey Mavrodi. He called his Ideology MMM, which stand for Mavrodial Mundane Movement. This Ideology was found on the principles of Mutual Aid Fund. Every mavrodian (MMM participants) provides help to one another and get 30% growth of their donations per month. They also get 10% referrals bonus for every member they get to register in the scheme. 

Within a short time of introduction, MMM gained massive popularity and many Nigerians embraced the idea. There is no nook and cranny of Nigeria where people will claim to be ignorant of the community. Many Nigerians started doing MMM that it cut the government attention. 

The Nigerian government through many of her agencies made every effort to discourage Nigerian citizens from participating in MMM. But it was like the more the Government attack the scheme the more people get to know about it and kept joining.

Over time, many other Ponzi schemes emerged and Nigerians patronized all. The countless Ponzi schemes become the order of the day in Nigeria. Many people through these schemes became millionaires. 

As if it will last forever, MMM which is the mother of other Ponzi schemes went on PAUSE when it became obvious that the system was no longer sustainable. The pause mode which in other words can be referred to as crashing of the system made many Nigerians to lose their money. Most affected by the pause were all new members of the community who were yet to make gains from the schemes. Some people who borrowed money to participate in such schemes had to commit suicide. 

But unfortunately, many Nigerians are still hell bent on doing Ponzi as recession bites hard on the country. MMM and other like Ponzi schemes went on break and restarted again and many other new ones were introduced. 

While I am not in a position to tell you whether you should participate in Ponzi or not, I feel I can advise you on how to play safe. From the past experiences, there are common signs that a Ponzi scheme is about to crash. This is what this article intend to achieve. 

There are basically three ways to know when a Ponzi scheme is about to crash.

The first one is that it will start matching people faster than ever. 

Secondly, they will introduce PROMO to motivate both existing and new members to donate more. 

Thirdly, the rate of default will multiply. People will start failing to redeem their pledges.

I hope this article is helpful to you? If yes, please share to your loved ones. You can also contribute your thought using the comment box.
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Secrets To Passing Any Job Interview

Secrets To Passing Any Job Interview

I have taken time to interact with different recruiters in order to ascertain the tricks and secrets for coming out of any interview successful. From my interactions with some of these people, I was able to understand some of the things that every interviewer expects from job seekers. 

I will like you to take time to think about the interviews you have attended in the past. Have you really asked yourself why you never get contacted after attending those interviews? The reason for this may not be far fetched. It may have to do with the kind of answers you give to questions put forward to you during those interviews. Or it may be probably related to the way you conducted yourself during the interview session.

According to Perminus Wainaina, a recruitment consultant at Corporate Staffing Services, he revealed that he have had the opportunity to recruit for organisations more than 5 years and had interviewed over 7000 candidates. According to him, the most common mistakes many interview candidates make include lack of preparedness, poor presentation skill, poor self confidence, and lack of understanding of the role.

He said that recruiters and employers use interviews to gauge your skills, enthusiasm and whether you are a good fit for the job. He acknowledged that mistakes are bound to happen at interviews since there is no perfect candidate, but admonished that candidates are to do their part to minimise interview blunders.

A job seeker that attend an interview unprepared has prepared him or herself for failure. How do you prepare for an interview? You prepare for an interview by understanding the job role. This you do by studying the job description very well. Every job advert comes with job description, the job descriptions are the functions employer expects any successful candidate to be performing. 

It takes self confidence and good presentation skills to demonstrate that you understand the employer's expectations from any successful candidate. Therefore, you must not allow yourself to be intimated by anyone. You need to train yourself to be a good presenter. You can achieve this by practising before hand. 

Again, another key component of interview success is your character. Perminus Wainaina noted that he had met many candidates with the right skills and knowledgeable of the job role but lack character. Employers are interested in knowing the character of the candidates they intend to hire. They like to know if the candidates commands integrity and reputation. 

At times, some people loses job opportunity not because they did not perform well at interview, but because further investigations on them did not pass character test. 
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How To Make Lasting Impression At Interviews Using These Questions

How To Make Lasting Impression At Interviews Using These Questions

Just like the biblical saying that many are called but few are chosen, every interview is conducted to select best candidates out of many. The interviewer(s) or hiring manager(s) has his or her eyes fixed on identifying the best candidate for the job. 

Therefore, to become the best candidate in any interview, the interviewee has a duty to impress the hiring manager. But the question most often is, how do one impress the hiring manager? In this article, we will be teaching you how to use questions to create a positive impression on the hiring managers so that they will consider you for the job.

If you have ever attended an interview you will discover that at the ending stage of every interview, the interviewer gives you an opportunity to ask him or her any question of your choice. This question time is the final opportunity every smart interviewee has to seal and close the deal. 

Note that your response to this opportunity to ask question can make or mar your chances of getting the job. Failing to ask any question is a negative impression for a job seeker. You must ask at least one question. 

However, your choice of question to this response can also make or mar your chances of getting selected for the job. As a result, we wish to give you a clue on some of the acceptable questions one can ask during job interviews.

What can you say are the risks associated with working with your company?

How is excellence and outstanding performance rewarded in this organisation?

Does your company has ethical code of conduct and how serious is its compliance followed?

After this interview, what is the next step and how soon do we expect response from you? 

What packages have this organisation put in place to motivate employees?

Is there any room for career development in your organisation?

In fact, there are countless questions one can ask when given an opportunity to ask interviewers questions. The above suggestions is just a clue. You can always develop your own questions from the research you have carried out on the company in which you attend interview.

Meanwhile, there are some questions that you must not be attempted to ask. Questions like, “how much salary do you pay” should not be mentioned on the first interview. It can only portray you as being interested in the monetary aspect of the job.


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