3 Ponzi Schemes That Mean Well for Their Members

The year 2016 witnessed the emergence of many networking businesses called Ponzi scheme. Among the notable Ponzi schemes include MMM Nigeria, Givers Forum, Get Help Worldwide, NNN Nigeria, MMM United, MMM Achievers, MMM West Africa, Ultimate Cycler, Pay Cycler, Double Cash, SpringCash, Twinkas, Loopers and so many other uncountable ones.

Hmm! It is sad to say that many of the above Ponzi schemes have since gone with trillions of people’s hard earned money. Today, more Ponzi schemes are being launched to defraud the unsuspecting publics of their hard earned money. 

Permit me to tell you that in every original products, there are bound to be fake. MMM came with an ideology to help the world out of poverty through a financial system that promises 30% growth of your help donation to someone. Sadly, some unscrupulous elements immediately copied MMM Ideology and began to offer even better percentage to attract members.

Today, many of those copycats have crashed with thousands of their members loosing fortunes. I have taken time to study this Ponzi of a thing and found out that about three of those networking schemes have actually stood the test of time. Though they all had their own challenges, these three communities have refused to give up on their dreams. They have continued to fight to restore their system and make it strong again for their members.

Today, I wish to commend the effort of these three Ponzi schemes who are bent on not letting down their faithful members. They are discussed below.

1. MMM

MMM was developed by Mr Sergey Mavrodi, a Russian mathematician. He developed an ideology to eliminate the world inhuman, unfair and unjust financial system through a community mutual aid fund called MMM. MMM stands for Mavrodi Mundial Movement.

MMM is one of the Ponzi schemes that has the interest of their members at heart. The ideology of MMM hovers around the people – the participants. In the MMM ideology, panic was identified as the worst enemy of the system. Panic can wreak great havoc to the smooth running of MMM. Panic makes members of MMM to start withdrawing their participation in the system thereby making it difficult to sustain the normal PH and GH orders. This was responsible for the PAUSE MODE MMM experienced in some countries.

NB: There are many other Ponzi schemes that shares the name MMM. But once there is no clear evidence that Sergey Mavrodi is behind it, it is not the original MMM. To join MMM Nigeria, click here.

2. Get Help Worldwide

Get Help Worldwide GHW is another Ponzi schemes that has the interest of their members at heart. Recently, the community had problems in sustaining the PH and GH orders but quickly developed measures to address the problem. Members of GHW have confidence in the system and are trying to stabilise the community again. Click here to register on GHW.

3. Twinkas

Twinkas is the last Ponzi schemes we intend to discuss here as interested in uplifting the well-being of there members. Their Investigation revealed that they also had challenges in paying their members fast but they never allowed themselves to be defeated. Twinkas fought with every available tools to restore the confidence of their members.


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