How This Man Went To Price a Car After Dreaming of MMM Paying Him 2016 Mavro

It is no longer news that MMM Nigeria has placed all 2016 Mavro under limits. This development has led to many participants of the help community unable to withdraw the money they invested in the system before MMM went on PAUSE MODE December last year. 

But today in what looks like a drama, a man was reported to have visited car showroom in Lagos to price a Toyota car model he has been dreaming to buy. Surprisingly, when the car dealers asked the which payment options he wishes to use for payment. The man was reported to have said, “don’t worry, I will come back next week with the money when I cash out my 2016 Mavro”. 

The man was also said to have narrated that he had a dream where MMM Nigeria started full payment of 2016 Mavro. He went further to say that he had to rush down here to ascertain the price of the car because he doesn’t want to waste further time immediately he is paid. He stated that he will use the car to shame his enemies whom he said have been mocking him since MMM Nigeria froze all 2016 Mavro.

Isn’t that funny? Who is still expecting MMM Nigeria to pay out 2016 Mavro? Even if MMM will still pay their participants their 2016 Mavro, I don’t think it will be this soon. 

My recommend that such a man in question should be thoroughly examined by a psychiatrist. This is because the behaviour he just exhibited is the first sign of madness.


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